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Driving the Future…Print to Mail and Quality Needs

Industry trends suggest that increased efficiencies and savings are associated with the convergence of the print and mail operations. As a result, the execution of streamlining processes and operating ‘in-line’ are gaining a strong foothold within many organizations.

There are cost savings and efficiencies associated with printing, folding and addressing in line or close proximity. Preparation of mailings requiring personalization or variable messaging particularly in time sensitive situations benefit from “in line” or having the print finishing process lead directly to the mail preparation area.

Recent case studies highlight reduction in production costs, improved quality control, increased responsiveness and better utilization of staff.

Another significant trend is quality variable printing. The growth of digital printing, the expanded use of higher quality substrates and the proliferation of aqueous coating are increasing the demand for higher quality variable data printing, addressing and imaging. This shift is occurring in response to matching the print to the high quality printed pieces or marketing message. Such higher quality substrates and coatings, along with working “in line”, requires inks that dry almost instantly to allow the streamlining of processes and faster throughput of material.

At Secap, we have been following the industry trends very closely and quickly realized we needed to move swiftly with our technology solutions. Although our material handling, printing processes, data handling and industry expertise are high, we needed to provide expanded solutions to support the new direction. Printing addresses, barcodes, variable data messaging, logos and graphics on some of the high quality, glossy stocks at production speeds requires not one but several solutions. At the same time, we recognized production environments that process a variety of materials and substrates would still demand speed and volume for efficient productivity. Growth in variable data printing is appearing more in mailboxes every day and is not limited just to mail pieces but plastic cards, poly wrap around publications, oversized communications and other specialized marketing pieces.

These trends have led us to develop technology and partner with industry leaders in print engine technology and ink chemistry. Using our core material handling and data handling products, we can now offer solutions across the spectrum of requirements to print on literally any surface and in any print quality that is needed. We are particularly excited at the emergence of U.V. curable inks and the amazing quality they are capable of producing with almost instant drying capability on most types of surfaces. New solvent-based inks provide high resolution and good adherence and drying on many surfaces. High image quality, water based solutions can all be configured to meet the needs of the applications and materials.

Printing variable data as part of the printing process is now within the reach of many printers and mailers. Merging print operations with mail operations as technology evolves becomes more cost effective.

Marketing managers who produce top quality mail pieces demand high quality variable data imaging. As print processes continue to evolve in the digital print market, speed and quality demands will continue to grow.

As the integration of print to mail process grows and the stand-alone requirement for higher quality continues, we feel confident that Secap’s position will continue as that of an innovative Mailstream solutions provider, across the entire spectrum of applications.

Terry Moseley is president of Secap, located in West Conshohocken, PA. Secap is a leading supplier of mail stream management solutions to businesses of all sizes through a network of value added dealers. For more information you can contact Secap at 800-523-0320.


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