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AIIM ON DEMAND 2005 Exhibitor Profiles


PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 16, 2005--AIIM ON DEMAND 2005 Conference & Exposition takes place May 17 - 19 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. For in-depth information about the event visit

Below are profiles from AIIM ON DEMAND exhibitors; breaking news releases are available at, Business Wire's trade show, conference, and event news resource.

Business Wire is the official news wire service for AIIM ON DEMAND.

Company: A2iA Corporation
Booth/Stand: 1257
Media Contact: Deborah E. Hamilton
Phone: 303.682.9439

Product description: A2iA DocumentReader is a revolutionary
software tool that makes it possible to automatically use text-based
keywords to search through large volumes of paper documents, unlocking
the valuable information contained in handwritten paragraphs and
letters. It uses A2iA's Intelligent Word Recognition technology to
enable a computer to speed-read like a human. Visit booth #1257 to see
A2iA's complete line of leading recognition products in action.

Company description: A2iA (Artificial Intelligence & Image
Analysis), founded in 1991, headquartered in New York and Paris, is
the worldwide leading developer of Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR)
technology for reading natural handwriting, including cursive
handwriting, from paper documents. The company's technology has been
helping paper-intensive industries reduce data entry costs and improve
processing automation for 14 years. More information at

Company: ABBYY USA
Booth/Stand: 1032
Media Contact: Imelda Valenzuela
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: 510-226-6717 x116

Product description: ABBYY FlexiCapture is a groundbreaking
technology that helps you eliminate the problems, time and costs
involved with using traditional form-processing software. FlexiCapture
technology allows you to successfully capture data from various
unstructured forms and documents and automates your forms processing system. ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio is a tool to create a formalized
description or layout that automatically identifies the fields from
various forms and documents. In conjunction with either ABBYY
FormReader or FineReader Engine, FlexiCapture Studio allows system
developers to integrate this powerful tool to build or customize their
own automated data-capture applications for processing unstructured or
semi-structured forms and documents.

Company description: ABBYY is a world leader in the development of
document recognition and data capture technologies. ABBYY's
award-winning FineReader OCR technology converts static paper
documents and PDF files into manageable electronic data. FormReader,
ABBYY's powerful data capture and forms processing solution, is
designed to extract information from paper forms and transfer captured
data to databases or information management systems. ABBYY
FlexiCapture technology (winner of Best of AIIM 2004) can be used for
processing semi-structured documents and forms. ABBYY's FineReader
recognition and data capture SDKs have won acclaim from software
developers and VARs that have integrated them into their own

Company: AccuSoft Corporation
Booth/Stand: 458
Media Contact: Kim Sarkisian
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: 508 545 1220

Product description: ImageGear Professional Edition(TM) supports
over 1,500 imaging functions, native PDF support, full
multi-threading, and internet integration. With this a
high-performance imaging toolkit you can capture, create, convert or
enhance images in over 100 file formats. VisiQuest is a rapid
prototyping, problem solving, and software delivery solution for data
and image analysis. The Visual Programming Environment gives you
access to 300 functions.

Company description: Since 1985, AccuSoft has been providing
customers with the tools and technology they need to develop powerful
imaging, image-enabled, and data analysis applications. The company's
technology is incorporated into thousands of applications used by over
50 million people worldwide, and by customers including GE Medical
Systems, NextGen Healthcare, and Jasc Software.

Company: activePDF Inc.
Booth/Stand: 462
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:
Media Contact: Gina O'Reilly
Investor Relations Contact: David Morgan
Phone: 949-582-9002

Product description: activePDF Server is a combination of a COM
Object and NT Service capable of redirecting output from virtually any
server-based Windows application to PDF. With over 75 properties and
methods available from its unique COM interface, activePDF Server
provides users full control over their PDF output on a job-by-job

Company description: activePDF is a leading provider of PDF
creation, conversion and development tools, catering to the increasing
demand for automated document management practices within today's
businesses. Traditionally recognized for its innovative server-based
products, activePDF recently entered the desktop PDF market, offering
clients cost-effective, end-to-end solutions for all PDF generation
and manipulation requirements.

Company: Adminserv
Booth/Stand: 132
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: LIV.UN Toronto Stock Exchange
Media Contact: Steve Tipman
Investor Relations Contact: Dawneen Mackenzie
Phone: 416-626-2800

Product description:

- Document Imaging
- Call Center Services
- Data Management
- Printing and Document Fulfillment Services

Company description: Adminserv specializes in Business Process
Outsourcing, providing program management services to organizations
with high-volume transaction processing and stringent service-level
requirements. We offer customized business services that save client's
time, trouble and money.

Company: AIIM - The ECM Association
Booth/Stand: 200 Level - Bridge
Media Contact: Beth Mayhew
Phone: 301.755.2681

Product description: Information Nation Warrior: Information
Management Compliance Boot Camp - a new book published by AIIM - only
$29.95 ECM Toolkit - 6 publications full of industry research,
articles, user guides, and best practices (a $500 value) for only $125

Company description: For over 60 years, AIIM has been the leading
international non-profit organization helping users understand the
challenges associated with managing documents, content, and business
processes. AIIM defines Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as the
technologies used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver
content and documents related to organizational processes.

Company: Archive Systems
Booth/Stand: 1455
Media Contact: Valerie Moravek
Phone: 973-287-1337

Product description: ArchiveOnline is a secure and reliable online
document management solution with ASP image hosting services that
require no capital investment, no hardware or software, and no
additional administrative costs. It allows companies to image-enable
their document processes to create seamless, integrated desktop access
to all critical documentation. As part of a complete "Source-to-Shred"
service, Archive Systems also provides conversion services.

Company description: Established in 1991, Archive Systems, Inc. is
the premier Document Process Outsourcing (DPO) provider, offering
production document scanning, Web-based document imaging, workflow
automation and off-site hard copy records storage services all in one

Company: Assentis Technologies
Booth/Stand: 964
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Andreas Ludwig
Phone: +41 79 770 28 23

Product description: Assentis:DocFamily is an integrated solution
for laying out and designing, editing, creating, producing, and
distributing highly dynamic individualized business documents. The
complete solution family consists of Assentis:DocDesign,
Assentis:DocBase, Assentis:DocWrite, and the repository
Assentis:DocRepo. It is based on open standards like XML, XSL, and
Java. Its ease of use and high flexibility account for a high return
on investment.

Company description: Assentis Technologies is a leading supplier
of solutions for individualized business document design and
publishing based on open industry standards. Assentis also provides a
host of consulting services to ensure customer success surrounding
individualized document production. Customers of Assentis are
represented by the following industries: Financial services, Health
Care, Insurance, Publishers, Manufacturers and Government

Company: Avanti Computer Systems Limited
Booth/Stand: 2748
Media Contact: Carol McDonald
Investor Relations Contact: Patrick Bolan
Phone: 416-445-1722 x252

Product description: Avanti Print Management System is completely
web-enabled providing your customers & sales reps with
"anytime/anywhere secure access to: Request quotes; place orders; view
current job status; perform online proofing; credit card processing,
perform accounting inquiries, track change requests and more. Avanti's
eAccess is easy to use, administer & maintain.

Company description: Avanti Computer Systems is a North American
leader in Print Management software solutions. Founded in 1984,
Avanti's sole focus has been providing comprehensive, fully integrated
software for commercial, in-plant and demand print clients. With over
400 installations, Avanti's success is based on a long-standing
reputation for excellence in product innovation, flexibility, ease of
use, and customer service.

Company: AVISION, INC.
Booth/Stand: 252
Media Contact: Eddie Ko
Investor Relations Contact: Jun Huang
Phone: 510-739-2369

Product description: High Speed Document Scanners -- AV220C2,
AV8350 Book Edge Scanners -- FBZ100, FB6000E Multi-Purpose Scanners --
IT8300, @V2100, @V5100 All-In-One Device -- AM3100L, AM3230

Company description: Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a
wide range of high-performance office equipment. After ten years of
dedication in the field, Avision has become a world-leading
manufacturer of workgroup and departmental document input devices.

Company: Barr Systems, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 2636
Media Contact: Amber Tison
Phone: 352-491-3141

Product description: Barr Systems, Inc. introduces EE Link, a way
for customers to eliminate SNA networks while maintaining SNA
applications on the host. Now BARR/NJE or BARR/RJE can connect to an
IBM mainframe over an IP network, without the need for any special
routers or gateways. EE Link works by connecting BARR/RJE and BARR/NJE
to the mainframe via IBM's Enterprise Extender. Enterprise Extender
integrates SNA applications into IP networking and provides APPN
High-Performance Routing (HPR) functionality, giving host applications
the benefits of both APPN and IP connectivity. Depending on the
configuration, EE Link can eliminate a variety of equipment, expenses,
and headaches.

Company description: Barr Systems, Inc. leads the IT industry in
design, manufacture and support of high-performance data
communications products. Barr's comprehensive output management
solutions provide connectivity, transformation, print management, and
report distribution capabilities for a wide variety of companies. Our
complete line of PC-based print servers accepts data from mainframes,
AS/400s, and TCP/IP-connected hosts. Data is sent to a variety of
channel- and network-attached printers or reporting and archiving
systems. We feature the Barr Enterprise Print Server and a variety of
ESCON(R) and Bus & Tag channel products. Along with 25 years industry
experience, Barr also offers customers on-site consultations and

Booth/Stand: 2525, 424 - Scanners
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:
Media Contact: Glenn Gillen, 919-782-2360 x159
Investor Relations Contact: Ron Gajweski, Vice President of Finance
Phone: 1-800-220-3030

Product description: DemandWorks Intelligent Multi-Bin Feeder
(IMBF) Collator - automated collating system; DemandWorks Biathlon -
world's fastest film and paper wrapping system; DemandWorks Booklet
Maker - automates entire process of creating personalized booklets;
Phillipsburg Mark II - durable inserter specifically designed for
letter shop, direct mail and service bureau markets; JETVision -
advanced reading system with superior symbol-recognition technology.

Company description: Headquartered in Chicago, BOWE BELL + HOWELL
is a provider of high-performance automated mailing solutions and
leading-edge software for the document production industry. BOWE BELL
+ HOWELL's portfolio of standalone cutting, packaging, inserting,
plastic card, sorting, integrity and print-on-demand solutions
comprises the industry's most comprehensive product and service
offering for paper-based and electronic production mail.

Company: Buskro USA Ltd.
Booth/Stand: 2436
Media Contact: Keithan M Laurie
Phone: 800-677-3525

Product description: Buskro's Sapphire(TM) and Atlas(TM) Inkjet
Printing Systems can print fully variable text, graphics, barcodes,
and numbers at speeds from 1-4 m/s for outstanding productivity. The
Apollo(TM) 760 Inkjet Printing System is a total package of print,
control and transport at an incredibly low price. Our BK730
Tabber/Labeler automatically sets the label pitch, backer sensitivity,
and label placement for easy setup.

Company description: At Buskro we specialize in inkjet imaging
equipment, in-line and standalone transport bases, and in-line tabbing
and labeling systems. Buskro has a solution that's right for your
production requirements. From our Apollo thermal inkjet through to our
new Sapphire drop-on-demand inkjet products, you'll find high quality,
affordable solutions to variable data and graphics printing,
addressing and numbering applications.

Company: callas software
Booth/Stand: 2054
Media Contact: Karina Ende
Investor Relations Contact: Silke Ploog
Phone: +49.30.4439031-0

Product description: The just released pdfToolbox2 comprises the
three recent Acrobat Plug-Ins: pdfLayerMaker -- for layer-based
handling of PDF page objects, pdfColorConvert -- for converting RGB
and Spot Colors into CMYK as well as pdfCorrect -- for fixing PDF
problems and PDF/X preparation. pdfToolbox2 offers a wide range of
options for professional PDF editing and preparing PDF documents for
flawless print output.

Company description: callas software is a leading developer of
tools and technologies for publishing and PDF based workflows. callas
software offers advanced technologies for the analysis and processing
of PDF as well as output and file conversion solutions for
applications like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat and QuarkXPress. Among
callas' customers are newspaper and magazine publishers, prepress
service providers as well as printing houses.

Company: Captaris, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 825
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ: CAPA
Media Contact: Barrie Locke
Investor Relations Contact: Melanie Canto
Phone: 585-377-1839

Product description: RightFax: leader in enterprise fax and
e-document delivery solutions, integrating and automating the flow of
fax, paper and electronic documents and data.

Alchemy: fixed content management suite, providing a fully
integrated solution at the intersection of document and records
management and information lifecycle management.

Workflow: business process automation built on Microsoft .NET
framework for Web services for information and communication.

Company description: Captaris Business Information Delivery
solutions help organizations automate the information and document
flow through the information lifecycle (capture, process, deliver,
manage and archive). With a comprehensive suite of software and
services, Captaris helps organizations to grow revenues and increase
profits while meeting compliance goals.

Company: Captovation, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 94
Media Contact: Jason Lamon
Phone: 952-345-7007

Product description: Captovation(R) Capture is a document, check,
and Internet-distributed capture system. The program offers components
for production-level scanning and indexing, browser-based capture,
check capture, as well as bar code recognition and universal image
import capabilities.

Captovation(R) Capture is a modular capture system that provides
paper-intensive organizations the ability to streamline and tailor the
document capture process to meet their needs.

Company description: Captovation, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota
specializes in the design and development of document, check and
browser-based capture products for electronic document management
systems. The company prides itself on providing reliable,
high-performance software programs and custom integration solutions
that enable paper-intensive organizations to streamline their overall
document or check capture processes.

Company: ClearStory Systems
Booth/Stand: AIIM Booth 137
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: (OTCBB:CSYS)
Media Contact: Valerie Harding
Investor Relations Contact: Mike Frank
Phone: 617-536-8887

Product description: ActiveMedia 6.0 is the only pure J2EE digital
asset management (DAM) software application currently available on the
market. ActiveMedia 6.0 is built on Radiant Enterprise Media Server
-(EMS). Radiant EMS offers companies a modern, J2EE service oriented
architecture (SOA) software platform for delivering rich media
solutions that can be utilized across a global organization
Additionally it supports best practices IT infrastructures.

Company description: ClearStory Systems is an established provider
of flexible, on-demand ECM solutions. ClearStory's Radiant Content
Suite provides discrete management and on-demand access for the full
spectrum of content -- from graphics and video to customer statements
and email. The company's standards-based technology provides a
powerful platform for integrating rich media and business documents
into a multitude of business-critical environments.

Company: CompTIA
Booth/Stand: 98
Media Contact: Steven Ostrowski
Phone: 630-678-8468

Product description: The Computing Technology Industry Association
(CompTIA) is highlighting its CompTIA CDIA+ certification at AIIM ON
DEMAND 2005. CompTIA CDIA+ is the first global standard of competency
in the document imaging/document management industry. Professionals
holding CompTIA CDIA+ certification possess the expertise to analyze
business processes; and demonstrate mastery of design document imaging
and management solutions.

Company description: CompTIA is a global trade association
representing the business interests of the information technology
industry. For more than 23 years CompTIA has provided research,
networking and partnering opportunities to its 20,000 members in 102
countries. The association is involved in developing standards and
best practices, and influencing the political, economic and
educational arenas that impact IT worldwide.

Company: Conversion Technologies International
Booth/Stand: 264
Media Contact: Larry C. Skinner
Phone: 800-840-4284

Product description: Scanning Services (Paper, Film, Fiche, etc)
Data Entry (Onshore, Offshore) Forms Processing Legacy Conversion and
Media Migration Storage Solutions (EMC, HP, Plasmon) Capture
Applications (Kofax, Kodak, AnyDoc Software) Scanners (Kodak, Bowe
Bell + Howell, Fujitsu) Hardware Maintenance Data Processing Project
Management Boxed Storage Management ASP Solutions Disaster Recovery
and Business Continuity

Company description: CTI is a document imaging and information
conversion service bureau that delivers superior document conversions
while providing a cost-effective, quality, customer focused, digital
imaging solutions for records management, records storage, and
information retrieval needs. CTI is also a value added reseller of
high-speed conversion equipment and maintenance. Put CTI's
imagination, experience, and expertise to work for you.

Company: Cranel Imaging
Booth/Stand: 724
Media Contact: Kathleen Mahdasian, Wendi Klein
Phone: 888.732.1233

Product description: Cranel Imaging's portfolio includes a full
range of industry specific software applications, document scanners,
imaging processing equipment, online storage, optical storage, CD and
DVD storage, on-demand publishing and duplication, and unsurpassed
service through a variety of service providers including Versitec, the
service division of Cranel, Inc.

Company description: Cranel Imaging is the nation's leading
value-added distributor (VAD) of document imaging, storage and
duplication products and services. Cranel Imaging complements the
expertise of our value-added resellers with our specialty document
imaging knowledge, a flexible business approach and the ability to
effectively represent their needs to manufacturer organizations.

Company: Cuadra Associates, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 259
Media Contact: Ilene Slavick
Investor Relations Contact: Carlos A. Cuadra
Phone: 800/366-1390

Product description: Cuadra Associates, Inc. is a leading provider
of knowledge management software. The company's flagship product is
STAR, customizable software with the power and flexibility to manage,
with a single system, electronic and other information collections in
archives, libraries and information centers, records centers,
competitive intelligence units and publishing. All STAR applications
feature fast, precise, browser-based retrieval.

Company: D&K Group, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 3641
Media Contact: Christina Znorski, Sarah Brennand
Investor Relations Contact: Marge Hayes, Tom Pidgeon
Phone: (800) 632-2314

Product description: Bring high quality finishing in house with
The System 2760, a one-sided laminating system comprised of an
automatic feeder, one-sided laminator, automatic sheet separator and
jogger. Come and see The System 2760 in action at booth #3641.

Company description: D&K Group, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer
of thermal, pressure sensitive, heat activated, and specialty
laminating films as well as mounting adhesives and equipment for
thermal, heat activated and wide format laminating.

Company: Day Software
Booth/Stand: 3307-C
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: SWX: DAYN
Media Contact: Alicia Quinn Sankar
Phone: 512-394-1275

Product description: Day's new CRX product is the first JSR 170
compliant software on the market. Communique offers a comprehensive
range of fully integrated content solutions that enables leading
companies to address all of their global content management challenges
with one highly scalable, reliable platform. Communique's highly
efficient, reusable component architecture solves multiple customer
challenges with one (end-to-end) integrated solution.

Company description: Day is an international provider of content
management and content unification software. The company was founded
in 1993 and is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SWX: DAYN) since
April 2000. Day is co-headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, and Irvine,
California, USA. Day's technology Communique offers a comprehensive,
rapidly deployable framework to unify and manage all digital business
data, systems, applications and processes through the web.

Booth/Stand: 1862
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Randy Mueller
Phone: 312-881-2432

Product description: is a generalized web based
content management solution with highly differentiated services,
offered as a web-based service at
delivers full featured document management and delivery functions
through an on-demand web-based platform. DocExchange Custom Solutions
Group delivers and manages hosted, integrated intercompany document
management applications based on the core platform.

Company description: DocExchange, Inc. is one of the Adexs, Inc
family of companies. Adexs provides specialized on-demand document
management as a service through two primary businesses: MSDSonline and
DocExchange. The combined companies have more than 3,000 customers and
12,000 users. Started in Chicago in late 2002, the combined companies
have grown to 60 people based in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Company: DocuLex, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 363
Media Contact: Tim Nissen
Phone: 863.619.2638

Product description: DocuLex Goby Capture A unique, streamlined
approach providing distributive (shared network) scanning with digital
copiers/MFP's wide format MFP's production scanners and facsimile
machines, Goby Capture allows "walk-up and scan" convenience with
content indexing, archiving and document sharing/distribution
capability. Intelligent cover page technologies allow documents to be
profiled and cataloged prior to scanning and storage.

Company description: Orlando, Florida-based DocuLex creates
open-system, component document management software. Through resellers
internationally, the company offers both document scanning/capture and
search/retrieval programs, providing easy to use, productive in-house
electronic document management for any business environment. See for company and product information.

Company: Document Sciences
Booth/Stand: 2465 (and 1424)
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: DOCX (NASDAQ)
Media Contact: Xenia Moore (
Investor Relations Contact: Scott Samuels
Phone: 760-602-1528

Product description: Document Sciences' xPresso extends the
capabilities of Adobe InDesign, taking marketers beyond segmented
communication, to highly-scalable segmented personalization. xPresso
makes it easy to use customer data to build variable content, images
and layout into your InDesign documents, and execute custom campaigns
via direct mail, web or email delivery. Now marketers can implement
not only different collateral and emarketing campaigns for different
segments, but also deliver personalized messaging within each segment.
Check out xPresso and find out how you can win your own espresso
machine at Documentum's Partner Pavilion, booth 1424, and at Document
Sciences' xPresso Cafe, booth 2465.

Company description: Document Sciences Corporation delivers
real-time, dynamic content publishing solutions that content-driven
organizations depend on to realize productivity benefits, cut costs,
and increase competitiveness. Over 600 customers and partners use
Document Sciences products in insurance, banking and financial
services, managed-care, telecommunications, utilities and commercial
print service bureaus. Customers include more than 60 Fortune 500
companies. Based in Carlsbad, Calif., with operations in Beijing,
China and offices across the U.S. and in London, Document Sciences
also markets its products in Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,
South America, Mexico and Asia. For more information about Document
Sciences Corporation, visit

Company: Document Security Systems, Inc.
Booth/Stand: # 2831
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: DMC
Media Contact: Earle Ingalls
Investor Relations Contact: Cherrie Mahon
Phone: (877) 276-0293

Product description: Document Security Systems, Inc. recently
developed its latest class of optical variable technology --
AuthentiGuard Phantom. When used on documents and packaging, Phantom
reveals a hidden, ghosted message when the surface is tilted --
allowing for rapid and easy verification.

Company description: Document Security Systems, Inc. is a
technology company with patents in printed security features, which
prevent forgery, duplication, counterfeiting, copying, scanning and
re-imaging for any type of printed documents, labels or packaging. The
company's stock trades on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol

Booth/Stand: 2153
Media Contact: Anna C. Massey
Phone: 1-866-46e-koil

Product description: Plastic spiral binding- 100 packs - 8
standard colors - Diameters 6 mm thru 32 mm. Both 12" and 36" lengths.
No minimum quantities - Order as little as 1 box. No setup charges.
All in stock - guaranteed. Small equipment systems & cover stock also

Company description: North America's preferred online retailer for
plastic spiral binding and equipment. Supplying the print and on
demand market.

Booth/Stand: 657
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ESY, Frankfurt
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Rich Revill
Phone: 610 240 9260

Product description: Providing seamless integration with
enterprise applications such as SAP R/3(R), Microsoft Navision, Lotus
Notes and Microsoft Exchange, EASY ENTERPRISE, our
platform-independent, state-of-the-art DMS product suite is designed
to have intuitive user interfaces, short implementation times and
reduced administration overheads, meaning a rapid ROI is assured.

Company description: EASY SOFTWARE develops and delivers
innovative, fully-functional solutions for data, document and email
archiving coupled with native retrieval, flexible imaging and powerful
workflow. Our customers gain a competitive edge by streamlining and
improving business processes across the enterprise to be more
responsive, efficient and cost effective.

Company: eCopy Inc.
Booth/Stand: 117
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: N.A.
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Bill Brikiatis
Phone: 603-881-4450, ext. 436

Product description: eCopy ShareScan OP software enables any
office worker to easily integrate paper-based information into
enterprise software applications, including EMC Documentum Enterprise
Content Management, Open Text Livelink and Microsoft Outlook. eCopy
allows organizations to set a document scanning software standard
across the enterprise, supporting Canon, HP, Oce, Ricoh, Sharp, and
Toshiba digital copiers and Fujitsu scanners.

Company description: eCopy, Inc. is an innovative provider of
open, flexible solutions that rapidly integrate paper-based
information into existing business processes and applications.
Numerous industries, including legal, healthcare, and financial
services, use eCopy to easily access, modify, distribute, and share
information to add value to their business.

Company: Elixir Technologies
Booth/Stand: 83
Media Contact: Denise Davert, VP Marketing
Investor Relations Contact: Haviland Wright
Phone: 805-641-5900

Product description: Elixir products and services include:
- Data-driven, on-demand real-time and production-print solutions;
- Web presentment for interactive documents;
- Conversion of legacy print streams to alternate and modern file
- Migration services between archive systems; and
- Professional Services application development for Elixir products
consulting services for custom system development and analysis.

Company description: Founded in 1985 to serve those who were
breaking ground with high-end digital printing systems from Xerox and
IBM, Elixir Technologies has long been a leading developer of software
for document composition, printer resource management, and
print-stream conversion. Elixir specializes in creating personalized
documents in high volumes and at a high rate of speed, for output on
printers, archival systems, and on the Web.

Company: EPSIIA Corporation
Booth/Stand: 456
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: FISV
Media/Investor Relations Contact: William England
Phone: 512-329-0081 x 345

Product description: EPSIIA's DXR Suite is a comprehensive
document management platform designed for high volume electronic
archiving, delivery and presentment. DXR is available as licensed
software or as a service run out of EPSIIA managed facilities. EPSIIA
also offers high volume CD/DVD-ROM production and distribution
services, hosted E-document solutions, and an experienced consulting
and solution design team.

Company description: For over 20 years, EPSIIA has provided
industry leading electronic document management solutions focusing on
high volume storage, retrieval and distribution of business-critical
documents. Our use of NIST-standard encryption and certified
facilities and processes has made us a trusted partner to over 1,200
NYSE members and Fortune 1000 companies in industries from financial
services and insurance to health care and retail.

Company: FabSoft
Booth/Stand: 1234
Media Contact: Gregory Cilmi
Investor Relations Contact: Gary Hollfelder
Phone: 888-580-9336

Product description: Reform by FabSoft is a software program that
will create and enhance all your business forms on all operating
systems. (i.e., Windows, Unix, AS/400, DOS, etc.) Reform utilizes
pre-printed form techniques to replace and enhance multi-part forms.
Reform will electronically distribute your forms to all printers and
digital copiers and seamlessly integrate to fax and email systems for
distributing your forms quickly and automatically.

Company description: FabSoft is the developer of automation
software and is dedicated to producing products that enable companies
of all sizes to exceed their maximum level of productivity.
Established in 1992, FabSoft is based in the United States with
locations in New Jersey & Rhode Island. FabSoft's automation tools are
simple to install & easy to use. FabSoft markets and supports
manufacturers, distributors, value added resellers & end users all
around the world

Company: FileNet Corporation
Booth/Stand: 800
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ:FILE
Media Contact: Carol Thornton
Investor Relations Contact: Greg Witter
Phone: 1-800-filenet

Product description: Based on FileNet P8, a standards-based,
enterprise application compatible architecture, FileNet's ECM
solutions include: Business Process Manager; Content Manager; Email
Manager; Forms Manager; Image Manager; Records Manager; Team
Collaboration Manager; and Web Content Manager.

Company description: FileNet Corporation (NASDAQ: FILE) helps
organizations make better decisions by managing the content and
processes that drive their business. FileNet's Enterprise Content
Management (ECM) solutions allow customers to build and sustain
competitive advantage by managing content throughout their
organization, automating and streamlining their business processes,
and simplifying their critical and everyday decision-making.

Company: FileOn, Division of VERTX SYSTEMS, LLC
Booth/Stand: 356
Media Contact: Anowar Shahjahan, President and CEO
Phone: (203) 855-9995

Product description: FileOn eLibrary Enterprise Suite -- Automates
the creation of an information repository for paper and digital assets
-- complete document management software life cycle.

FileOn Integration Server - Web Services with pre-configured HL7 &
XML support for inbound, outbound messaging between systems.

FileOn Forms Server - Turn paper-forms into web applications,
change your business from paper to web based within days.

Company description: FileOn integrates paper and digital documents
with your enterprise systems to provide you with complete information
packages necessary to make sound business decisions to further your
competitive advantage and seamlessly comply with regulations.

Company: GBC
Booth/Stand: 1625
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: GBND
Media Contact: Cindy Pilch
Phone: 800-772-9281

Product description: Visit GBC's booth to see Hi-Tac Lay-Flat(R)
in action. This film provides superior adhesion to
electro-photographic output while maintaining flat output on book
covers. You'll also experience GBC's easy-to-use Spartan, the
versatile SignMaker and the high-speed Delta laminators. Visit GBC to
see their on-line punching systems and near-line punch/bind solutions
including the high-speed Quantum(R) and DigiCoil automated
ColorCoil(TM) inserter.

Company description: GBC is a world leader in products that bind,
laminate and display information. The company's products are marketed
in over 100 countries under the GBC and Quartet brands. GBC Industrial
& Print Finishing Group is an innovative technology leader in the
manufacturing and marketing of thermal and pressure sensitive
laminating films and equipment for the commercial and wide format
printing markets.

Company: Graphic Arts Monthly
Booth/Stand: 3607
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: REL - London, REN - Amsterdam
Media Contact: Phil Saran
Investor Relations Contact: John Poulin
Phone: 630-288-8530

Product description: Graphic Arts Monthly (GAM) has redesigned its
look and refocused its content in response to readers' changing needs
and preferences. The 2005 issues of GAM sport a new logo and a more
open page format. Engaging layouts featuring larger photos are easier
and faster to read. In addition to the added visual appeal, GAM has
modified its content away from the business side of print and toward
"applied technology for the printing industry."

Company description: As part of GAM's new branding strategy, the
magazine's website,, also has been
revamped. The site is linked with Graphic Arts Blue Book -- together,
they have more than 50,000 unique visitors per month. Graphic Arts
Monthly, a Reed Business Information magazine, has a circulation of
75,000. Established in 1929, it is one of the most respected
publications covering the $160 billion U.S. printing industry.

Company: Hewlett-Packard
Booth/Stand: 1224
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE, Nasdaq: HPQ
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Mirka Janus
Phone: 408-369-4641

Product description: The HP Indigo press 5000 demonstrates what is
quickly making it one of the world's most popular digital presses for
on-demand printing and one-to-one marketing campaigns. Producing 4,000
offset-quality full color pages per hour, the 7-color HP Indigo press
5000 is optimized for mid-size to large-scale commercial printers. In
addition, designed for the most demanding production environments, the
HP Indigo press 5000 delivers high definition text

Company description: InHP is a technology solutions provider to
consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The company's
offerings span IT infrastructure, global services, business and home
computing, and imaging and printing. For the four fiscal quarters
ended Jan. 31, 2005, HP revenue totaled $81.8 billion. More
information about HP (NYSE, Nasdaq: HPQ) is available at
Company: Hot Banana Software Inc. Booth/Stand: 3323 Media/Investor
Relations Contact: David Terry Phone: 705-733-9099 E-mail: Web:

Product description: The Hot Banana Active Marketing Web Content
Management Suite allows non-technical users to fully manage Web site
content, make changes on-the-fly, launch Internet marketing campaigns
and use WebTrends analytics to measure results and Web site
performance. All from one integrated, powerful, easy-to-use platform.
And, Hot Banana is search engine (SEO) friendly too!

Company description: Hot Banana Software Inc. provides a complete
Web Content Management e-marketing platform from which to power the
"Web First" Internet marketing process. This makes the Hot Banana Web
Content Management Suite an ideal solution for online branding,
communications, lead generation & conversion, PR, self- service
support and event marketing. Hot Banana Software Inc. is profitable
and privately held. For more information, call 1 866-296-1803.

Company: Hummingbird Ltd.
Booth/Stand: # 324 (Hall C)
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ: HUMC, TSX: HUM)
Media Contact: Michele Stevenson
Investor Relations Contact: Dan Coombes
Phone: 416-496-2200

Product description: Hummingbird Enterprise(TM) for Contract
Management is designed to provide full lifecycle support for all
contract management functionality. Benefits include improved
compliance with internal and external regulations. Executives benefit
from immediate business improvements like fewer resources allocated to
contract creation, shortened negotiation cycles, and improved contract
renewal rates and financial performance.

Company description: Hummingbird Ltd. ( is a
leading global provider of enterprise software solutions, employing
over 1400 people in 40 offices worldwide. Hummingbird Enterprise(TM)
is an integrated platform enabling global organizations to securely
manage business information such as documents, records, e-mail or
financial data - linking business processes, information and people.

Company: Hyland Software, Inc.
Booth/Stand: #1200
Media Contact: Alven Weil, PR Manager
Phone: 440.788.5887

Product description: OnBase, enterprise-class software that
combines integrated document management, business process management
and records management in a single application. OnBase allows
businesses and government agencies to manage all types of digital
content while automating business processes, reducing the time and
cost of performing important business functions, improving
organizational efficiency and addressing the need for regulatory

Company description: Hyland Software, established in 1991,
provides enterprise content management (ECM) software that deploys
quickly and scales to run across businesses at a low total cost of
ownership. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Hyland Software has
offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, Latin America, Europe and Japan. Visit for more information.

Company: IKON Office Solutions
Booth/Stand: 101
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE:IKN
Media Contact: Vibha Agrawal -- 610-408-7295
Investor Relations Contact: Dan Murphy -- 610-408-7196
Phone: 610-296-8000

Product description: IKON document efficiency experts will provide
attendees a snapshot assessment of their document workflow
costs/projected savings through the IKON Document Efficiency
Analyzer(SM). The booth will also showcase: IKON DocAccel(TM), an
innovative document routing and workflow solution; the IKON CPP(TM)
500 color print system, powered by the IKON PowerPro(TM) 500; and the
IKON TRAC Solution(TM), IKON's web based on-site managed services
measurement system.

Company description: IKON, the world's largest independent channel
for copier, printer and MFP technologies, delivers integrated document
management solutions and systems, enabling customers worldwide to
improve document workflow and increase efficiency. IKON integrates
best-in-class systems and document management software to deliver
tailored, high-value solutions implemented and supported by its global
services organization--IKON Enterprise Services.

Company: Image Integration Systems
Booth/Stand: #114
Media Contact: Brad Leone, Hart Associates for IIS
Phone: 419-893-9600

Product description: Image Integration Systems DocuSphere(R) is a
standards-based, web-enabled, scaleable and fully integrated software
suite. DocuSphere Content Manager provides imaging with "intelligent"
capture, and manages content acquisition, generation, presentation and
access. DocuSphere Workflow streamlines business processes, reducing
cost and time while increasing control and visibility. DocuSphere ERP
Interface provides seamless integration with ERP systems

Company description: Since 1993 IIS has developed and supported
document imaging, workflow and content management solutions for
business process improvement in ERP environments. Solutions are
comprehensive; IIS DocuSphere(R) software, consulting, hardware,
installation, training and ERP integration. IIS professionals are
industry certified with extensive business processing experience.
DocuSphere is Oracle and SAP certified.

Company: Imaging Business Machines
Booth/Stand: 525
Media Contact: Debby Kristofco
Investor Relations Contact: Gary Murphy
Phone: 205.439.7100

Product description: The ImageTrac(R) Scanning Platform includes a
series of intelligent document scanners which provide high-end
intelligent scanning functionality with the industry's best paper
handling capabilities. The ImageTrac provides clients the ability to
create jobs to meet their business requirements with the most robust
and mature scanner software product on the market today, SoftTrac(R).

Company description: IBML is a specializes in high-speed color
document imaging and information capture platforms. This technology is
used in a variety of high volume, complex solutions around the world.
Founded in 1992, IBML identified an industry need for a solution
capable of handling the growing volume of difficult-to-feed and
multi-color documents. Since the first ImageTrac was introduced, the
ImageTrac III and IV models have been added.

Company: Infonow Solutions
Booth/Stand: 3630
Media Contact: Darrell Leven
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: 816-795-5881

Product description: PowerFlow CIM is a simple solution designed
to address many complex needs associated with reengineering document
management processes. The PowerFlow solution is easy to understand,
configure, deploy and use. The unique colorized "sliding" window
design allows for maximum screen utilization and an intuitive "better
file folder" for the user. People "get" the PowerFlow solution.

Company description: InfoNow Solutions offers innovative software
for document capture, indexing, achieve, retrieval and process
workflow. Powerflow "Captured Information Management" software
incorporates many new and unique technologies that are setting new
standards for document management. Infonow Solutions offers the
PowerFlow product through its Channel Partner network.

Company: I.R.I.S.
Booth/Stand: Booth # 149
Media Contact: Andy Meltzer, Matter Communications
Phone: 978-499-9255

Product description: IRISPdf 4 advanced production OCR solution
converts high volumes of scanned documents into electronic data and
supplies document management systems with the appropriate file formats
PDF, DOC or XML. Thanks to high compression, there is no need to have
a huge amount of disk space. I.R.I.S. OCR technology converts
documents in seconds. IRISPdf can be used in Batch OCR mode, Watched
Folder mode, or as an SDK for integration within your application.

Company description: I.R.I.S. is a leader in multilingual Optical
Character Recognition (OCR) products, Automatic Document Reading, Form
Reading solutions and Electronic Document Management. Professional
solutions include: Readiris Pro: powerful professional desktop OCR
software; IRISPdf: converts high volumes of images into searchable
text; IRISCapture Pro:converts paper documents into electronic
documents and extracts data; and Developers' Toolkits.

Company: J&K Imaging
Booth/Stand: 662
Media Contact: Andrea Bass
Investor Relations Contact: Kurt Boehni
Phone: 770-984-1212

Product description: J&K Imaging presents its advanced Information
Capture Suite, DpuScan 4.11 featuring ReScanOnDemand (RSOD) at AIIM
2005. With RSOD, J&K Imaging looks to revolutionize the image
enhancement process by making an original color image of each document
available throughout the capture workflow, simplifying image
enhancement with point and click technology and making RSOD standard
at every production level as an included component of DpuScan 4.11.

Company description: J&K Imaging, a technology leader in document
and information capture solutions, develops and provides imaging
technology as OEM Supplier to leading scanner manufacturers worldwide
and produces DpuScan, the most advanced and user-friendly scanning
software for production applications available today. Starting at just
under $400, DpuScan makes available sophisticated production scanning
features to users at any volume level.

Company: Kirtas Technologies, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 1063
Media Contact: Randi Winterman,
Investor Relations Contact: Lotfi Belkhir, Kirtas Technologies
Phone: (800) 340-4365 toll-free

Product description: The Kirtas APT BookScan 1200 is a
revolutionary turnkey solution for the digitization of bound documents
at 1200 pages/hour, enabling a 10X productivity gain when compared
with manual scanners, and with a handling that is more gentle than the
human hand. The APT 1200 streamlines the complete digitization
workflow from automatic page turning, to OCR and metadata integration
within a powerful and seamless XML workflow. The APT 1200 comes
integrated with our state-of-the-art BookScan Editor, a unique image
processing software that enables unprecedented image cleanup,
enhancement and conversion to finished, print-ready, OCR'd and
searchable TIFF, JPEG or PDF files.

Company description: Kirtas Technologies was founded on the
premise that easy access to knowledge from books and other bound
documents gives organizations a unique competitive advantage in the
global marketplace. By removing the bottleneck of labor-intensive and
error-prone manual scanning that often destroyed the very documents it
was preserving; Kirtas offers a dramatic breakthrough for R&D groups,
corporations, government agencies and law firms.

Company: Kodak Graphic Communications Group
Booth/Stand: Booth 2150 and 601
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: (NYSE: EK)
Media Contact: Ken Kadet, Fleishman-Hillard
Phone: cell: 612.875.3420

Product description:
- KODAK VERSAMARK VT3000 continuous inkjet printing system
- KODAK VERSAMARK DS4350 UV printing system
- KODAK NEXPRESS 2100 digital production color press
- KODAK DIGIMASTER E125 digital production system
- ENCAD NOVAJET 1000i wide-format printer
- Digital printing, proofing and color management systems from Kodak
Polychrome Graphics
- Kodak's market-leading document scanners and reference archive

Company description: Kodak's Graphic Communications Group provides
customers with breakthrough products and services designed to operate
in the entire graphic communications environment, and offer customers
the broadest portfolio of technologies, products and services to meet
their business needs. Kodak's solutions range from intelligent
business scanning, proofing and workflow, to high-quality digital and
offset output.

Company: Laserfiche, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 1218
Media Contact: Sophie Nguyen
Phone: 323-988-4705

Product description: Laserfiche leads the industry in offering
flexible, easily integrated document management solutions for a broad
range of business and government needs.

Company description: Based in Long Beach, California, Laserfiche
( creates simple and elegant document management
solutions that help organizations run smarter. The award-winning
software is known for its reliability, robustness and ease of use.
Over 22,000 government agencies, Fortune 1000 corporations, school
districts and universities around the world use Laserfiche.

Company: Lasermax Roll Systems
Booth/Stand: 2601
Media Contact: Scott Peterson
Phone: 781 229-2266

Product description: Products highlighted at On Demand include
LX501 Stack-Lightweight, cutting and stacking 3-up book-blocks for
near-line finishing in basis weights down to 40gsm. Also in the
Lasermax Roll booth is the MultiUp System, handling sheets up to
21x36" large, and in basis weights down to 10# bond (38gsm) - stacks
up to 30" high mean easy bulk movement to near-line signature folders.
At Xerox, the new DocuSheeter iG feeds sheets from rolls to an iGen3.

Company description: The two leading companies in automated paper
handling and monitoring equipment for digital printing, Stralfors
Lasermax division and Roll Systems Inc. have merged together as
Lasermax Roll Systems. Together we offer the broadest product line
available: feeding, cutting and folding solutions for both continuous
and cut sheet digital printers, quality assurance systems, color
imprinting solutions, and in-line finishing and converting modules.

Company: LuraTech
Booth/Stand: 1339
Media Contact: Rurik Bradbury
Phone: 646-298-8272

Product description: Leveraging JPEG2000, the company's LuraWave
and LuraDocument products can compress color documents to around the
same size as black and white. LuraDocument, the only major software to
compress scanned documents using open standards, can output
ultra-compressed documents in either JPEG2000 document format JPM or
in universally readable PDF format.

Company description: LuraTech is the world leader in open-standard
compression software for documents and images. It offers
easy-to-implement products coupled with enterprise-class support.
Founded in 1997 in Berlin, it is a profitable company with world-class
customers including Zoran, the US Department of Defense and EADS.

Company: Markzware
Booth/Stand: 70
Media Contact: Mary Gay Marchese
Phone: 949-756-5100, ext. 250

Product description: FlightCheck Professional: An award-winning
prepress application that sets the standard for preflighting.

FlightCheck Workflow: Perfect for any prepress operation, this
workflow manager is used to create an automatic task management

FlightCheck Studio: A must-have solution for anyone working in the
graphic arts; FlightCheck Studio is a plug in to popular layout
applications, and alerts users, on-the-fly, to any problems as the
file is being created.

Company description: Markzware is the leading developer of
quality-assurance, data conversion and workflow solutions for the
international graphic arts, printing, publishing and digital
multimedia industries. Markzware is a privately held company based in
Santa Ana, California, USA. Markzware B.V., located in Rijswijk, The
Netherlands, is the company's headquarters for activities in Europe,
the Middle East and Africa. For more information, visit www.markzware.

Company: MatrixView Inc
Booth/Stand: 133
Media Contact: Ryan Vincent
Phone: 617/371-2960

Product description: DocuMAT Longbow is an intelligent information
capturing, processing and delivery platform that optimizes storage,
reduces bandwidth consumption and delivers documents at fast
transmission speed. With Longbow you can capture digital and physical
documents, add data to enable document systems to meaningfully
interpret and deliver the documents through multiple channels such as
fax, e-mail, print on demand, SAP & other enterprise systems.

Company description: MatrixView (ASX: MVU) is a leading core
technology company specializing in providing data compression and
optimization solutions. Its Adaptive Binary Optimization (ABOTM)
technology will be used in mission critical industries such as medical
or financial services etc where paradigm shifting digital content
management will change the way in which data is managed, stored,
retrieved and transmitted by breaking down digital technologies

Company: MBO America
Booth/Stand: 2411
Media Contact: Sharon McKenney
Phone: 609-267-2900

Product description: MBO folding machines, Theisen & Bonitz
collators, H&H map folding and mailing units, Bograma automated
die-cutting, hole punching and trimming units, Palamides automated
paper banding deliveriez, Ehret unwinders, sheeters and web treatment
equipment, hhs hot-melt and cold gluing devices

Company description: MBO America has been selling and servicing
MBO (Machine Builder of Oppenweiler Germany) through a direct sales
force and a network of dealers in the US since 1984. Located in
Westampton NJ, MBO America is the leading supplier of folding
equipment in the US and offers the broadest range of equipment and
capabilities for print material finishing.

Company: Meadows Publishing Solutions
Booth/Stand: #85
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Craig Kevghas, CPR Marketing, Inc.
Phone: 978-392-8990

Product description: DesignMerge is a suite of software modules
that allow users to quickly and easily create variable data output
from most QuarkXPress documents in both Macintosh(R) and Windows
workflows. The XTensions Module is valued by designers for it's many
unique production-oriented features. The key feature to DesignMerge is
that it maintains the look and feel of the QuarkXPress application.

Company description: Meadows Publishing Solutions is a software
development and consulting company specializing in commercial and
custom XTensions(TM) for QuarkXPress, plug-in modules for Adobe
InDesign(TM) and Adobe Acrobat(TM), and other extensible technologies.
Meadows has developed a number of popular software packages for the
database publishing and variable data printing markets, including
their award-winning products AutoPrice(TM) and DesignMerge(TM).
Founded in 1991.

Company: MGI USA, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 2743
Media Contact: Kevin Abergel
Investor Relations Contact: Michael Abergel
Phone: (321) 751-6755

Product description: Meteor DP 30 Digital 4-Color Press PAPER:
Kromecoat, CS1-CS2, Linen, Bristol, Art, Envelopes, Invitations,
Transparencies, etc... (from 20 Lb Bond up to 174 Lb Index or 110 Lb
Cover) PLASTIC: PVC, Polycarbonate, Lexan, Teslin, Artisyn, PET,
Polyester, Vinyl, etc... (from 100 microns to 320 Microns). Variable
Data, 15000 PVC cards p/hour, 1800 DPI 200 LPI, 1800 Letter Pages Per

Company description: With its new generation of Digital Presses,
MGI has now become a major player in the Digital Printing market. The
solutions proposed by MGI offer a real alternative by combining
Digital and Offset printing knowledge and technologies, offering
flexibility, productivity and modularity. Printing through Finishing,
MGI's solutions can now extend the range of applications with its
ability to print and personalize on both Paper and Plastic substrates.

Company: Microboards Technology, LLC
Booth/Stand: 1163
Media Contact: Aaron Pratt
Phone: 952.556.1600

Product description: The MSM150 from StorageQuest combines web
technologies, optical storage management and standards based
networking services in a single system. The appliance enables
companies to unify optical storage based archival systems with their
current storage systems through existing network infrastructures. The
MSM150 delivers a totally OPEN solution to archival storage
requirements eliminating proprietary formats, file systems and

Company description: Microboards Technology is a manufacturer and
distributor of CD and DVD Recordable Technology Products. Microboards
offers equipment for duplicating, printing and recording on disc, as
well as media, consumables, and storage equipment. Traditionally known
for their award-winning duplicators, Microboards is also a distributor
of prominent brands in the recordable technology arena, including
Pioneer, Rimage, and Taiyo Yuden.

Company: Microform America
Booth/Stand: 662
Media Contact: Andrea Bass
Investor Relations Contact: Kurt Boehni
Phone: 770-984-1212

Product description: Microform's four high-volume scanners
(120-240ppm) are 100% Kodak compatible (i800 & i600), providing a
Real-Time Imprinter, Pre/Post Scan Imprinter/Endorser, Image Header
Export Functions and more. This 'out of the box' solution provides the
latest color processing technology including standard features like
Zoning with Multi-Stream output, Gamma Correction, MDIT Thresholding,
Digital Color Filters, OCR, ReScanOnDemand and more!

Company description: Microform America is the U.S. subsidiary of
Microform, GmbH, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Agfa's
ADMIS scanner series and micrographic equipment since 1994. Led by the
high-speed Agfa ADMIS S61 scanner (480ipm) and the Microform MFS
Series, Microform America is positioned to dominate the market for
production scanning technology in the US.

Company: NewsGator Technologies, Inc
Booth/Stand: 3612
Media Contact: Denise Garcia
Investor Relations Contact: Mark Nass
Phone: 303-552-3900

Product description: Web Edition provides access to RSS feeds from
any computer connected to the web. Outlook Edition enables RSS
delivery directly into your Outlook folders. Mobile Edition provides
RSS delivery to HTML mobile devices. Smart Feeds assist you in easily
finding and organizing the Content that you want. Custom Solutions
allows your organization to leverage NewsGator's technology and
expertise, and speed to market with your Branded Custom Solution.

Company description: NewsGator is the enterprise class Content
Aggregation Platform Company: Helping businesses and individuals track
News, Information and other content sources output in RSS directly
into Microsoft Outlook, NewsGator Web based reader or an HTML enabled
mobile device. Newsgator offers the most comprehensive RSS aggregation
solutions and services available; serving Consumer, Small Business,
Enterprise, Government, Education and more.

Company: NOW Technology Group
Booth/Stand: 2756
Media Contact: Jeff Richards
Investor Relations Contact: Thomas J. Haynes
Phone: 800-429-8703

Product description: NOW e-central is a Software Suite designed as
a web based command and control center for enterprise direct mail and
marketing projects. Print NOW is designed to put the user in control
of their entire workflow. Included is a comprehensive order entry
system and one of the most robust template editors in the industry. It
also features a real time package editing interface, multi-level
custom image galleries, the ability to use predetermined

Company description: NOW Technology Group is the developer and
marketer of workflow solutions for marketing and production. The
company began as a team of marketing and production professionals,
assembled to explore potential business advantages in advancing
Internet technology. Based in Baltimore, MD, the company has set the
standard for web based production communications for direct mail and
on-demand printing with the NOW e Central Management Suite.

Company: Oki Data Americas, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 1848
Media Contact: Damien Woods
Phone: (215) 772-2816

Product description:
ES3640e MFP - ideal digital color network performer for medium-large
sized workgroups
ES1624n MFP - perfect color replacement for multiple machines in a
small-medium sized workgroup setting
C5510n MFP - convenient, compact color solution for SOHO environment
C9800 Series - powered by EFI(R) Fiery(R) Technology, enables
commercial print shop color performance, consistency, accuracy
C9600 Series - flexible color printing solution for busy workgroups

Company description: Oki Data Americas, Inc., headquartered in
Mount Laurel, N.J., and a subsidiary of Oki Data Corporation of Japan,
markets under the OKI Printing Solutions brand PC peripheral equipment
including digital color and monochrome printers, serial impact dot
matrix printers, multifunction products and facsimilies.

Company: OmniRIM Solutions Inc.
Booth/Stand: 956
Media Contact: Ian Gordon
Phone: 604.685.4111

Product description: OmniRIM's primary solution offers a file
plan, active file tracking and lifecycle management including
retention and disposition as well as basic box management, labeling
and circulation management. The primary solution software can be
enhanced with: Collaborative File Plan Module, Records Center and
Space Management Module, EConnector Module for ECM.

Company description: OmniRIM Solutions Inc. OmniRIM Solutions is
the records management specialist. The company develops, implements
and supports industry leading records management software. Their
tailored solutions enable clients to manage business-critical records
throughout their lifecycle while addressing that company's unique
compliance challenges and legal liability environment.

Company: Open Text
Booth/Stand: Booth #512
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC
Media Contact: Rich Maganini
Investor Relations Contact: Greg Secord, Anne Marie Rahm
Phone: 847 961 0662

Product description: Open Text's Livelink ECM software helps
people work together online, automate processes and manage large
volumes of information. Integrated solutions include e-mail
management; records management; document management; content archiving
and storage; compliance solutions; ERP integration; collaboration
tools and blogs; Web content management; BPM; digital asset
management; and search technology. Customers are Global 2000

Company description: Open Text(TM) is the market leader in
providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that bring
together people, processes and information in global organizations.
The company was founded in 1991 out of a research project at the
University of Waterloo which led to the creation of the first search
engine technology for the Internet. Today, Open Text supports almost
20 million user seats across 13,000 deployments in 114 countries.

Company: Orbograph
Booth/Stand: 260
Media Contact: Marc A. Moschetto
Phone: 978.987.1232

Product description: Key-Pay Convene is a powerful Internet-based
data repair solution that seamlessly connects any forms processing
application to a limitless pool of data repair professionals. Convene
is unique in its ability to automatically send only unrecognizable
fields (or characters) for remote keying - not the entire document -
delivering unprecedented levels of efficiency, security and privacy.

Company description: Orbograph is a leading developer of
recognition solutions for the U.S. check processing and document
conversion market. Their technologies are in use at hundreds of banks
and financial institutions across North America, processing millions
of items each day. Through their advanced recognition solutions,
Orbograph enables customers to reduce costs, improve operational
efficiencies and achieve rapid ROI.

Company: Percussion Software
Booth/Stand: 104
Media Contact: Pam Foote
Investor Relations Contact: Susan Challenger
Phone: 978-691-5572

Product description: The Rhythmyx 5.6 Enterprise Content
Management (ECM) system is tailored for organizations of any size that
share the mid-tier market's need for the right balance between
out-of-the-box functionality vs. customization requirements. Rhythmyx
helps organizations manage documents, Web content, digital assets and
scanned images, with fast time-to-value and high ROI.

Company description: Percussion Software's family of practical
software solutions enables customers to maximize both the value and
quality of their enterprise content through cost-effective content
management, ease of content reuse, optimized delivery to multiple
channels and increased efficiency. Founded in 1994, Percussion
Software is self-funded and profitable. More information is available

Company: Phoenix Software International
Booth/Stand: 359
Media Contact: Amy Gilbert
Phone: (310) 338-0400

Product description: Phoenix Software International now offers a
complete solution that adds sophisticated and highly accurate imaging
and capture capabilities to the Falcon32 data entry system. This
integrated solution provides modules for image input, image
preprocessing, character recognition, and a robust set of data and
image export functions.

Company description: Phoenix Software International, Inc. (PSI) is
a major systems software development company providing advanced
software solutions to enterprises around the world. Our diverse
products support IBM and compatible mainframes, personal computers,
and local and wide area networks. PSI customers range from small
entrepreneurial companies to major federal and state agencies to
Fortune 500 leaders.

Company: Plustek
Booth/Stand: booth #1262
Media Contact: Jason Kirshner -
Phone: 949-429-1172

Product description: OpticBook 3600: A highly re-engineered
flatbed scanner, the OpticBook 3600 incorporates Plustek's unique,
patent-pending SEE(TM) Technology that allows a book to lie completely
flat on the scanning glass. The result is a perfectly scanned image
without the dark book spine, shadows or text distortions that are
commonly found when copying or scanning books on a traditional
scanner. Priced at $249, the OpticBook 3600 is available immediately.

Company description: A Leader in Scanner Technology - Plustek Inc
is a leading manufacturer of sheet fed and multifunction scanners for
the professional, home and mobile markets. In business since 1986,
Plustek continues a tradition of innovative design, superior quality,
and world-class support. Plustek, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan,
sells scanners worldwide.

Company: Recognition Research Inc
Booth/Stand: 100
Media Contact: Gwen Hoover, Kestrel Communications
Investor Relations Contact: Chris Thompson
Phone: 540-961-6500

Product description: Recognition Research develops and integrates
FormWorks for Healthcare, an auto-capture and adjudication application
for paper and EDI health insurance claims. Paper forms are processed
at efficiencies up to ten times that of key from paper. FormWorks can
reduce the number rejected EDI claims. ROI is typically less than one

Company description: Since our founding in 1989, RRI has been the
leader in transaction capture solutions for the financial services and
insurance industries. We've won major recognition and awards for
FormWorks and expanded the product line to include structured data
capture of EDI, XML, Web and other transaction streams. FormWorks
systems have established themselves at the largest institutions in the
financial and insurance industries.

Company: RISO, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 1649
Media Contact: Ann Seamonds, 978-887-9959
Phone: At RISO: 978 739 3507
E-mail: At RISO:

Product description: RISO's HC5000 Full Color Printer is the
world's fastest ink jet printer. Combining the productivity,
versatility, and economy of a traditional duplicator with a line
inkjet printer, the HC5000 prints up to 105 pages per minute with
industry-leading low running costs.. Ideal for customers with monthly
volumes of 15,000 - 250,000 copies, it provides fast, affordable color
printing for everyday communications establishing the ComColor

Company description: A worldwide leader in digital printing
technology, RISO, Inc. sells a variety of unique printing solutions
throughout the Americas. Its line of digital Printer-Duplicators and
Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) includes one-, two- and full color
systems that reliably produce millions of copies, are environmentally
friendly, and are easy and inexpensive to use.

Company: ROC Software
Booth/Stand: 3939B
Media Contact: Paul Scripko
Phone: 512.336.4257

Product description: ROC Rhapsody - Reliable Output Management for
print, fax, email, Web and PDF file

-- Centralize control of output devices, jobs and queues
-- Control printing and help desk expenses
-- Optimize high-volume printing
-- Empower users with a self-service Web interface
-- Secure printing across the network and at the printer
-- Track and report print usage
-- Automate conversion of documents to PDF

Company description: For IT organizations facing staff and budget
pressure - particularly in output-intensive industries such as health
care, insurance, banking, and distribution - ROC Software addresses a
critical need by simplifying management in cross-platform
environments, securing confidential documents across the network, and
helping control print and help desk expenses. ROC Software develops
easy-to-use solutions for UNIX, Linux, Windows and HP e3000 systems

Company: Rochester Software Associates, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 1933
Media Contact: Todd Bernhard
Phone: 585.987.6977

Product description: WebCRD delivers Web-based Print Job
Submission for digital and litho printers. QDirect is a powerful
platform for Enterprise Output Management. M.I.S. Print and IPDSPrint
transform LCDS and IPDS data streams to PostScript or PDF. RDOPrint
and DTPrint convert DigiPath and DocuTech documents. EPSPro adds
reprint and connectivity options to Xerox EPS

Company description: Rochester Software Associates, Inc. has been
delivering Integrated Workflow Results since 1986.

Company: ROH, Incorporated
Booth/Stand: Booth 155
Investor Relations Contact: Steve Simmonds
Phone: 757-463-0073

Product description: OCULUS allows management of your documents
from anywhere in the world. Documents are instantly available for
advanced searching, editing, and document lifecycle operations. The
OCULUS Federated Search Module provides the ability to explore
multiple, local or geographically remote, OCULUS systems from a single
location. OCULUS is highly scalable and grows with your organization.

Company description: ROH has 30+ years experience in providing
solutions to our clients. ROH's OCULUS Document Management Suite is
revolutionary software that combines the power of the Internet with
the benefits of document management.

Company: Scan-Optics, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 242
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: SOCR
Media Contact: Susan Lucek
Investor Relations Contact: Annmarie Gordon
Phone: 860-645-7878

Product description: SO Series Scanners - A revolutionary new
scanner platform that offers high-performance 240ppm imaging and
intelligent character recognition solutions for high-volume,
black/white, color and grayscale document processing. Comprehensive
Business Process Outsourcing Services leveraging Scan-Optics' 35+ yrs
of experience in the imaging business. Doc prep, imaging/scanning,
data capture/correction and archive and retrieval solutions available.

Company description: Scan-Optics, Inc. is recognized
internationally as an innovator and solution provider in the
information management and imaging business. The company is a leader
in applying state of the art technology to high-speed imaging,
recognition, data capture, and archive and retrieval solutions as well
as providing comprehensive business process outsourcing, business
continuation and disaster recovery services.

Company: Scantron Corporation
Booth/Stand: 763
Media Contact: Jennifer Harrison
Phone: 916-716-0636

Product description: Quickly and accurately transform your paper
documents into valuable intelligence with Cognition, automated forms
processing software. Cognition works by collecting paper forms and
documents and digitizing them, then delivering them to the right
databases and other business applications as needed. The result is
efficient and accurate automated forms processing, data collection and
input environments that scale to fit the needs of any size company.

Company description: Scantron has evolved into a leading
technology solutions provider, offering a full range of advanced
software, hardware and services aimed at intelligence gathering,
testing, assessment and systems maintenance. We serve a wide range of
markets including education, business, and government.

Company: sdz Direct World
Booth/Stand: 3712
Media Contact: Jorn Philipp Hilscher
Investor Relations Contact: Christoph Deutsch
Phone: 0049 179 785 62 35

Product description: Individually designed image fonts on any type
of background. Design your own picture fonts and create personalized
images for any digital printing system. - image
shop, communication and information platform. DirecImage WebService
makes your web site more attractive with personalized messages for
your customers.

Company description: The DirecType(R) software is a brand product
by sdz Direct World, one of the worldwide leading innovative companies
in the fields digital printing, printing on demand and
personalization. In addition to DirecType(R), we provide a large range
of products and technologies, pointing the way ahead for all matters
related to direct marketing. Furthermore, we are always developing new
and innovative products.

Company: SER Solutions, Inc.
Booth/Stand: Booth 160
Media Contact: Anne Perez, Mgr, Mktg. Communications
Phone: 703-948-5647

Product description: SERdistiller(TM), SER's intelligent data
capture solution, automatically sorts documents such as invoices,
purchase orders, sales orders, shipping manifests, and medical or
insurance claim forms, uniquely extracts critical line item detail
from multi-page tables with rows spanning numerous lines, and posts
transactions into an organization's existing line of business
systems--without changes to established business practices.

Company description: SER Solutions, Inc. provides a breakthrough
data capture solution that automates document intensive processes such
as invoice processing, order-to-cash management, and document indexing
across the enterprise. The company's patent-pending intelligent
software engine, SERbrainware(R), forms the foundation for SER's
powerful e-mail, desktop, and enterprise search and retrieval
solutions. Learn more at

Company: SMART Papers
Booth/Stand: 2737
Media Contact: Laurie Marchetti
Phone: 513-869-5149

Product description: SMART Papers has expanded its leadership role
in the North American digital papers market and now has more than
1,000 SKUs of coated and uncoated digital papers. SMART will spotlight
new additions to its IN--fusion, Kromekote Inkjet and Knightkote Matte
laser lines. Also, SMART Papers and InfoTrends/CAP Ventures have
expanded and updated their free handbook, "Today's Digital Imaging,

Company description: SMART Papers of Hamilton, Ohio, is one of
North America's largest independent manufacturers of premium, cast
coated, matte coated and uncoated printing papers. Its SMART Digital
brands include Kromekote(R) Inkjet, Kromekote(R) Laser High Gloss,
Kromekote(R) Tuffkote, Knightkote(R) Matte, Carnival(R), Benefit(R),
IN--fusion, Pegasus(R), Passport(R), Synergy(R), Torchglow(R). Magna
Carta(R), Genesis(R) and SMART Brights(R).

Company: Solimar Systems, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 1637
Media Contact: Mike Tyler
Phone: 619-849-2800

Product description: Solimar(R) Print/Director Enterprise is a
client/server output management solution combining multi-level
security, remote administrator and operator access, email alerts, job
routing and tracking with industry-leading data stream transforms and
connectivity options. Designed to improve production printing
workflows and streamline business processes, it provides powerful job
management capabilities for both centralized and distributed

Company description: Solimar Systems, Inc. is a leading developer
of enterprise output management solutions for mainframe, midrange, and
PC/network environments. Installed in thousands of sites worldwide,
including nearly 40% of the Fortune 100, Solimar solutions satisfy a
wide range of customer requirements by combining integrated physical
communications connectivity, datastream transforms, and sophisticated
print queue management with secure document distribution.

Company: Sony Electronics Inc.
Booth/Stand: #1038
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: SNE
Media Contact: Elizabeth Boukis
Phone: (408) 955-5616

Product description: Sony Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) and SAIT
tape storage solutions are available in both individual drive and
automated system configurations, offering flexible capacity and
performance in a space-saving 3.5-inch drive and 8mm media
form-factor. Sony also offers an optical storage solution called DATA
(ProDATA), which packs up to 23GB of storage capacity onto a
single-sided optical disc by harnessing the benefits of blue laser

Company description: Based in San Jose, Calif., the Storage
Solutions group of Sony Electronics' Component Solutions Business
Division markets storage solutions through OEM, commercial and
industrial distributors, and resellers. For additional information
about Sony storage products, call (866) 335-7669 or visit Sony online

Company: SPI Technologies, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 1162
Media Contact: Maybelyn C. Dizon
Phone: +632 855 8600

Product description: Using its robust and flexible multi-country
operating model, SPI provides content enrichment, content structuring,
content processing, customer interaction management, and software
services to over 150 global customers; including Fortune 500
companies, leading not-for-profit organizations, and governmental
agencies. SPI Technologies is ISO 9001:2000-, BS 7799-, and CMMi 5-

Company description: Founded in 1980, SPI Technologies is one of
the largest independent content outsourcing providers in the world.
With 24 service centers across the US, Europe, and Asia, and a global
workforce of over 6,000 BPO specialists, SPI provides IT-enabled
outsourcing solutions that help customers resolve large-scale, complex
content and data management issues in the publishing, healthcare,
financial services, and legal/litigation support industries.

Company: Standard Finishing Systems
Booth/Stand: 2401
Media Contact: Mark Hunt
Phone: 978-470-1920

Product description: Standard distributes in-line, off-line, and
automated off-line print finishing products including perfect binders,
collators, saddlestitchers, bookletmakers, and folders. In response to
the special needs of the digital print-on-demand marketplace, Standard
also provides a complete range of in-line, off-line, and automated
off-line products including sheet feeders, unwinders, cutters, and

Company description: Standard's reputation has been built on
high-quality, high-production print finishing products and service
excellence. Standard specializes in high-production floor model
equipment, and is proud to offer a comprehensive line of collators,
bookletmakers, saddlestitchers, perfect binders, folders, sheet
feeders, unwinders, rewinders, and cutters, designed to meet the most
demanding finishing requirements.

Company: Stellent, Inc.
Booth/Stand: #300
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Nasdaq: STEL
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Kari Seas / VP, Corp. Comm.
Phone: 952-903-2131

Product description: Stellent(R) Universal Content Management
offers a full array of content management functionality, featuring
document management, Web content management, digital asset management
and imaging -- supported by collaboration, records management and
business process management services. The scalable system manages and
delivers the entire spectrum of unstructured content.

Company description: Stellent is a global provider of content
management software solutions that drive rapid success for customers
by enabling fast implementations and generating quick, broad user
adoption. With Stellent, customers can easily deploy multiple
line-of-business applications and also scale the technology to support
enterprise-wide content management needs.

Company: Systemware, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 748
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:
Media Contact:
Phone: 972.239.0200

Product description: Systemware's centrAspect helps organizations
leverage their content to react to market trends quicker, answer
customer inquiries faster and to accelerate profitability while
ensuring regulatory compliance. Our solution uses highly scaleable
indexing technology, allowing content to be integrated into any
business process, while transforming it into Web-friendly formats for
automated delivery.

Company description: Powered by its centrAspect software,
Systemware enables companies to gain visibility into their business,
acquire and retain customers, reduce costs, and increase productivity.
Since 1981, we have provided our software and services to companies
across various vertical markets including banking, financial services,
insurance/healthcare, retail, government, education and utilities.

Company: Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc.
Booth/Stand: 3625
Media Contact: Amy Walz, PainePR, 949-809-6862
Phone: 1-800-GO-TOSHIBA

Product description: At this year's AIIM ON DEMAND show, TABS will
be showcasing its line of multifunctional document systems and
solutions, including three new products. Located in booth #3625 in the
convention center's Independence Hall, TABS will be displaying the
e-STUDIO(TM)450, e-STUDIO451c, e-STUDIO850, e-STUDIO1050 and
e-STUDIO3100c. TABS also will be demonstrating eCopy's ScanStation
with ShareScan OP in conjunction with two Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs.

Company description: Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Toshiba
America Business Solutions Inc. (TABS) manages product planning,
marketing, sales, service support and distribution of copiers,
facsimiles, multifunction printing products, network controllers and
toner products throughout the United States, Latin America and the

Company: TOWER Software
Booth/Stand: 949
Media Contact: Krista Curtiss
Phone: 703 547 5920

Product description: TRIM Context is an integrated Electronic
Document and Records Management platform for Enterprise Content
Management capable of managing and securing all corporate information
assets. TRIM Context includes:
- Document Management
- Email Management
- Process Management
- Records Management
- Image Management
- Web Content Management
- Integration with Line of Business Applications through our SDK and
Context Connectivity Toolkit

Company description: TOWER Software, a leading enterprise content
management (ECM) provider, delivers electronic document and records
management (EDRM) solutions. TOWER Software's award-winning solutions
empower organizations to manage and secure their vital information
assets. TOWER Software is a privately held company with operations in
North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Company: Traction Software, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 3614
Media Contact: Dana Harris, Red Javelin
Investor Relations Contact: Greg Lloyd
Phone: 401-528-1145

Product description: Traction TeamPage, the leading Enterprise
Weblog software, is a cornerstone of the next generation intranet and
enterprise workplace. TeamPage is an easy to use platform for
departments, groups and individuals to communicate, share, organize
and link business information in context. TeamPage is robust and
flexible enough to meet security, authentication, file management, and
other enterprise requirements.

Company description: Traction Software provides business and
government organizations with Enterprise Weblog software that allows
groups and teams to communicate more effectively. Based in Providence,
Rhode Island, Traction Software is a privately held corporation with
financing from investors including In-Q-Tel (venture arm of the CIA)
and Slater Interactive. Traction Software earned Top 100 Awards from
eContent, Red Herring and KM World.

Company: Viking Software Solutions
Booth/Stand: 863
Media Contact: Amy Gilbert
Phone: (310) 338-0400

Product description: ImagEntry brings professional-level data
entry methods to document imaging systems. ImagEntry helps eliminate
paper, distribute data entry to remote sites, and reduce the total
cost of data capture. Use proven methods to achieve high accuracy and
end the "garbage-in/garbage-out" syndrome common to document image

Company description: Viking Software has been developing and
marketing data entry-related software since 1980. With emphasis on
unexcelled customer support, Viking's simple philosophy of producing a
quality product and providing incomparable technical support has
generated a loyal client base, encompassing both government and
business enterprises ... large and small ... local and worldwide.

Company: Visioneer
Booth/Stand: 87 & 88
Media Contact: Danielle Cook
Phone: 925-251-6350
Web: &

Product description: Visioneer will launch three new DIM (Document
Image Management) duplex scanners on May 16. The first product will be
a much anticipated next generation desktop scanner in the Visioneer
product family. The other two scanners are new additions to the
DocuMate scanner line; one being a new workgroup scanner targeted at
the healthcare market, and the other, an impressive distributed
scanning solution that serves the departmental scanner segment.

Company description: Visioneer is a world-class developer of
high-performance scanners and imaging software solutions that offer
business users speed, quality, and advanced paper handling options. In
2003, Visioneer developed Xerox DocuMate workgroup scanners creating a
family of hardware solutions for the distributed/desktop and
mobile/remote business scanning/storage segment. For additional
information please visit or

Company: Xenos Group, Inc.
Booth/Stand: #255
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: XNS
Media Contact: Heidi Rosenberg
Investor Relations Contact: Cory Pala
Phone: 905-709-1020

Product description: Xenos' data solutions are used to integrate
incompatible applications, business processes, enterprise systems,
partners, structured data, databases and Web services. Xenos d2e
repurposes documents from their printed formats into electronic
formats. Xenos infoWEB manages secure data and report distribution.
Xenos GoXML accelerates integration projects for composite
applications, B2B interactions using XML, EDI, ETL and Web Services

Company description: Xenos improves the efficiency of information
and data management while preserving investments in existing IT
infrastructure, systems, applications and procedures. Its solutions
provide the capture, composition, transformation, enhancement,
repurposing, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents across
the enterprise. Its solutions are embraced worldwide, across a wide
variety of industries, including healthcare, financial and government.

Company: Xerox Corporation
Booth/Stand: 1601 (Hall C)
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: XRX
Media Contact: Karin Stroh
Investor Relations Contact: Darlene Caldarelli
Phone: 1-800-ASK-XEROX

Product description: Fueling its Smarter Document Management
strategy and expanding the industry's broadest high-end digital
portfolio, Xerox Corporation rolled out new products, software and
services designed to help print shops and offices migrate to more
effective document management processes, decrease costs and increase
revenue. With Xerox's technology customers are learning how to unleash
the power of digital printing to be more productive and profitable.

Company description: Xerox Corporation is a technology and
services enterprise that helps businesses deploy Smarter Document
ManagementSM strategies and find better ways to work. Its intent is to
create innovative technologies, products and services that customers
can utilize to improve business results.

Company: xpedx
Booth/Stand: 2053
Media Contact: Erik Godchaux
Phone: 608-256-4540

Product description: xpedx introduces its new branded Vector
papers line featuring a new coated paper for toner-based printers and
copiers, a new coated paper for DI presses as well as a new
multipurpose paper. xpedx also introduces, which
offers online training in top graphics programs, PANTONE products,
hardware, software and small-quantity premium papers.

Company description: Loveland, Ohio-based xpedx is North America's
largest marketer and distributor of printing papers and graphics
supplies and equipment. It is also a leading distributor of packaging
and facility supplies and equipment. The company has more than 250
distribution centers and stores in the U.S. and Mexico. Products are
also available via and xpedx is an
International Paper company.

Company: Xythos Software, Inc.
Media Contact: Marti Colwell
Phone: 760-438-3399

Product description: With the announcement of the Xythos
Enterprise Document Management Suite 5.0, Xythos addresses both the
document and file management needs of commercial and government
organizations, helping them to better access and share content
throughout its lifecycle. The Enterprise Document Management Suite
5.0, shipping this week, provides integrated document classification
and retention schedules helping improve document security without
imposing unnecessary complexity. It also includes workflow
capabilities that enable organizations to improve their electronic
records management, as well as enhanced content search.

Company description: Xythos Software is a leading developer of
easy to use solutions for managing and sharing content of any type
using open standards-based technology. Xythos ' web-enabled document
and content management applications, and its WebFile c Server
development platform help organizations safely capture, manage, store
and share content throughout its lifecycle. Xythos products are
licensed to over one and a half million users at commercial, education
and government customers around the world.

Company: Yaletown Technology Group, Inc.
Booth/Stand: #800
Media Contact: Meir Kahtan
Phone: 212-699-6065

Product description: Yaletown Technology Group's newest compliance
solution provides critical functionality required for establishing
effective content compliance, including:
- Secure and auditable management of corporate records and
- Intelligent boundary protection for communications and
intellectual property;
- Policy creation, management and enforcement; and
- Reliable business process management.

Company description: Yaletown Technology Group Inc. (YTG) provides
content compliance infrastructure to ensure that email, instant
messages, intellectual property and documents are managed using
records management best practices and tools. With fifteen years
experience, and the most innovative approach anywhere, YTG has
solutions deployed in forty percent of Fortune 100 companies.

Company: Zasio Enterprises, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 332
Media Contact: Cindy McClintock
Phone: 800-513-1000, option 1

Product description: Zasio Enterprises provides records management
software for both electronic and physical records, as well as
consulting solutions. Versatile Express, Versatile Professional, and
Versatile Enterprise are part of a family of records management
solutions to manage physical and electronic records, including e-mail
and images.

Company description: Zasio Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1987
by Mr. Kevin Zasio. The company was originally based in San Jose,
California, but relocated its corporate operations to Boise, Idaho in
1993. Zasio Enterprises, Inc. is one of the nation's leading
information management and technology companies specializing in
enterprise document management solutions for businesses and


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