Monday, July 31, 2006


Customer Service Expanded At Email Marketing Firm

Email Marketing Firm Expands its Customer Service

Email marketing service provider Listrak recently expanded its technical support & training team. Joe Devine, Technical Support Analyst, joined the team in June 2006, and now provides Listrak customers and prospects with technical assistance and product training.

Lititz, PA (PRWEB) July 21, 2006 -- Email marketing service provider Listrak recently expanded its technical support & training team. Joe Devine, Technical Support Analyst, joined the team in June 2006, and now provides Listrak customers and prospects with technical assistance and product training. Prior to joining Listrak, Joe worked as a network administration and advanced technical support representative for EvenLink.

Listrak's technical support & training team is available 8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. EST to answer email marketers’ questions about the Listrak product and to provide guidance on overall email marketing strategies and best practices.

Email marketers can reach the Listrak technical support & training team by calling 717-627-4528 or by opening a live chat on

Listrak is a leading provider of hosted email marketing software that allows permission-based marketers to manage, send, track and grow their email marketing investment. Listrak services clients such as Daimler Chrysler, Motorola, L’Oreal and the Bahamas from its Lititz, PA headquarters.


Press Contact: Brent Shroyer
Company Name: LISTRAK
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 717-627-4528

Friday, July 21, 2006


All Things Great And Small: Google Checkout and Micropayments

I had heard about Google Checkout a while back and thought it made sense. After it doesn't hurt to have a competitor to PayPal, which I like.

Well, I ran across an article about it and decided to check it out and sign up. It seems pretty good. The idea of a central account that allows you to make purchases easily on-line is great, and their fees are low for sellers. And not passing the credit card along to vendors should help to reduce the security risk of that information being in many databases all over the place and more chances for the information to fall into the wrong hands.

But I was struck by a thought related to an interest I've had for several years now, and that is the question of Micro Payments. The challenge for selling things for small amounts of money, even fractions of a cent has been the costs involved with doing it. Some attempts have been made with systems that charge you a lump sum and then debit your account as you buy ring tones, music, photos, etc. The problem is that I don't think most Americans like this model. I always feel like my money is "tied up" when it could be doing other things for me. The other problem is fraud. Policing many millions of small transactions every day may be so costly that it eats into profits.

Well, I think I figured out the solution to the fraud issue a long time ago, but after mentioning it to a former employer who I thought might be interested, I have since kept my idea to myself. Perhaps I may still get a chance to share this idea with someone who could actually be in a position to see if it would work.... :-)

Anyway, I did a few searches on "google checkout micropayments" and found surprisingly few hits that had any information. Most stated that Google Checkout didn't offer micro-payments, most said that it wasn't ever going to happen, and only one thought that's what's next to be offered. So there are not many of us that can see the next logical step and that is Google Micropayments.

I think this will happen, because Google Checkout is in a perfect position to aggregate transactions to get the billing charges down low enough. Look for something like a Micropayment account where you can review all your charges and then get billed periodically, perhaps monthly. Merchants will get the same thing, a reporting system that allows the to track transactions on a detailed or summary level. Merchant fees will be low because the cost involved with be low. Google checkout will make it easy to buy bits and bytes with a simple login. Sales of wallpaper, icons, jokes, songs, and things we can't yet imagine will become even larger than they are now. Sites that don't sell things will have Virtual Tip Jars. Like a site? Toss a quarter in the tip jar. Want to donate to a charity easily? Slip a dollar into the tipjar. And, since you won't have to fill out a long checkout form, buying things with your handheld/phone will be easier. Wow!

This is so damn huge I can hardly stand it!

Of course, the huge potential will also draw the scammers, many of whom are smart enough to know that stealing a little from many is the low-profile way to go. Many see this as a problem that will quickly doom the concept of micropayments, but they don't know that I already have a solution... :-)


Chris Nielsen, Owner
Nielsen Technical Services
Search Engine Optimization and Internet Consulting
"Be what they're searching for!"

Monday, July 17, 2006


Remnant Direct Mail Opportunities at 60% Savings

Valumail Sells Remnant Direct Mail Opportunities at Savings Over 60 Percent via Mediabids

Direct mail company, Valumail, sells remnant direct mail opportunities in primary, North East markets via

Winsted, CT (PRWEB) July 17, 2006 -- Mediabids, the online print advertising space marketplace, announced today that direct mail company ValuMail, has decided to sell remnant direct mail advertising opportunities on an available basis via

Valumail is offering special pricing for new advertiser clients, $10.93 per 1,000 vs. the regular $34.93 per 1,000 (up to .25 ounces), in their primary market areas, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Albany, NY.

"Remnant direct marketing space in ValuMail’s primary markets is tremendous and further increases our ability to provide advertisers with high-quality advertising opportunities that produce results," said Jedd Gould, president, .

About, the online print advertising marketplace, offers a patented online process that enables the buying and selling of print advertising space in U.S. newspapers and magazines, through advertiser auctions, publication offers and traditional media buys. To date over 8,000 business consumers (advertisers) have registered on to purchase advertising space to market their business and over 3,500 newspapers and magazines have registered their print publications to sell ad space., Toll Free 866-236-2259.

About ValuMail
ValuMail direct mail provides the proven benefits of direct mail advertising for a fraction of the cost with shared mail, available to over 110 million households throughout the United States. Direct mail advertising works. Smart advertisers are sharing the costs of direct mail- postage, processing, mailing lists and printing- by combining their ads with several other advertisers into a combined mail package that reaches more than 98% of households in served markets., Toll Free 800-683-5435.


Press Contact: Lisa Cadan
Company Name: MEDIABIDS
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 401-433-5681

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


How to Create Endless Leads for Free

37-Year Old Engineer from Texas Shows MLM Reps How to Create Endless Leads for Free

Wasting time and money on old leads is the downfall of most new businesses. New businesses want customers and prospects to search them out and ask to join their business or purchase their products. Magnetic Sponsoring empowers the business owner to spend their prospecting time more efficiently.

McKinney, TX (PRWEB) July 12, 2006 -- Wasting time and money on old leads that have been called by numerous other reps or even leads that no longer exist is the cause of most network marketing businesses failures. According to LSU's (Louisiana State University) School Of Marketing, along with the annual reports of many mlm companies, only 2% of network marketers earn substantial incomes. Similar studies indicate that 97% of network marketers fail. To be more specific, 97% of network marketers never reach a positive cashflow in their business.

What if there was a way to generate an endless supply of leads for free without making the “100 warm market list” the “gurus” teach explicitly, how much could be saved each month? Now, what if those people were actually paying to be prospected?

People today are smarter about network marketers and multi-level marketing. They have been chased, hounded and run down by network marketers trying to shove their product or opportunity down their throat. The very first sign that someone is trying to sell them something has them shutting down or hanging up on the spot.    

Successful recruiting has become a big problem for network marketers. Old ideas of buying lists of prospects (leads) and cold calling them no longer rates No. 1 in terms of results, yet it is still being taught by seasoned network marketers. The majority of the information on those lists is outdated and oversold. A person could spend hours and days with little to no success. The person calls their sponsor for advice on what to differently. The advice given almost always begins with do more of it.

Magnetic Sponsoring provides a system that allows the business owner to redirect dollars and time spent on lead lists and cold calling into other areas of the business, such as training, upgrading and advertising. The system is automated leaving the home business entrepreneur with more time

To illustrate the importance of not wasting time on old, outdated methods, here is a story about “The Gazelle and The Lion.” Every Morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you’d better be running.

Magnetic Sponsoring gives power to the competent business owner and lets him/her achieve substantial success in a relatively short period of time. The process is fully automated allowing for more time to work on advertising campaigns and training. To request the free 10-Day Boot Camp Training Course visit

# # #

Press Contact: Kara Byrnes
Company Name:
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 972-784-7830

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Consumers Get Access To DNA Testing and Chromosomal Laboratory Announce Partnership to Deliver Cutting-Edge DNA Testing Directly to Consumers

Chromosomal Laboratory of Phoenix, AZ, a DNA testing specialist and, a national Direct-to-Consumer provider, announce a new partnership. Working together allows each to concentrate on their respective specialties while continuing to be innovators in their field. The combination of services is designed to put state-of-the-art DNA Testing in the hands of every consumer.

Joplin, MO (PRWEB) July 11, 2006 -- Completion of the Human Genome Project continues to result in new discoveries in the field of Genetics on a nearly routine basis. Chromosomal Labs, a proven leader in the DNA field, specializes in many testing methods and services that didn’t exist even a few years ago. The process of unlocking the mystery of our genetic code is revolutionizing the health care and legal industries simultaneously. The newly formed partnership provides a way to speed up the delivery process for both current and future technologies.

One service that will be available immediately to consumers will be DNA Paternity Testing, or identifying a child’s biological father by DNA. Establishing paternity includes not only the legal issues of parental custody and child support but is becoming increasing important in providing new health insight into family history and chronic disease. DNA Paternity services will now be available nationwide, directly to consumers (except in New York state where consumers will need a doctor’s order to access testing) from corporate web site.

The national presence of allows families living in different parts of the country to use a single source for the entire process. It gives consumers direct access to convenient, affordable testing in their own community through MyMedLab's network of more than 2000 partner collection sites across the U.S. Sample collection for DNA Paternity testing utilizes buccal swabs, or check swabs, that are both non-invasive and completely painless. Results of these tests are legally binding and court admissible in all 50 states.

Private cases, or those not involving legal issues, can be purchased from the web site and collected in the privacy of the home. Consumers receive a collection kit that includes everything needed to perform the “cheek swab” collection along with a mailer to ship samples directly to Chromosomal. Private case testing allows sensitive family issues to be dealt with in a manner that maintains strict privacy and limits family disruptions. The entire process is completely confidential and provides guaranteed accurate results within 3 business days.

Additional services including Forensic Testing and Genealogy will continue to be added as the technology becomes available. “We are very excited to be offering several new and fascinating ancestry tests through that allow people to trace their ancestral heritage back up to 60,000 years,” reports Vladimir Bolin, CEO of Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc.

“This new technology provide a fascinating look at a person’s entire ancestral migration going all the way back to Genetic Adam in Africa. Males pass the Y Chromosome to their sons unchanged except for a very small number of mutations or changes in the "Y" chromosome. These “point mutations”, as they’re called, allow us to follow a male’s ancestral migration into Europe, the Middle East, and beyond”, says Bolin.  will continue to use its expertise in consumer education to remove barriers in a health care system that predates the “Information Age”. David Clymer, CEO of explains, “The old version simply doesn’t account for an educated patient or today’s information-savvy consumer. One could go even further by saying that health care is the only industry left that protects the consumer from their own information.

Patients today encounter many obstacles for even routine tasks like viewing medical records at their doctor’s office. This process, guaranteed by recent HIPAA regulations, can require signing multiple consent forms just to see your own records. It’s not uncommon for most consumers to have never seen their lab results or much less have a copy for future reference. The old version leaves consumers completely dependent on their provider for all their health education and how much the provider is willing to disclose.

This is most apparent in the area of Wellness. Doctors today, see more patients a day than ever before. Limited time with patients requires treating a health problem quickly leaving little time to talk about wellness and prevention. At, we know the field of Genetics will play a huge part in the future of health care. It will provide answers to many age-old questions. Partnering with Chromosomal allows us to stay on the cutting edge of the science and play a major role in fundamentally changing the way consumers learn about their health.”

Clymer says, “The real mission of is to help consumers create their own Confidential Health Record, much like they already have for financial and legal matters. Knowing family history and tracking health over time are the keys to understanding health, it’s exactly what their doctor does. The difference is that instead of thousands of cases to learn about like their physician, the consumer only one, their own. The amount of information that is available to consumers today is truly mind-boggling, what it requires is time and access. is committed to delivering the science that consumers need to make wiser choices about their health.    

Combining your family’s genetic pre-disposition with periodic screenings can virtually stop many chronic diseases from ever developing. That’s Wellness. In health care today, 20% of the patients use 80% of the care that is given. Our consumers are the 80% of Americans trying desperately to stay healthy and out of the “Sick Care” system. That system focuses on the treatment of existing disease; the future uses science to prevent them. It can identify many potential problems early, even before symptoms arise. This is when changes in lifestyle can have a huge impact on many chronic diseases like Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease.

We can’t help but be excited about our partnership with Chromosomal. The fascinating field of Genetics, though still in its infancy, is quickly finding its way into all areas of daily life. We’re thrilled to be a part of bringing this potentially life-saving information to consumers. There are so many exciting things coming in the near future and this collaboration will insure that the public can take full advantage of the emerging technology.

Our partnership will also utilize all of the advances in the delivery of information to the public. New vehicles like podcasts, streaming video and on-demand information will play a huge part as we move forward. These new platforms allow even complicated subjects to be seen and explained in terms that consumers can understand.”

About is a revolutionary health care provider designed to be a consumer-friendly source of potentially life saving health information. The company has been providing convenient, affordable, and high quality testing services to physicians and patients in the Midwest since 1993. Over the last 2 years, MyMedLab’s founder and CEO, David Clymer, has combined his 25 years of lab expertise with his passion for innovation to create a new national health information source for consumers called is a Direct-to-Consumer provider of over 1,500 different tests to patients in the US and around the world. Through its partnerships with the nation’s leading Reference Labs, provides convenient, affordable, and high quality diagnostic testing services. For more information, please visit

The team includes a MD Medical Director and a Naturopathic Physician whose role is to enhance the consumer’s experience for both traditional and natural treatment choices.

For more information, contact:
David Clymer
888-MY-MEDLAB (888-696-3352)


Press Contact: David Clymer
Company Name: MYMEDLAB
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 888-696-3352

Monday, July 10, 2006


Get More Email Delivered To Your Prospects

Auto-Responder Email Marketing Rejuvenated by New ResponseBooster System

In recent years, large ISP’s have waged war on SPAM, and like all wars, there have been "civilian casualties". Many businesses have relied heavily on auto-responder email systems to communicate with clients and prospects, but due to SPAM filters, such legitimate communications may not reach their intended recipients. iTime Marketing, a Dallas-based marketing firm, has launched a revolutionary auto-responder marketing application to help solve this problem.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 10, 2006 -- An innovative new technology launched today is expected to help solve the problem caused by SPAM filters blocking legitimate auto-responder emails. ResponseBooster is a free automatic responder marketing system for email with integrated outbound voice messaging. Its advanced features will help businesses increase auto-responder email deliverability and lead capture rates.

Developed by Dallas marketing company iTime Marketing, ResponseBooster is the first automatic responder application of its kind to integrate voice and email messaging. The software’s auto-responders can send out phone recordings as easily as sending email messages. In addition, ResponseBooster overcomes a common problem encountered when many companies use the same automatic responder service.

Kenn Palm, Project Manager for ResponseBooster, said, "With other auto-responder services, a handful of abusive customers can seriously inhibit the delivery of another customer's email, simply because they are sent through the same service. This isn't a problem for ResponseBooster users."

This is due to ResponseBooster's patent-pending DEPS technology (Distributed Email Processing System), which allows users to send auto-responder emails via their home or office computer, instead of widely used email servers that may be blocked by SPAM filters.

"Email-based marketing is gradually losing its effectiveness, and the False-Positive SPAM filtering plays a big role in that," said Ian Brown, President of iTime Marketing. "Multi-channel marketing is key to success these days. With ResponseBooster, we've given our clients a way to easily automate two of those channels, email and phone. There's no doubt that combining email messages with voice messages dramatically improves conversion rates and drives down marketing costs. ResponseBooster is simple to set up and deploy, making it a must-have tool for small businesses."

The ResponseBooster auto-responder marketing system is designed for its ease of use, requiring only the inclusion of a few code snippets on a business’s website to get started. Lead capture forms are not affected by pop-up blockers, resulting in a much higher lead capture rate among website visitors.

Among its many benefits, the ResponseBooster auto-responder marketing system offers users:
*    an unlimited number of auto-responder emails and phone messages
*    unlimited message length
*    a pop-up creation wizard
*    a refer-a-friend tool

A free version of the ResponseBooster auto-responder marketing system can be downloaded from, where a full list of user benefits can also be accessed.

About iTime Marketing:
Based in Dallas, iTime Marketing is a marketing company committed to innovation. Its patent-pending DEPS technology (Distributed Email Processing System) sets the business apart from competitors, by dramatically improving email delivery for its clients.


Press Contact: Ian Brown, President
Company Name: iTime Marketing
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 214-242-3754


New Book Guarantees Email Deliverability Increase

Secrets to Email Deliverability Revealed by ISIPP

SuretyMail provider releases book revealing how to increase email deliverability and avoid the junk folder.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2006 -- The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy (ISIPP), providers of the SuretyMail email accreditation service, has released a new book guaranteed to help email marketers and other volume email senders to increase their email deliverability.

"The Email Deliverability Handbook: Getting Legitimate Email Delivered in a Spam-Filtered World" is authored by ISIPP's president and CEO, Anne P. Mitchell, and goes on sale to the general public on Tuesday.

Plummeting email deliverability rates are a problem which plagues even the most diligent of email senders in an ever-escalating war against spam. In order to trap the maximum amount of spam, ISPs and spam filters must err on the side of caution, and consequently a lot of legitimate email is accidentally tagged as spam, and delivered to the junk folder instead of the inbox.

With a money-back guarantee, "The Email Deliverability Handbook" promises to help any legitimate email sender to avoid the junk folder and improve the delivery rate of their email.

"Accreditation with an email accreditation service such as SuretyMail is critical, but only part of the solution," explains Mitchell. "Many of the most important steps to ensure high email deliverability must be taken before the email is ever sent. It is this information that "The Email Deliverability Handbook" provides, along with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and examples."

Mitchell, a long-time veteran of the email delivery wars, is one of the original anti-spam experts. Prior to running ISIPP she founded Habeas, one of the very first email deliverability companies, and before that was Director of Legal and Public Affairs for MAPS, the original anti-spam blacklist and first commercial anti-spam company.

"I've seen the issue from both sides, and so I know what both email marketers, and ISPs and spam filters, want. More importantly, I know how to get legitimate email delivered."

And "The Email Deliverability Handbook: Getting Legitimate Email Delivered in a Spam-Filtered World" is already garnering rave reviews from the experts.

"This is THE email deliverability resource manual for marketers and techies to get permission-based email delivered. The one and only complete best practices guide for marketers and techies on the subject of email deliverability," said Tom Kulzer, CEO of email delivery monitoring company Delivery Monitor. Kulzer, also a principle in AWeber, one of the largest email marketing auto-responder companies, added "It contains the most complete set of email deliverability tips I've ever seen gathered in one place."

"Email gone astray can spell disaster for lawyers and their clients. Attorneys, their staff and especially the IT departments of law firms, would do well to read and take to heart the concise information presented by a true expert in this field. The small cost will be repaid over and over. The information makes good sense and recommendations are efficient to implement," observed Russell Waters, Chairman of the Practicing Attorneys Liability Management Society, Inc., and

"The Email Deliverability Handbook: Getting Legitimate Email Delivered in a Spam-Filtered World" goes on sale to the general public on Tuesday, July 11th, and may be purchased through ISIPP at

About the Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy

The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) is a privately held corporation headquartered in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. ISIPP provides email accreditation for email senders through its SuretyMail email accreditation service, anti-spam resources for email receivers, and expert analysis and consulting services to legislators, governmental and regulatory agencies, industry leaders, and the press. For more information see


Press Contact: Anne Mitchell
Company Name: ISIPP
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 650-292-2198

Free trade and professional industry magazines are available at
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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Direct Mailing Campaigns Said To Work

Spread The Word, Know Thy Customers: Direct Mailing Campaigns Work

Direct Global Mailing would like to introduce its direct marketing mailing campaign service. Reach new clients anywhere in the world fast.

(PRWEB) July 8, 2006 -- Direct Global Mailing would like to introduce its direct marketing mailing campaign service. Reach new clients anywhere in the world fast.

Some niche market companies know their buyers and potential buyers very well, but can you really know them all?

Could you boost turnover by directly marketing to new territories and countries?

Are there national and international export markets you could expand into if you knew who to partner with and sell to?

How many more sales orders could you close, if you had more enquiries to deal with?

Direct Global Mailing (DGM -, a UK-based company, offer Direct Mailing and Direct Marketing services worldwide. With a mailing list database of more than 60 million business names, they are able to provide targeted direct mailing and marketing, providing businesses with a hugely valuable resource.

Whether you want to send a general mailing about your company and its services, or you want to highlight a particular product or special offer, Direct Global Mailing have a campaign to suit your every need. By creating a bespoke mailing list campaign tailored to suit your aims and expectations, they can offer you a unique solution; getting the information you want to the people you want to have it.

According to research by the Direct Mail Information Service (, £1 spent on Direct Marketing generates £14 of new business. By setting a budget for your campaign, you are able to find out in advance exactly what your money is buying you. And with an average return of 1400%, Direct Mailing is a cost effective way to generate leads, enquiries and ultimately sales.

If you’re looking to source new manufacturers in China, offer services to accountants in the US or looking to sell your products to retailers in the UK, with global mailing list coverage maintained for 10 years, Direct Global Mailing can help you find the right solution.

With prompt answers to email communication, dedicated Account Handlers, and a database of more than 60 million businesses, can you afford not to try Direct Global Mailing?

# # #

Press Contact: Michael Harris
Company Name: Direct Global Mailing
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 0044-870-747-0882

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association Presents Awards To World Marketing

World Marketing wins three Awards for Excellence From the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association

World Marketing, a premier provider of integrated direct marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 companies nationwide was awarded three “Awards for Excellence” by the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association. The Awards for Excellence competition is considered the premiere award in the field of mailing and fulfillment, and is granted to programs that represent the direct mail industry’s best strategic and creative thinking.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 6, 2006 -– World Marketing, a premier provider of integrated direct marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 companies nationwide was awarded three “Awards for Excellence” by the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association. The Awards for Excellence competition is considered the premiere award in the field of mailing and fulfillment, and is granted to programs that represent the direct mail industry’s best strategic and creative thinking.

“Delivering strategic, creative and innovative direct marketing programs that generate results for our clients is what makes World Marketing an industry leader,” said Mac Rodgers, president and chief executive officer of World Marketing “To have our work recognized at the MFSA honors both World Marketing and our clients.”

In the Chairman’s Website category, MFSA awarded a second place Award of Excellence to World Marketing for its website. As a former network of independent direct marketing companies, World Marketing went through a major re-branding effort in late 2005 which included a new corporate identity, sales promotion materials and a brand new website featuring a new logo, corporate colors and iconographic images. The goal with the web site was to create a vastly new and improved web presence that captured attention, briefly outlined service areas and generated maximum excitement for national staff as well as prospective clients. Since its debut in September 2005, the World Marketing site has received hundreds of inquiries from prospects, potential partners, suppliers and job seekers

A second place Award of Excellence was also awarded to World Marketing for its “InsideTrack” service in the Mailing Ingenuity Award category. In an unprecedented move, the USPS teamed up with World Marketing to develop InsideTrack, a proprietary mailing and expediting service. World Marketing wanted to maximize ROI for retail clients by helping ensure on-time mail delivery for time-sensitive store events. For clients with little or no store coupon redemption in certain areas, sales revenues drop drastically creating discontent with this component of their marketing efforts. World Marketing needed to know where and why mail was slow or undelivered – and ensure it arrived in-home within a critical window required for program success. This need had to be addressed following complex USPS processes and procedures and by leveraging the strong relationships World Marketing created within the organization. The highly complex and highly personalized service is virtually unmatched in the mailing industry. By influencing in-home mail delivery, InsideTrack has improved the delivery rates, maximized ROI and minimized customer service delivery issues for virtually all mailings where it has been implemented. InsideTrack is now so widely recognized as leading edge and innovative that World Marketing is frequently asked to track mail programs they don’t even produce.

In the Self-Promotion Campaign category, World Marketing was awarded a second place John Howie Wright Cup Award for its Gevalia Self-Mailer Promotion. World Marketing set out to create awareness, generate leads and set appointments with printers. World Marketing decided to demonstrate a variety of services using a barrel fold self-mailer built around a FREE premium coffee offer, providing potential printers with a quick but friendly incentive to meet. World Marketing partnered with Gevalia to provide a compelling stimulus. The self-mailer did more than introduce World Marketing production services. It also reminded printers that World Marketing could handle overflow work. As the self-mailer unfolded, World Marketing introduced a number of service areas including data processing, list services, logistics and mail tracking – each with a dedicated panel and graphics to visually highlight its breadth of services. The final panel paid off the free super-premium coffee with a promise to bring a pound when meeting in person. World Marketing also created a “last chance” postcard to remind prospects that the super-premium coffee break was about to end. The phones began ringing within days of the mailing, and the World Marketing sales force hit the road with free coffee for more than a dozen companies.

About MFSA
MFSA is the national trade association for the mailing and fulfillment services industry. For more than 80 years MFSA has been working to improve the business environment for mailing and fulfillment companies and to provide opportunities for the learning and professional development of the managers of these companies.

About World Marketing
World Marketing is a privately held, full-service direct marketing company that offers its customers best-in-class solutions through eight locations nationwide. World Marketing has a wide menu of direct marketing services including direct response creative, database, print, lettershop and fulfillment services. World Marketing works with some of the nation’s leading marketers including: American Airlines, Kraft, Bloomingdales, Omaha Steaks, E*Trade, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and ABN AMRO. For additional information visit


Press Contact: Liane Adduci-Urevig
Company Name: World Marketing
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 312.994.2451

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Email Reintroduced To UK

ConsumerBase Reintroduces Email in the UK

Strong Market Conditions Prompting Efforts

London (PRWEB) July 5, 2006 -- ConsumerBase announced today that it will reintroduce sales of email in the U.K. The company will begin offering email tests in July and ramp up throughout the summer months. ConsumerBase’s U.K. email offerings will complement its current stable of Search Engine Marketing and banner sales.

ConsumerBase had previously sold email in the U.K. and has decided to re-enter the market due to favourable market conditions. The company’s own testing has determined that click rates for the U.K. are up and showing signs of strength. ConsumerBase feels that its ability to provide high deliverability combined with the higher click rates have opened up considerable market opportunity.

Larry Organ, CEO of ConsumerBase, stated, “The email market in the U.K. has tremendous potential for those who can provide high rates of deliverability. ConsumerBase is ideally situated to make the most of this opportunity due to our ability to get emails through and manage the entire process for our clients.”

Soon, ConsumerBase will also offer behaviour-based email in the U.K. Behaviour-based emails are those that have recorded a recent click in a specific interest category. Such behavioural data allows marketers to target audiences more accurately and efficiently and is quickly gaining interest from those who market online.

About ConsumerBase
ConsumerBase is a multi-channel e-marketing agency with clients in the United Kingdom and North America. Operating from offices in London and Chicago, ConsumerBase offers integrated marketing solutions through behaviour-enhanced consumer data, proprietary websites and digital marketing services. For more information, visit or call 0207 292 8200 in the U.K. and (877) 440-3282 in the U.S.

Contact: Anthony Harvath, Director of Public Relations, ConsumerBase 0207 292 8204 ext. 105 in the U.K., (847) 866-9600 Ext. 105 in the U.S.


Press Contact: Anthony Harvath
Company Name: ConsumerBase
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 0207 292 8204

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