Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Investment Property Market: Mortgages in Crisis

Your Pound Still Goes a Long way in the Investment Property Market: Mortgages in Crisis - Overseas Property Markets Overview Part 1

How to use Pound's position on the market to invest in property effectively and buy a dream home overseas? There was never a better time for UK investors to Invest in US, Caribbean and Central America property markets find out more and collect your free invitation to Excel London show Place in the Sun. Three part research and advice article about property investments based on three years figures from UK based overseas property investment company Principal International.

London, Surrey  - April 23, 2008 -- You can't open a newspaper at the moment without seeing a report on Britain's financial crisis and the end of the housing boom. First time buyers are finding it almost impossible to get a foot on the property ladder and now homeowners and investors are facing potential negative equity on the value of their properties. Even celebrities like Orlando Bloom, Leona Lewis and Jonathan Woodgate have spoken out about the high property prices in London, which are causing them to consider other options.

Credit Crunch creates more opportunities to invest in properties abroad

For a long time, buy to let properties in Britain have been a secure venture for UK investors, but is it now time to start looking further a field?

Simon Ryeland - Director of Principal International Properties and specialist with 17 years in property investment, is clear that there are still good property investments out there, as long as you know where to look. "People have been investing with us in properties in the UK and abroad for over twelve years now. Over the last few years many emerging overseas markets have experienced strong rental yields and capital growth and provided a far more profitable solution than the UK market."

And it seems that the obvious destination for buying investment property overseas - Spain - isn't necessarily the best value for money.

"Spain is now generally considered as an area mainly for lifestyle purchases and we would encourage investors to look further afield." Says Simon.

Investors put off by overcrowded beaches, recent concerns over illegally built homes and the strength of the Euro against the Pound have good reason to consider other emerging markets.

There was never a better time for UK investors to Invest in great Property in US, Caribbean and Central America

One of the biggest considerations is the current value of the pound against the US dollar. Put simply, with an almost two to one exchange rate, your pound will go a lot further in countries associated with the US dollar than those associated with the Euro. And this means there are a lot of exciting property investment opportunities out there.

To be continued...

Next week: Where are the US dollar property investment hotspots? Plus unlocking the undiscovered wealth of the Eastern European property market.

This week Channel 4's A Place in the Sun Live property investment show is taking place at ExCeL London, Friday 25th to Sunday 27th April 2008.

Report by Jennifer Clowes. Analysis for this article is based on the last three years figures from Principal International Properties (pip4u.com).

Press Contact: Simon Ryeland
Company Name: Principal International Properties
Phone: (+44)01483748629

Friday, April 25, 2008


New Blog Provides Business Insurance Information for Entrepreneurs

Business Insurance Now Announces New Blog Providing Essential Information for Entrepreneurs

On the rise to becoming one of the top providers of insurance to small business owners and entrepreneurs, Business Insurance Now has announced the arrival of their new blog providing customers with more than just quality business insurance products.

Allen, TX  -  February 21, 2008 -- Business Insurance Now has recently launched a new blog to provide small business owners and young entrepreneurs with knowledgeable information on improving their business. The company has quickly climbed to the top of their industry due to their complete commitment to the customer and their offerings of multi-faceted business insurance coverage.

Business Insurance Now has rapidly built their status as the insurance provider that not only supplies small businesses with quality insurance coverage, but also assists in their success as well. The company's recent launch of the "BIN Digest", a blog dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs, has changed the way information is provided for small business insurance providers across the country. Now, entrepreneurs have a one stop information source for all of their insurance needs and small business questions.

Exclusive information on improving small businesses from the "BIN Digest" as well as high quality insurance coverage can be viewed at www.BusinessInsuranceNow.com. The blog is updated on a regular basis and includes expert knowledge on topics such as financing small businesses, efficient small business software and tools, and other helpful business tips for developing a small business.

About Business Insurance Now:
Business Insurance Now is an Internet-based small business insurance provider that offers owners and entrepreneurs a quick and knowledgeable all-in-one shopping experience for liability and property insurance. They are proud to adhere to an ongoing pledge to their customers, while providing them with everything they need to create a successful small business.
Lately Business Insurance Now has maintained this commitment by giving even more back to their customers through their new blog the "BIN Digest". Now, not only do they provide outstanding small business insurance, but they also supply expert information on ways to advance a small business.

Further information about Business Insurance Now can be found at www.BusinessInsuranceNow.com.

Press Contact: James Cochran
Company Name: Business Insurance Now
Phone: (800) 668-7020

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Experts Provide Retail Business Bankruptcy Analysis

Business Experts Provide Analysis of Recent Retail Bankruptcies

Creditntell's weekly newsletter, Retail News & Views, featured an editorial this past Tuesday entitled ''The Booming Business of Bankruptcy'' that draws a strong correlation between the fallout of the 80's LBO's to today's highly leveraged retailers facing higher administrative costs, rising energy expenses, declining sales and increasing interest rates.

April 17, 2008 -- Everywhere you look another highly respected publication is painting the future outlook for most retail segments as gloomy. As recently as April 15th The New York Times ran a front page story suggesting the year ahead will be difficult at best and disastrous at worst for any retailer that depends on the level of consumer discretionary income not taking a hit.

Information Clearinghouse, Inc. (d.b.a. F&D Reports and Creditntell.com) has been evaluating and anticipating the future prospects of all the key retail players in seventeen separate and distinct sectors since 1993. The company's three senior executives collectively present over 100 years of relevant financial and bankruptcy expertise that provides insights not available anywhere else. Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Sarf, alone has 40 years of practical hands-on retail experience in disciplines ranging from operations & marketing to finance. He has been recognized by the Southern District of New York Federal Bankruptcy Court as an Expert which has enabled him to serve in a consultative capacity in over 1,000 insolvency proceedings. In a recent interview when asked about the current economic environment, Mr. Sarf commented: "Everything is cyclical and we are well into a period where the weaker players will be headed to the courthouse and attempting to reorganize under Chapter 11. The changes to the Bankruptcy laws in 2005 has made reorganization much more difficult, consequently there are many troubled retailers that have been holding on much longer than they would have had they had access to the older much more debtor friendly laws. They simply can not delay the inevitable much longer."

Creditntell's weekly newsletter, Retail News & Views, featured an editorial this past Tuesday entitled ''The Booming Business of Bankruptcy'' that draws a strong correlation between the fallout of the 80's LBO's to today's highly leveraged retailers facing higher administrative costs, rising energy expenses, declining sales and increasing interest rates ... a perfect storm that will make the navigation to calmer seas a yeoman's task, many will sink. Recent retail bankruptcies referred to in the editorial include: Sharper Image, Corp., Buffets Holdings, Inc., and The Wornick Company.

Other names-in-the-news where we have recently prepared comprehensive analyses are Linens 'N Things, Bon Ton, Macy's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Circuit City, Foot Locker, Rite Aid, Winn Dixie, Duane Reade, Dollar General, and Sears, which not only take a look back at what has happened but also provide a look forward indicating what hurdles must be cleared in order to succeed.

The next year or two will be tumultuous and the astute financial executive or investor will be well served to follow the advice of time-proven industry experts.

For additional information visit:


Press Contact: Dennis Cantalupo
Company Name: Information Clearinghouse, Inc.
Phone: 1-800-789-0123 +110

Friday, April 18, 2008


Paperless Residential Property Management

Residential Property Management Goes Paperless

Landlords and Renters have a great new tool to use with the launch of RentalSpaceNetwork.com, an online property management and rental advertising service. Created by a team of Real Estate and IT professionals, RentalSpaceNetwork.com promises to bring residential property management into the 21st century.

Tempe, Arizona, April 18, 2008-- Landlords and Renters have a great new tool to use with the launch of RentalSpaceNetwork.com (www.rentalspacenetwork.com), an online property management and rental advertising service. Created by a team of Real Estate and IT professionals, RentalSpaceNetwork.com promises to bring residential property management into the 21st century.

Managing rental properties is no easy task; the amount of advertising, paperwork, appointments, and payments that landlords and renters must deal with can be overwhelming. RentalSpaceNetwork.com will not only save people time and money, but it will also dramatically lessen the environmental footprint left behind by significantly reducing the use of paper and the amount of gas consumed powering vehicles.

The E-signature act of 2000 changed the way Americans do business by making the electronic signing of documents as legally binding as hand written signatures. RentalSpaceNetwork.com has created all of the necessary rental documentation in e-signature format which allows landlords and tenants the ability to sign, exchange and store documents online thus eliminating the need for printing, faxing, filing, and appointment scheduling. With just a click of a button people can Create, Fill Out, e-Sign, and Exchange: applications, customizable leases for all 50 states, move in/out forms, invoices and more. No more searching the internet for the proper forms and rental laws for your state; no more hard-to-read hand written leases; no more driving to meet with someone to give them an application or lease to fill out; no more fax machines.

In addition to the document exchange service, new Landlord Sign-Ups receive a customized ad for their property which includes a detailed property description, pictures, floor plans and virtual tours. Every ad also comes with an online availability calendar and printable property brochure. This ad will be placed on RentalSpaceNetwork.com and on one other keyword specific rental website giving the property valuable exposure.

RentalSpaceNetwork.com also provides a full payment center, where landlords can easily accept rent payments from their tenants online without having to set up their own merchant account. All that's required is a bank account, and the service comes with no set-up fees and no monthly fees. Landlords no longer have to wait for rent checks to arrive in the mail and are able to expedite the application and reservation process by accepting fees and deposits online. The time wasted making trips to the bank to deposit checks is eliminated and Landlords never again have to hear the age old excuse of "It must have gotten lost in the mail."

By using RentalSpaceNetwork.com, landlords can advertise their properties, screen prospective tenants, sign all of the proper rental documentation, and receive all of the necessary payments; all in one quick and easy to use place. Registered members can access and use their account from anywhere they have an internet connection.

For a limited time, landlords can try the service free of charge for one month for all of their rental properties. If they like what they see and wish to continue using the service, they can sign-up monthly for $24.99 per property or yearly for $199. There is also a special Bulk Listing Program for property managers or landlords with numerous rental properties. Landlords who choose to stop using the service will always be able access their account to view and print any document previously created. All data on the site is stored on secure servers behind numerous layers of protection and encryption.

All registered members of RentalSpaceNetwork.com undergo an identity verification test to help prevent identity theft and online fraud. All members can rest assured that the person they are doing business with on the site is who they say they are.

Landlords, whether you manage a house, condo, vacation rental, apartment complex, or corporate housing, RentalSpaceNetwork.com could be the solution to your property management needs. Sign-up for your free month of service to see what it is like to secure a qualified tenant in minutes with absolutely no faxing and no driving.

For renters, using RentalSpaceNetwork.com is always free. Search for the perfect rental property, create wish lists, check out property locations, print property brochures, e-sign your rental documentation, and pay your rent online. Make your life easier by signing up for a free account.

Rental Space Network, LLC (www.rentalspacenetwork.com)is a Tempe, Arizona based company dedicated to providing solutions in residential property management. The company operates over 250 websites that advertise rental properties.

Press Contact: Jamin Bollen
Company Name: Rental Space Network
Phone: 480-216-8610

Monday, April 14, 2008


Leading Provider of Auction Rate Securities Valuations

Houlihan Smith & Company is Leading Provider of Auction Rate Securities Valuations

CHICAGO, April 8, 2008 -- Abuses in sub-prime mortgage lending have triggered a "crisis of confidence" in the U.S. credit markets, according to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke. Auction Rate Securities ("ARS"), which have not witnessed defaults on the underlying collateral since the early 1990s, have been treated by CFOs and Treasurers as conservative, short-term investments that were practically equivalent to cash.

However, due to the failing credit markets, investors have been left without the ability to liquidate their ARS portfolios -- causing companies to redefine the use of cash equivalents on their balance sheets. Even companies with ARS portfolios backed by the most secure and reliable collateral have suffered due to the extreme loss of liquidity.

"We view the current failing conditions in the ARS market being more indicative of a liquidity issue rather than a credit issue."

- Karl D'Cunha, Senior Vice President, Financial Opinions and Valuation

Services Group

Since the third quarter of 2007, Houlihan Smith & Co.'s experienced team of professionals have been valuing billions of dollars in failed ARS and other structured securities for some of the largest companies traded on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and other global exchanges. These ARS portfolios include:

    -- Student Loan Auction Rate Securities ("SLARS")
    -- Auction Rate Preferred Securities (collateralized by tax-exempt
       municipal bonds)
    -- Statutory Reserve Requirement ARS
    -- Complex Structured ARS issues by credit derivative product companies

"Not every ARS is structured equally. The type and quality of the underlying collateral has a direct impact on the overall valuation of the security."

- Karl D'Cunha

Houlihan has developed a proprietary approach to valuing ARS that is presented in a clear and transparent manner. The methodology and underlying assumptions have cleared numerous Big 4 auditing firm reviews and have helped our clients ensure that they are properly recording these investments for financial reporting purposes

Houlihan Smith & Company Inc. ("Houlihan") is a national investment banking firm that specializes in providing financial opinions, valuation services and corporate advisory services to public and private businesses. The firm has over 125 experienced professionals with extensive industry expertise. This enables the firm to quickly respond and efficiently handle complex client engagements. Established in 1996, Houlihan is a registered broker-dealer and FINRA member committed to the highest levels of professional standards. The Houlihan name is synonymous with valuation and deal making expertise, leveraging years of experience, reputation and relationships.

Houlihan is also a recognized leader in corporate advisory services, having successfully transacted more than 500 merger and acquisition, capital restructuring, private placement, bankruptcy services, and ESOP advisory engagements. Every client situation is unique; therefore, the firm takes the time to understand each clients' needs to best match buyers and sellers, arrange appropriate financing, and create capitalization structures that optimize the client's potential.

For more information regarding our ARS valuation and advisory services, please contact, Karl D'Cunha at 312.499.5900 or kdcunha@houlihansmith.com

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Auction Rate Securities Litigation

Auction Rate Securities Litigation: What You Should Know

DANVILLE, Calif., April 7, 2008 -- Auction Rate Securities (ARS) are long term, variable rate bonds tied to short term interest rates. The rate is typically established through a Dutch Auction or remarketing process which is conducted by the auction or remarketing agent (typically a large broker-dealer or bank). ARS are issued by a wide range of entities, including municipalities, corporations, and closed-end funds.

Investigations are currently in progress regarding alleged securities fraud in connection with the sale of Auction Rate Securites (ARS) by a number of major broker-dealers, including UBS, Citigroup/Smith Barney, Wachovia, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase and TD Ameritrade, among others. The issuers of the ARS include Blackrock, Eaton Vance, Nuveen, Legg Mason and ING.

According to recent news articles, the broker-dealers and issuers materially misrepresented the liquidity and risks of the ARS to individual investors and corporations by labeling these securities as "cash equivalents," in press releases, monthly account statements, individual communications with investors, and other investment guidance material. In fact, the promised liquidity of ARS was created artificially when the broker-dealers purchased their own securities in order to keep the market running smoothly.

Beginning on February 7, 2008, the market for ARS collapsed, as all of the major broker-dealers announced that they will no longer purchase ARS for their own accounts to ensure that the auctions do not fail and that the securities remain liquid. In the past month, thousands of auctions run by the broker-dealers have failed. As a result, over $350 billion in ARS that were once offered as "cash equivalents" are now illiquid, resulting in economic losses and severe hardships for investors. Some broker-dealers, including UBS and Goldman Sachs Group, have been sending investors brokerage statements noting that the ARS have been marked down in value.

Beginning in March 2008, several class action lawsuits have been filed against many of the participating banks.

If you are an investor who has purchased or owns Action Rate Securities, and you either have information or wish to discuss your rights as an investor, please contact Carey & Danis now! Toll Free: (800)721-2519.

SOURCE Carey & Danis, LLC

Monday, April 07, 2008


Program to Purchase Structured Settlements Outside of Guarantee

Woodbridge Investments Announces Program to Purchase Structured Settlements Outside of Guarantee Period

Woodbridge Investments has announced a new structured settlement and lottery program specializing in the purchase of structured settlements and lottery payments outside the guarantee period.

Studio City, California  -  January 12, 2008 -- Woodbridge Investments, a pioneer in the purchase of lottery payments and structured settlements, has announced a new structured settlement and lottery program specializing in the purchase of structured settlements and lottery payments outside the guarantee period.

Scott Schwartz, Vice President and director of sales stated, "Many lottery winnings and structured settlements pay out for twenty years or for life. We have developed a program that involves an insurance policy that allows us to purchase lottery and structured settlement payments beyond the guaranteed period."

Schwartz added, "Of course, we will continue our program of paying the highest prices for the lottery payments and structured settlements but our new 'out of guarantee' program will allow us to further service our customers."

A recent customer testimonial stated, "A friend of mine told me she had previously sold some of her payments for a large lump sum of money and was still able to collect monthly payments even though she expected to receive payments outside of the guaranteed period. She gave me a toll free number to call, and told me to at least check it out. I am so glad I did..."-Virginia M. MO

Woodbridge and its predecessor companies has been purchasing lotteries and structured settlements since 1993. Woodbridge has helped over 1,000 people gain access to their future payments. Woodbridge has a comprehensive Free Advice Center for helping people research their choices at its website http://www.woodbridgeinvestments.com.

Press Contact: Scott Schwartz
Company Name: Woodbridge Investments
Phone: 1-866-865-7044

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Mobile Catastrophe Claims Buses and Vehicles

Farmers Insurance and Zurich Financial Services Display Mobile Catastrophe Claims Buses and Vehicles at Zurich Classic

Farmers Insurance and Zurich Financial Services displayed the mobile catastrophe claims buses and 10 customer care vehicles at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans, March 24-31, 2008.

Los Angeles, CA  -  April 3, 2008 -- Farmers Insurance Group of Companies and Zurich Financial Services displayed their new state-of-the-art Mobile Catastrophe Claims buses (MCC's), and 10 of their fleet of 35 Customer Care Vehicles (CCV's) in and around the New Orleans TPC golf course during the Zurich Classic, designed and built based on lessons learned from hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

"The mobile units enable the Farmers' Catastrophe Corps to respond immediately and effectively and are the center-point for handling claims and servicing customers," explained Farmers CEO, Paul N. Hopkins. "The buses and customer care vehicles have the most state-of-the-art equipment available
anywhere in the United States."

The Mobile Claims buses are 45 feet long and are built on a superior diesel platform. They are the only diesel powered buses in the
insurance industry with built-in data satellite on top of the platform to service customers. They are also equipped with various advanced technology, such as built-in GPS navigation, security/safety system, noise-reduction generator, and in-motion satellite TV, which allows Command Center personnel to track inclement weather and urgent news reports when all other forms of communication are unavailable. Stationed at Farmers National Catastrophe Claims Center in Olathe, Kansas, they can be dispatched in a moment's notice to any catastrophe in the contiguous United States.

Each of the 35 Customer Care Team Vehicles consists of a Chevrolet Suburban or a GMC Yukon XL and a trailer, which is transformed into a claims-command center upon arriving at a disaster. The CCV trailers will be placed in Farmers' 29 core states and available to deploy to any disaster in any of the contiguous United States within hours of a catastrophe to help Farmers customers with claims and non-customers with emergency
supplies where needed.

When not being used as a claims center, the
SUV and trailer can be used as a booth at community events to promote Farmers, its programs and corporate sponsors such as m.i.l.k. (Managing Information on Lost Kids) and the March of Dimes.

At the scene of a catastrophe, Farmers' customers will be notified via the media and their agents where the Mobile Claims Center and Customer Care Vehicles will be located. Also, Farmers has a national claims
number 1-800-HELPPOINT that can always be called for assistance following a catastrophe.

Farmers Group, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services, an insurance-based financial services provider with a
global network of subsidiaries and offices in North America and Europe as well as in Asia Pacific, Latin America and other markets. FarmersĀ® is the nation's third-largest Personal Lines Property & Casualty insurance group. Property and casualty products are underwritten and issued by the Farmers Exchanges and their subsidiaries, which Farmers Group, Inc. manages but does not own. Headquartered in Los Angeles and doing business in 41 states, the Farmers insurers provide Homeowners, Auto, Business, Life insurance and financial services to more than 10 million households. For more information about Farmers, visit our Web site at www.farmers.com.

Media Note:
Anyone interested in an exclusive tour of the MCC and CCV, or interview, please call Jerry Davies at 213-400-4459 or Mark Toohey at 805-907-2216. The MCC's and CCV's will be on display throughout the TPC golf course.

Media Contacts:   
Jerry Davies
Jerry.davies @ farmersinsurance.com

Mark Toohey
Mark_toohey @ farmersinsurance.com

Press Contact: Jerry Davies
Company Name: Farmers Insurance
Phone: 323-932-3662

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