Monday, May 14, 2007


Saint Paul, Minnesota Gets Enhanced Communications Security Tool

American Security Partners with City of Saint Paul, NorthWrite to Sponsor CityWorkSite Platform to Enhance Community Safety

May 14, 2007 - SAINT PAUL, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--American Security, the largest independently owned security company in the Midwest, today helped unveil a new, state-of-the-art communications platform for the City of Saint Paul that will significantly enhance community safety. The rollout of the new system took place this morning at a press conference attended by Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Saint Paul Chief of Police John Harrington. The announcement included a demonstration of how the new platform - the Saint Paul CityWorkSite - will enhance community safety and extend the efforts of the police department through enhanced communications and more effective sharing of information.

"As the largest provider of private security personnel in Saint Paul, we're vitally interested in making the communities we serve safer," said Steven Klein, chief operating officer of American Security, LLC. "NorthWrite's CityWorkSite platform is a great tool that enhances the ability of private security personnel and Saint Paul businesses to help protect the community and to assist local law enforcement. Good communications is the bedrock of community safety and this platform makes it possible to share critical public safety information within moments. That's good news for residents, for business and for visitors and bad news for those who want to take advantage of St. Paul's open and welcoming spirit."

To make it possible for the City of Saint Paul to acquire and implement NorthWrite's CityWorkSite, American Security has sponsored the site to defray the initial start-up costs to the City and the police department.

"A sense of security on our sidewalks and in our homes is essential to our City's quality of life and we very much appreciate American Security's willingness to take the initiative to make this idea a reality," said Coleman. "Part of my strategic plan for our City is to foster community partnerships that encourage and support healthy and safe neighborhoods; we believe the CityWorkSite program is a great example of this sort of initiative. It's a system that's proven effective in a number of communities around the country, including right across the river in Minneapolis."

NorthWrite's CityWorkSite is a web-based platform where all information is digital and able to be shared instantly. CityWorkSite eliminates the current logistical headaches of waiting for weekly or even monthly meetings to share images and information and the issues of loss of quality and convenience created by distribution e-mail lists and faxes. One-to-many communications can be delivered in near-real-time in a format and content appropriate to the user and device and a wide range of digital formats - video, pictures, documents, applications - can be shared by individuals or groups on a standing or ad hoc basis.

The CityWorkSite platform takes advantage of the fact that, particularly in urban areas, it is common to find a 15:1 ratio of private security to sworn police officers. These private security professionals are well-trained and well-equipped, but they often operate in an information vacuum because there are no effective links between a community's public safety network and the larger security community. And, in areas where multiple private security networks overlay one another, CityWorkSite provides a common platform to connect those systems on a peer-to-peer basis.

NorthWrite's expertise in building effective shared communications platforms was first developed by helping the key stakeholders in a building (security guards, property managers, facility managers, janitorial staff, and others) work together to get things done. CityWorkSite extends that expertise by connecting buildings and other organizations with police, emergency services, hospitals, city attorneys, and many more.

About American Security, LLC

America Security, LLC is the largest independently owned security company in the Midwest with services in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Tennessee and has provided security, investigative, and consulting services since 1959.

The Company's Uniformed Security Division provides safety and security to a broad range of programs and services including, high rise commercial office space, corporate campuses, educational institutions, healthcare, government services and industrial critical infrastructure. Its Special Services Division has proven expertise in rapid, effective response to a wide range of situations including labor disputes, corporate functions, construction sites and other challenging situations. Its Investigative Services Division can provide a full range of general investigative services including surveillance, corporate protection, fingerprinting, risk assessments and internal theft investigations.

The Company maintains a web site at

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