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PostalOne!® Web Services—What’s In It for You:
Window Book President, Jeff Peoples, Addresses National Postal Forum

National Postal Forum, Washington, DC – September 21, 2004: Today, as part of the National Postal Forum’s special Product Preview Theater, Window Book President Jeff Peoples provided the Mailing Industry with the insight mailers need to benefit greatly from the new U.S. Postal Service PostalOne! Web Services initiative. Window Book Postal Products Manager, Lloyd Moss, followed with an in-depth look at Window Book’s support for PostalOne! Web Services. The text of Jeff People’s National Postal Forum address follows:

Good morning, I am Jeff Peoples, president of Window Book, Inc.
of Cambridge Massachusetts. Today I am here to discuss a very exciting and significant development: the new PostalOne! Web Services program.

The United States Postal Service is embarking on a major effort
to improve the way postage and presort information is presented to them. PostalOne! Web Services will allow mailers to submit this information electronically for greater efficiency and accuracy. The underlying technology behind the new PostalOne! Web Services initiative is state-of-the-art and is widely used in private industry to communicate transactional data in a secure environment.

The first software companies to support Postalone! Web Services are truly the pioneers and, as such we will “take some arrows” along the way. Web Services development is very expensive and made more so by constant refinements to the specifications. Besides facing the technical challenges of implementing Web Services, software vendors must also find ways for their applications to take full advantage of what PostalOne! Web Services can do in a user-friendly way. But this innovation for USPS and the mailing industry is so worthwhile that we welcome these challenges.

Window Book has a long history of pioneering products in the mailing industry. Since developing the first electronic Domestic Mail Manual in 1989, Window Book has continued to rank consistently among the leaders in developing easy-to-use and affordable software solutions to meet evolving industry needs. Window Book took the lead in parcel manifesting, becoming the first MAC-Gold certified vendor. With cutting-edge support for Mail.dat-based postage document generation and management, Lettershop Postage Accounting, and other USPS initiatives, Window Book has led the way with economical off-the-shelf products to support shippers’ and mailers’ wide-ranging needs. Window Book has a proven track record as an innovator that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of the mailing industry.

For almost a year, Window Book has been working to support PostalOne! Web Services. It has been an expensive and bumpy journey, but Window Book is committed to this innovative program and much progress has recently been made. Window Book believes PostalOne! Web Services will be of tremendous benefit to all of its clients and to the mailing industry as a whole. Not only
is Window Book committed to supporting Web Services in its current form but also to supporting related initiatives in the future such as “FAST” which will use the PostalOne! Web Services platform next year to do drop ship appointment scheduling.

Though the first software companies to support Postalone! Web Services may face hardships, the first mailers to use this technology will enjoy tremendous benefits that will give them a substantial advantage over other mailers in some important areas.

Window Book believes that electronic exchange of postage information between parties, including the United States Postal Service and other software products in the mailing process, will be Window Book’s crowning achievement. Window Book can already interface to popular business management systems used by the mailing industry, including PRO-MAIL® and Mail-Shop™. Interfaces to other products are already in development. PostalOne! Web Services, in combination with these interfaces, can automate the exchange of final postage information, which makes these interfaces even more valuable and easy-to-use. The synergy between PostalOne! Web Services and the other interfaces creates a situation where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Before we get into the specifics of what PostalOne! Web Services does and how Window Book will utilize it to solve a number of industry problems, lets look at these challenges:

1. Having USPS personnel typing in statement data can slow down the acceptance process. PostalOne! Web Services will change all that.

2. Detached Mail Unit personnel without access to PostalOne!
must bring back statements to a Business Mail Entry Unit to enter them. This delays the pulling of funds from permits and occasionally a statement or two “slips between the cracks,” resulting in revenue loss for the USPS and messing up mailers’ efforts to account for their postage funds. PostalOne! Web Services will change all that.

3. Speaking of postage accounting, mailers and mail owners that pay for postage using CAPS currently have to struggle to reconcile their statements with their CAPS transaction detail. Statements were often arbitrarily consolidated when entered into to the old Permit System, which made CAPS entries difficult to reconcile with statements. To make matters worse, this consolidation introduced rounding errors. PostalOne! Web Services will change all that.

4. For many years, most mailers have had to spend a lot of time and money providing legal proof of mailing to their clients. This usually is provided in the form of round-stamped postage statement copies mailers must fax or mail to clients. PostalOne! Web Services promises to change all that.

5. For mailers not using CAPS, funding a permit means sending someone down to the Post Office with a check and waiting for the check to be processed before entering mail on that permit. PostalOne! will change all that.

6. Waiting for a day or more for a round-stamped statement to be returned so you know the postage is ‘final’ can delay your ability to bill the postage and close out a job on your accounting system. PostalOne! Web Services will change all that.

7. Printing, handling and storing mountains of qualification reports or floating batch manifests plus round-stamped postage statements to meet USPS or IRS records-retention requirements costs mailers a lot of money. PostalOne! Web Services along with Window Book will change all that.

Thank you.

Presentation Details:
‘PostalOne!® Web Services – What Is In It for You!’
Jeff Peoples, President, Window Book
Lloyd Moss, Postal Products Manager, Window Book
Tuesday, September 21, 2004 - 12:45 – 1:15 p.m.
National Postal Forum, Washington DC Convention Center
Product Preview Theater, Exhibit Hall D & E

About Window Book, Inc.
Window Book is the leading supplier of shipping and mailing software, delivering real-world solutions that increase its clients’ operational efficiency and profitability. Window Book’s preeminence among postal automation software providers is reflected in the breadth and depth of its clients who return to Window Book year after year for the software’s ease-of-use and the company’s superior industry knowledge. Founded in 1988, Window Book software supports corporate shipping and mailing operations worldwide. More information may be found on the Web at or by contacting Elizabeth Badavas, Marketing Manager, 617.395.4542.


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