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Complete Mailing Service: It's the answer to your delivery needs

Speedy response to tsunami helped aid agency raise millions of dollars

By BE Ad Features -
07/07/2005 - On Boxing Day, 2004, Mansfield David and Michele Officer were entertaining family and friends at home when the phone rang, shortly after noon.

It was an important client with an emergency request for David and his direct mailing company, Complete Mailing Service of Toronto.

News of the disastrous Asian tsunami was breaking across North America and David's team was needed - immediately.

"I'm not sure how my customer found my home number," recalls David. "But I'm glad he did. Because even though it was a holiday, we had an extremely important job to do."

Mansfield David and Michele Officer of Complete Mailing Service have earned the loyalty of customers. Complete Mailing Service was asked to prepare, laser print, fold, package, stamp and deliver over 100,000 pieces of mail, for distribution on behalf of a major Canadian non-profit agency, soliciting relief donations from Canadians from St. John's to Victoria.

Since David's Toronto shop was closed for the holidays, rallying his employees to tackle the job was no easy task. But rally them he did. "We got that mailing out 48 hours after the tsunami hit," David said with understandable pride.

"We called in a dozen employees right away and by the following day our plant was in full production. And I have to say, our staff members did an amazing job."

Before New Year's Eve, each piece of mail had reached its destination. And, needless to add, Complete Mailing Service had earned the respect and gratitude of a completely satisfied customer.

"When the tsunami hit, we needed a mailhouse to provide and mail out a letter to our clients' donors within 24 hours," said Tom Scanlan, director of Is Five Communications, who put in the call for help.

"I don't know of another mailhouse in Canada that could have done such an efficient turnaround, one that helped raise millions of dollars," Scanlan enthused.

It's not every day that Complete Mailing Service is asked to pitch in with disaster relief. But no matter how large or small the job, Mansfield David's personnel respond with the same energetic, efficient - and fast - performance.

Because Complete Mailing Service is your complete, one-stop direct mail solution.

This 17-year-old Canadian company takes the direct and personal approach while responding to all your mailing needs.

Then it gets to work, providing Canadian and U.S. sortation; inkjet/direct impression; automated or manual folding and labelling; press kit assembly and tubing. They send Canadian, U.S. and international parcels; first class mail; addressed or unaddressed admail; publication mail and catalogue mail. They photocopy, collate and staple.

You can learn a lot about Complete Mailing Service by the company it keeps. The team's lengthy list of loyal clients includes chartered banks, large insurance firms, universities and colleges, as well as retail stores. And each has come to expect the kind of fast, personalized service which has taken Complete Mailing Service straight to the head of its class.

David and his wife, Michele Officer, started the enterprise 17 years ago in the basement of their home. But they quickly outgrew the premises.

Today, Complete Mailing Service occupies a warehouse that measures more than 13,000 sq. ft. Meanwhile, the company's 25 staff members work 1.5 shifts a day, meeting the needs of their customers as promptly and efficiently as possible.

"I think it's the personalized service that really sets us apart from our competitors," says David.

One important way to measure that high-calibre brand of service is the fact that most of David's customers have been working with the company for years. They found somebody they liked and they stuck with them.

Although he's company president, David doubles as chief of sales. And he takes personal responsibility for the care and comfort of his customers.

"They can call me directly. They know where they can find me," he says. "And if they want a job done in a rush, we move. There's no hemming and hawing, there's no talk about not having time to get the task done."

At Complete Mailing Service, it's a matter of policy: If they don't take care of their customers, someone else will.

"In our meetings, we tell our staffers: 'We don't pay you, our customers do,' " adds David.

Mansfield David and his team believe in building customer relationships. "If they're mailing every two months, they don't have to add staff," he explains. "We do the job for them."

How? By composing the letter, laser printing it, folding it, adding the insert to an envelope, sealing it, metering it, addressing it, sorting it and distributing it, via Canada Post or a specified courier.

Don't wait for the next tsunami. Contact Complete Mailing Service today. It's your one-stop direct mail solution. Phone 416-755-7761; toll free 1-888-683-2501; fax 416-755-8231; visit; or e-mail


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