Friday, January 18, 2008


Spring Break for Real Estate Investors

Austin is the 'Spring Break' Destination for Real Estate Investors Eager to Earn Mobile Home Millions

This April, hundreds of real estate investors will descend on Austin, Texas for Mobile Home Millions 6, the premier annual event for mobile home investors and industry professionals. Mobile Home Millions is a three-day knowledge and networking event presented by, the Internet's leading website for mobile home and mobile home park investor education.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 17, 2008 -- While millions of teens storm the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, savvy real estate enthusiasts will be heading to Austin, Texas for Mobile Home Millions 6 and a spring break dedicated to the art and science of mobile home investing. Mobile Home Millions 6 ('MHM6') is an intensive three-day knowledge and networking-focused event presented by Mobile Home University, the leading online website for mobile home and mobile home park investor education. This year's event will be held from April 18-20 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel, in the heart of Austin, TX.

Now in its sixth year, the Mobile Home Millions conference has established a powerful legacy of helping new investors get started in the business and existing investors increase the profitability of their investments. This year's event will be no different. Mobile Home Millions 6 will cover a wide range of subjects including how to get started with mobile homes and mobile home parks, how to obtain financing, and how to turn part-time investing efforts into a full-time passive income. In addition to the educational information parsed out during the numerous educational sessions, one evening of the long weekend will be devoted to one-on-one brainstorming with the experts. The event also includes a number of networking opportunities that will allow conference participants to build relationships with real estate entrepreneurs and investors from all over the country.

The MHM6 roster of speakers will include industry legend Lonnie Scruggs, the 'father' of the used mobile home industry, as well as Dyches Boddiford, Steve Case, Blake Donaldson, Tony Colella, Pete Youngs, and others. "Mobile homes and mobile home parks can be tremendous financial assets," reports Corey Donaldson, one of conferences featured investment gurus and co-founder of Mobile Home University. "Just ask Warren Buffett."

Follow The Leader
Since 2003, Warren Buffett has become the nation's number one manufacturer and holder of mobile homes notes by acquiring Clayton Homes for a cool $1.7 billion and bankrupt Oakwood Homes in 2004. "Manufactured housing...can deliver very good value to home purchasers,'' he explained in his 2003 shareholder letter. "Indeed, for decades, the industry has accounted for more than 15% of the homes built in the U.S.''

Mobile home parks, also referred to as manufactured home communities, are "a perennially stable real estate investment, as evidenced during 2006, by its improving 91.3 percent national average occupancy rate and attractive 41.1 percent average operating expense ratio." (Source: Allen Report, an analysis of more than one-quarter of the approximately 500 portfolio 'known' owners and operators of land-lease communities in the U.S. and Canada)

Rich Man, Poor Man
Donaldson is quick to point out that, "You don't need Warren Buffett's deep pockets to invest in mobile homes and mobile home parks." Whether you have cash, equity, or are "willing to put in sweat equity," says Donaldson, it is possible to use mobile home investments to create a lifetime of cash flow. "But you do need a solid foundation and education in the business."

For more information about Mobile Home Millions 6 or to learn more about the educational resources offered by, visit

About Mobile Home University is the leading online website for mobile home and mobile home park investor education, providing hard-hitting advice and information to investors about the mobile home industry. Mobile Home University presents a full range of teleseminars, bootcamps, and live events, including Mobile Home Millions, now in its sixth year. Visitors to may access free articles, an active forum, and a topical and timely blog, as well as opt-in to a free investor's ezine.

Press Contact: Blake Donaldson
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Thursday, January 17, 2008


New Digital Postal Metering Standards

Regulus Among First to Meet New Digital Postal Metering Standards

Largest Independent Provider of Bill Presentment and Payment Processing Solutions Partners With Pitney Bowes to Improve Mail Management

NAPA, CA -- Regulus, the nation's largest independent provider of paper and electronic-based bill presentment and processing solutions, announced today its successful compliance with Phase III of the U.S. Postal Service's (USPS) Plan for Secure Postage Meter Technology. The new standards improve postage accounting capabilities for increased accuracy while strengthening postal security.

Regulus, which worked closely with Pitney Bowes on the digital postal metering project, is among the first outsource print vendors to meet the December 31, 2006 compliance deadline. The difficulty of meeting the more stringent compliance standard led the USPS to allow temporary exceptions for vendors unable to meet the established deadline.

"Regulus is proud to team with another industry leader in demonstrating its commitment to the highest levels of postal accounting and regulatory compliance," said Jason Gaskey, Regulus print operations director. "We have undertaken a major initiative to meet USPS standards on schedule and will continue to prioritize the crucial task of making our mail management systems more efficient and effective."

Regulus integrated Pitney Bowes' industry-proven DM Infinity Series Digital Mailing System and its DFWorks Postage Accounting Solution into its nationwide network of document processing facilities. Pitney Bowes' secure IBI-compliant technology is the most widely adopted digital metering standard in the industry.

"Accuracy and compliance have never been more critical than today," said Patrick Brand, President of Document Factory Solutions, a division of Pitney Bowes. "We share Regulus' commitment to protecting the integrity of its postal systems. Our solutions automate manual processes to increase productivity while increasing management capabilities and control."

The USPS' overhaul of its metering standards began in 1995 and will last through at least 2008. Phase I retired all mechanical meters, Phase II retired all manually reset meters and Phase III migrates letterpress meters to the enhanced security of digitally printing meters. Compliance with Phase III is the result of a recently completed multimillion-dollar initiative in which Regulus bolstered its existing advanced mail monitoring technologies to meet ever-increasing security and compliance requirements.

As part of the Phase III initiative, Regulus replaced more than 60 manually-adjusted meters across its nationwide network of facilities with Pitney Bowes' state-of-the-art digital meters that can be remotely monitored and reset via the Internet. Additionally, Regulus installed network feeds to all of its meters and reintegrated the upgraded system with the company's accounting system. These improvements allow Regulus to closely track metered and manifest mail in order to ensure the most accurate mail and postage tracking possible.


Headquartered in Napa, California, Regulus ( is the leading U.S. outsourcer and integrated provider of bill presentment and payment processing; servicing nearly 2 billion paper and electronic items annually for Fortune 500 customers. Regulus provides an end-to-end solution covering every aspect of a transaction from the point when a corporation releases a billing file for invoicing to the posting of the associated paper or electronic payment, and thereafter in the support of customer care and collections. By exploiting the data from the total transaction, Regulus offers unique, value added services that provide measurable results with a positive impact across the payment cycle.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Information and Advice On Immigration Law

Immigration Law Help Offers Information and Advice as Immigrants Remain a Hot Topic

One of the biggest concerns for presidential candidates this election year is the immigration law, and is providing information and legal advice for those trying to understand this complex issue.

Carlsbad, CA  -  January 5, 2008 -- As anyone who is following the 2008 election coverage knows, immigration law is a big topic of discussion for this year's candidates. There is also a barrage of new state immigration laws that are going into effect throughout the country. As the issue becomes more complex, Immigration Law Help is offering information, advice and legal counsel when necessary.

The candidates are all expressing their opinions about immigration issues. Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani, for example, supports
biometric identity cards and a national database to keep track of foreigners entering and exiting the country. Democrat Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has voted in favor of amendments to increase interior enforcement, fund a border fence and deter employers from hiring illegal immigrants. The debate about immigration policy will undoubtedly continue, and Immigration Law Help plans to see more people visiting their site as the election draws near.

Immigration Law Help, an online service that provides advice about how to become a legal citizen, understands the issues facing many people who are trying to enter the country legally. As presidential candidates are feverishly debating immigration issues and the public opinion about immigrants grows more tumultuous, there are still people waiting to become citizens the right way. Immigration Law Help believes it is important for these people to stay informed about the current immigration law.

For more information about immigration policy, visit

About Immigration Law Help: understands the problems that immigrants face, and they know that immigration to the United States can't and shouldn't be forbidden. They are, however, completely against illegal immigration. Immigration Law Help believes that making as much information available about the immigration law as possible is one way to minimize illegal actions. knows that navigating the constantly changing immigration law is not an easy task. The large number of forms that must be filled out, the numerous types of visas and the complicated green card hearings make legal immigration harder. So, their goal is to encourage legal immigration by providing the necessary information, advice and legal counseling when necessary. And their advice is simple: be informed and stay legal.

Press Contact: Mike Cheslar
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Monday, January 07, 2008


Asia Domain Name Registration Limited - Scam

The Chinese scammers are at it again. People need to know this kind of thing is going on so they are not taken in.
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Best Regards,
Mike Luo
 Sponsoring Registrar: Asia Domain Name Registration Limited
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Business Owners Never Buy Leads

Home Based Business Owners: Never Buy Leads Again with Super Magnetic Leads' Free Ten Day Bootcamp

The Magnetic Sponsoring Training System teaches entrepreneurs and home based business owners how they can magnetically attract endless new prospects and customers with credit card in hand -- for free. For a limited time, entrepreneurs can enroll into a free 10 day bootcamp and never have to buy leads again.

(PRWEB) September 8, 2007 -- announced today that for a limited time, they will be giving away their 10-day Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp free. This is the program that has assisted countless entrepreneurs to build multi-million dollar empires from the comfort of their homes. Click here for full details .

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The program will teach the entrepreneur how to become the hunted instead of the hunter, and have customers and prospects literally calling them, with credit card in hand, ready to join their business.

The program will also teach the ABC's of network marketing cash flow and how to have more money coming in than is going out. It will also teach entrepreneurs how to advertise to their target market endlessly for free, and create endless leads for their opportunity in the process.

The program will explain why leading experts refuse to pitch networkers on their opportunity, yet why they have people calling them to join their organizations every single day. The program will show the entrepreneur how to automatically build a rolodex of thousands of other network marketers and product customers and how to get these people to trust them, like them and join them in their business. is offering this free 10 day Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp for a limited time.

Entrepreneurs can start attracting Super Magnetic Leads now with the education provided from .

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