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Chase Business Credit Card Offers

Three Chase Credit Cards Added to Business Credit Card Offers: Finding a Business Credit Card a No-Brainer adds three Chase credit cards to business credit card offers available for quick comparison online.

Fremont, CA - September 18, 2007 -- There are now three more ways business owners can extend the buying power of their businesses with the addition of three Chase credit cards to CEO of, Mr. Leo Chu, took the guess work out of business credit card offers when he launched the business credit card offer section on his Merchant Certified website: Designed to make it easier to compare offers among business credit card lenders, Credit Card Flyers has already assisted thousands of business owners in selecting the best card for their unique needs.

The majority of business owners are too busy to find the time to contact several banks and credit card issuers to find the best credit card offer for their individual needs. With so many different types of business credit cards, it isn't beneficial for the business owner to just pick any card without comparing the advantages and disadvantages of several cards against their own credit needs. allows business owners a faster way to compare offers among business card issuers; and provides comprehensive coverage on the different interest rates, annual fees and card features, which can all be found at a glance.

The CEO of, Mr. Leo Chu, designed the business credit card portion of his website in order to eliminate the need for busy enteprenuers and business owners to apply for the first credit card they see. makes it easier to compare a wide variety of offers among several business credit card lenders.

James Morgan, an entrepreneur from New York, says. "I needed a business credit card to make ordering supplies and traveling for business purposes easier, but with tight deadlines and a to-do list a mile long, I didn't want to spend time researching all the different credit cards out there to find the one that would give me the most value. I found Chase credit cards for Business on that was perfect for my small business needs, and was able to apply in minutes." offers an unbiased comparison among a large variety of business credit cards to help business owners get the most out of the credit card they apply for. You can use the business reward wizard to enter the amount you spend per month on various categories in order to see which rewards credit cards will give you the most value for your every day spending. You can quickly and easily apply for any business credit card that matches your needs by clicking on a link to a secure online application through the credit card issuer's own website.

There are currently 28 business credit cards featured on, and research is constantly taking place to find additional quality business credit card offers to include on the site.

While there are numerous credit card web sites available, most focus on consumer credit cards. There are a limited number of sites that offer such an extensive listings of business credit cards as the business card offers that provides.

In addition to the comprehensive business credit card portion of; the site also offers an easy-to-search section for consumer credit cards, including the ability to search by specific interest rates, balance transfer cards, and rewards cards. As with the business credit card section, consumers can quickly compare among various cards in order to obtain the credit card that best matches their unique spending and credit needs.

When you're in the market for a business credit card, make your first stop.

Press Contact: Leo Chu
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