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Mailing List Factory - The Future of Email Marketing has Arrived

Mailing List Factory - The Future of Email Marketing has Arrived

Mailing List Factory offers a unique way of doing business that is revolutionizing the marketing industry. New technologies now allow targeted marketing to virtually every interest group and marketing niche imaginable.

(PRWEB) December 21, 2005 -- We have all experienced the bane of the online world; SPAM. We have grown to hate receiving unsolicited e-mail and a whole industry has emerged that enables us to filter out and kill unwanted correspondence and junk mail.

The recent CAN-SPAM Act now makes it a criminal offence to send out unsolicited e-mails. However, e-mail marketing is alive and thriving and represents one of the most cost-effective ways to reach large numbers of people; providing that it is done so legally and with the recipient's permission.

As always, the most important task in marketing is consistently finding ready to buy customers as easily and as cost effectively as possible. A new Irish company has become a roaring success literally overnight; by offering the international marketing community a rage of exciting new services.

Internet marketers and marketing executives are now stampeding their way to the website of Mailing List Factory. This unique Irish company enables companies to reach millions of targeted potential customers, fast, legally and affordably.

Targeted opted-in mailing lists have always been the Holy Grail of the marketing community, and finding lists of high-quality can be a difficult and time-consuming chore. Mailing List Factory now offers a wide range of permission based e-mail delivery solutions, as well as targeted mailing lists.

This new company claims to be able to source leads from virtually every sector and industry imaginable. Both permission based e-mail leads and mailing lists are available at low cost, and in numerous useful formats.

Clients can rent or buy e-mail lists of millions of potential clients from almost every interest group; all who have consented to being contacted.

Mailing List Factory has as a particular speciality in creating large customized lists of opportunity seekers. These are all people who have recently requested information about business opportunities and getting started in online marketing. A number of lead packages for this particular category are available for outright purchase on their web site

One might wonder how Mailing List Factory can possibly do all this and still stay legal. Well, these lists are generated in a number of ways and through a large network of web sites. Those requesting information about opportunities in every case have filled out a form on a website and ticked a box or boxes signifying their interest.

Mike Pettigrew of Mailing List Factory explains “all the e-mail leads we offer are generated through our vast network of web sites. Visitors to these sites have specifically requested information about business opportunities and have requested to be contacted with this information. All our leads come complete with names, mailing addresses, IP addresses and the dates on which the leads requested information. With this data, our clients can prove to the recipient of each e-mail that they are responding to their information request. This is very powerful and allows our clients to reach large numbers of people; all who are interested in exactly what they have to offer.'

Pettigrew also explains that they can source leads from virtually every sector imaginable. They get a lot of clients looking for business leads targeted at executives in many different types of industry. These are usually companies wishing to deliver e-mail, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

Many clients are also seeking leads from a wide range of consumer interest groups. These include people who regularly buy CDs and DVDs, those interested in beauty & healthcare products, those who take part in online gaming and just about every other interest area you can imagine. Mike Pettigrew claims that, if it's out there, they can source it.

Okay, so Mailing List Factory can supply you with mailing lists and permission based e-mail leads, but what about delivery of e-mails? This is often a thorny area where many fear to tread.

Mailing List Factory says that they can deliver e-mails to millions of opt-in leads through their servers and track the delivery process in real-time from beginning to end. They offer customers a unique login, where they can view these vital statistics for themselves.

Mailing List Factory also offers clients bulk e-mail campaigns on a cost per click basis where the client only pays when an e-mail is opened or a link is clicked or the recipient visits the client's website.

Mailing List Factory is a subsidiary of The Corporate Services Group, an international outsourcing company, aimed at helping small businesses to grow rapidly.

The Corporate Services Group provides a vast array of services including telemarketing, web design, translations, virtual assistants and professional writers, to name but a few.

In this fast-paced world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to consistently find ready and willing to buy customers, Mailing List Factory offers a valuable service that is sure to help many companies grow rapidly and boost profits.

Mailing List Factory and it’s subsidiaries can be contacted as follows:

Mailing List Factory, Northumberland House, 44 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Tel: (US Tollfree) 800-930-1804
Tel: (New York) 212-812-7343
Tel: (Ireland) +353 1 6678818
Fax: (Ireland) +353 1 6961166
Mobile: (Ireland) +353 86 2078977

Group & Subsidiary Web Sites:

Mailing List Factory:
Mailing Lists, Lead Generation and Email Marketing

The Corporate Services Group:
Telemarketing, Web Design, Virtual Assistance, Creative Writers

Corporate Design Web:
Logos and Web Site Design & Development

Corporate Translation Services:
Translations of Business and Technical Documents and Web Sites


Press Contact: Mike Pettigrew
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: +353 86 2078977

Monday, December 05, 2005


World's First Toll-Free to Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Service


World's First Toll-Free to Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Service ...
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Freedom of Speech - The DOUGLAS Art Prints News News Legal Defense Fund

Freedom of Speech - The DAP News Legal Defense Fund

DOUGLAS Art Prints® News is the Plaintiff in a SLAPP lawsuit to silence free speech by International Galleries, Inc.(IGI) for reporting on IGI being a pyramid scheme. Facing bankruptcy because of the legal expenses to defend against this suit a fund has been set up to prevent IGI from winning by financial default.

(PRWEB) December 2, 2005 -- DOUGLAS Art Prints® News is the subject of a SLAPP lawsuit filed in Federal Court by International Galleries, Inc. for reports on this blog about the company being a pyramid scheme. (A SLAPP Suit is a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. A lawsuit in which a corporation or developer sues an organization in an attempt to scare it into dropping protests against a corporate initiative.) Actually the corporation DOUGLAS Photography, Inc. and Douglas Konkol personally are being sued. (U.S. District Court. Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division Case No. 05 CV 2299) It is not just Konkol’s opinion but the opinion of many, including one or more top flight attorney's with expertise on pyramid schemes and other pyramid scheme experts that International Galleries, Inc. is a pyramid scheme.

“You can find that on DOUGLAS Art Prints® News that I have found not only documents and expert opinion supporting this but I have also found that on May 5, 2003 one Stanley Leitner formed the IGI corporation and was the sole director of the corporation. On April 14, 2004 Mr. Leitner also formed and was sole director of the Megafund Corporation. Mr. Leitner was the Director of Megafund and International Galleries, Inc. until July 11, 2005 when he was replaced as director. Seven days prior, on July 1, 2005, Stanley Leitner and Megafund were formally charged by the SEC for operating a $13.8 million dollar investment fraud. There are State of Texas documents that prove more than one of the Megafund Officers were also and are still officers of International Galleries, Inc. In fact Megafund Officer Robert Fridd was named Co-Director of International Galleries, Inc. to replace Stanley Leitner. In fact SEC documents should prove that Stanley Leitner ran Megafund from the offices of International Galleries, Inc.” Konkol said.

“I am being sued for opinion I offered in my reports exposing International Galleries, Inc. being a pyramid scheme and the ties between them and Megafund. Not only is International Galleries suing me but they are also suing a hispanic newspaper in Chicago, La Raza, for the same report,” Konkol continued. “I was fully prepared to go represent myself. I have no insurance to cover this and more important I believe I could easily prove to a jury that I had every reason to believe what I said is true and documents and sources included in my reports would further prove that. Because International Galleries is not just suing me personally but me and the corporation they have found a way to prevent me from defending this suit myself, pro se. There is precedent that a corporation must be represented by an attorney. I am being forced into a very expensive legal defense in federal court.”

DOUGLAS Art Prints® News can not afford these legal expenses. International Galleries, Inc. could win by forcing Konkol and the corporation into bankruptcy simply trying to defend the right to free speech in this SLAPP suit. Konkol continued, “I have ‘no horse in this race.’ I saw what I and others believed to be a pyramid scheme that was defrauding hundreds or maybe thousands of people possibly causing bankruptcies, divorces or even suicides. I reported on that company on my blog. Me personally and my corporation could be forced into bankruptcy and lose because I exposed a pyramid scheme that was being run by a man, by the same people who were at the same time operating a $13.8 million fraud. I need help. I am proud of what I did and now I need help to prevent International Galleries, Inc. from winning my silence. I am proud of what I did and now I need help to prevent International Galleries, Inc. from forcing me and the corporation into bankruptcy and winning because I could not afford the expense of the defense of this SLAPP lawsuit.”

DOUGLAS Art Prints® News has set up a defense fund hoping to get donations to pay legal expenses and prevent International Galleries, Inc. from winning this SLAPP suit and silencing free speech by financial default. If you want to help please make checks payable to "DAP News Defense Fund".

Mail to:

    DAP News Defense Fund
         c/o Key Bank
    29900 Detroit Rd.
    Westlake, OH 44145

Douglas Konkol and/or his attorney Ken Myers are available for public statements. Call 800-888-5790.

# # #

Press Contact: Douglas Konkol
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 800-888-5790

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