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Melissa Data's MAILERS+4 Prepares Mail for Maximum Postal Discounts

"Collection Advisor"
By Glenn Gordon

May 2005 - Melissa Data, a Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.-provider of direct marketing software, list enhancements and mailing lists, began operating in 1985 by marketing various databases for the PC environment. Its focus shifted to direct marketing software and led to the introduction of MAILERS+4, a mail automation tool now sold for more than 10 years.

MAILERS+4 helps prepare mailings for maximum postal discounts and efficient postal processing and delivery, and the application is available in two versions. The Standard version allows files to be opened containing up to 5,000 records, while the Professional version has no file size limit and contains other unique features. MAILERS+4 is certified by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), and exceeds the standards for address verification, ZIP+4 coding accuracy, postal presorting and barcode quality for encoding ZIP+4 and delivery point code information.

MAILERS+4 is distributed on a CD-ROM and is a standard Microsoft Windows-based application with eight pull down menus and a row of icons for quick function access. Opening a mailing list displays the file type, date, number of records, the last CASS (automated support system) certify date and last NCOA update. If the mailing list is a new one, it must be formatted before processing by mapping the fields in the list to the correct MAILERS+4 field names. After formatting, the list addresses can be verified using data contained in national data files provided by the USPS. Following verification, MAILERS+4 can standardize addresses to USPS and Canadian postal requirements, and add ZIP+4 and Carrier Route information. The system also will attempt to correct bad addresses. Results are displayed as a list of processed records, records with errors and other lists, plus a pie chart showing the same information. Address errors can be manually resolved, if desired.

When ZIP+4 coding is complete, the user may print a CASS Certificate (Form 3553), required by the USPS to qualify mailings for automation discounts. To reduce printing and postage costs, a duplicate record check with six criteria-search options can be performed on the list to ferret out duplicate names or addresses.

Presorting is an important function of MAILERS+4, eliminating work for the post office and passing the savings to the mail by lowering postage costs. MAILERS+4 contains a Presort Wizard that guides the user through the presort process. When presorting is complete, a summary includes the cost and presort savings. The program also allows mailing labels to be quickly printed, including bar coding. Tray and sack tags may be printed as well, if required for the mailing.

MAILERS+4 contains a number of other features. A phone check function updates area codes and creates uniform phone number listings. A mail merge feature allows account information to be used to customize and personalize letters and envelopes. Signatures, logos and clip art can be included in the merge function, and scripts perform combined batch mode operations quickly and easily.

Separately purchased add-on modules for MAILERS+ enhance its power. The GeoCoder option appends latitude/longitude coordinates and a number of other data to mailing list records. MAILERS+4 also can be linked to Data Enhancements Services provided by Melissa Data, including Advanced Address Correction, addition of NCOA Link processing to update a list with new addresses and mail scoring.

MAILERS+4 is provided on an annual subscription basis, with 45-day free trial sample available on request and 30-day money-back guarantee. A printed Quick Start Guide is provided, as is thorough, hyperlinked PDF manual on the CD-ROM. Bimonthly updates, free technical support and one-hour personal tutorial are included with purchase.

Collectors doing their own mailings will find MAILERS+4 provides a wide range of valuable time and money-saving features otherwise available only by outsourcing.


Self Adjusting Transport Deck
Designed to Handle the Most Difficult Media
High Speed and High Quality Addressing / Imaging

West Conshohocken, PA (July 16, 2004) – Secap announces the new V-Jet Vacuum Transport Print Station. The Secap V-Jet is a high quality and high speed addressing / imaging printer providing vacuum transport that has true flexibility for handling the most difficult media.

The Secap V-Jet vacuum transport print system provides a professional mailer with improved flexibility and control for handling the most difficult media needs. The print station is designed for total control and offers virtually flawless registration. The V-Jet is an excellent system for discerning high volume mailers, in-plant mailers, and letter shop environments. With Hewlett-Packard Inkjet technology, there is easy maintenance with little down time and requires minimal training for your operator to be up and running quickly. The V-Jet can easily integrate with existing feeders, and can be placed in-line with folders, inserters, stitchers, conveyors and dryers for true operator flexibility.

The Secap V-Jet is an excellent print solution for mailers with challenging media. The transport deck consists of individual spring loaded stainless steel deck plates that automatically adjust to accommodate variations in media thickness. The base comes equipped with a 1/3 H.P. vacuum pump and a heavy-duty perforated transport belt for smooth transfer of the media and optimum media stability. The V-Jet print station is capable of handling material with dimensions up to 15"x17"and up to 1 1/2" thick. The inkjet print system can deliver resolutions from 150 x 600 dpi (draft quality) to 600 x 600 dpi (executive quality). The transport deck can process media at speeds up to 24,000 #10 envelopes per hour in draft quality.

Pat Barnes, Service Technician at Secap, offers the following opinion; "The Secap V-Jet provides the flexibility and control that high volume mailers require with heavy duty construction for durability."

Secap is located in suburban Philadelphia and offers mail stream management and solutions to organizations of all sizes. Secap offers a wide array of products and services to assist organizations in managing and controlling the costs in their organization’s mail stream. In addition to the Secap V-Jet print station, a wide selection of desktop inkjet addressing printers, production and integrated addressing systems, mailing software, folder/inserters, tab and label affixing machines and shipping software solutions are available throughout North America. For more details, call Secap at 1.800.523.0320, or visit the website at

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