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BCC Software Announces Strategic Initiative with Direct Logistics, Inc.


This new alliance will provide BCC customers access to Destination Entry drop-ship logistics services, including free online quote generation

Rochester, NY — 2005-06-27 - BCC Software, a leading developer of high-performance solutions for professional mailers, has formed a strategic alliance with Direct Logistics, Inc. (DLI), that will result in Destination Entry drop-ship logistics services being made available directly to BCC customers.

The first result of this partnership is the introduction of Truck Direct Mail (TDM), a free quote-generator interface that will be available in BCC’s user-exclusive online Customer Portal. TDM offers mailers a hassle-free way to evaluate the value of using a private carrier to transport mailings intended for Destination Entry drop-shipping. If the mailer accepts TDM’s logistics quote, DLI arranges for the specific shipment to be transported per the mailer’s instructions — at a savings of as much as 20 percent compared to standard United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping costs.

“This latest partnership continues our efforts to provide a truly comprehensive array of mailing-services solutions that can help our customers achieve their maximum mailing potential,” said Ted Seward, BCC Vice President of Marketing. “BCC and Direct Logistics are a great fit, and we’re excited to offer DLI’s services to our customers.”

BCC is in the process of fully integrating Truck Direct Mail into Mail Manager 2010 and Mail Manager 2010 LE, BCC’s flagship presorting and list-management products, Seward added. The integration is estimated for completion later in 2005.

Along with implementing highly publicized rate increases in 2002, the Post Office made significant discounts available to mailers willing to take bulk mail shipments at their own cost further downstream within the processing facilities of the postal system.

Instead of dropping a presorted and palletized mailing into the postal system at only the BMEU facility and achieving only the regular letter rate with no entry discount, a mailer may instead have the mailing verified at the BMEU and returned to their facility, where it is picked up by a TDM-coordinated private carrier for direct delivery to specified BMC/SCF facilities.

This process usually results in reduced costs, and helps ensure timely deliveries. And by using TDM/DLI, these benefits are achieved with little or no extra effort.

Destination Entry drop-shipping typically generates the greatest return on investment for shipments with low individual mailpiece weights (from 0.5 to 1.5 oz), total mailpiece quantities in the thousands or tens of thousands, and/or requiring specific in-home delivery dates.

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