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Three Marketing Services Firms Join Forces to Form V12 Group: The Complete Below-the-Line Marketing Services Company

World's Largest Instatement Media Provider Transforms Below-the-Line Marketing Practice with Single-Source Approach

NEW YORK, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- V12 Group, the complete provider of below-the-line (BTL) marketing services, launched today as three successful marketing firms -- Datagence, Media Solution Services and Spectra Products -- merged into a single entity able to fulfill a marketer's entire BTL marketing program. V12 uses its proprietary databases and multi-channel delivery model to provide measurable customer acquisition results for their over 400 clients, including McDonalds, Unilever, Universal Music, AT&T and 47 of the top 50 credit card issuers in the US.

The combined companies have nearly 50 years of operating history with expertise in customer targeting and the delivery of integrated BTL services. Datagence focuses on both on- and off-line customer acquisition programs, leveraging its demographic, lifestyle and transactional databases. Media Solution Services and Spectra Products deliver a range of BTL marketing services as the world's #1 and #2 largest instatement media providers. Paul Chachko, former CEO of Datagence and a 20-year marketing services veteran, orchestrated the merger and will serve as CEO of V12.

"Below-the-line marketing companies have typically provided fragmented service offerings that are tactical and not tied to a marketer's brand or customer acquisition objectives," said Chachko. "V12 Group was formed to provide our clients with a strategic approach to integrated below-the-line solutions through a single point of contact. As dollars continue to shift from mass marketing to customer targeting programs, below-the-line marketing is now the best way to tap into niche media channels and increase customer acquisition."

V12's integrated below-the-line services include:

- Analytics & Strategy - Data-driven services to identify consumer
targets, enabling customer and campaign profiling, market area analysis, spatial modeling and mapping.

- Instatement Services - With approximately 70 percent market share and three billion instatements delivered annually, V12 provides clients with an untapped channel for brand awareness and customer acquisition

- Interactive Services - Lead generation, cost per acquisition programs,
affiliate networks, online commerce and search marketing.

- Database Marketing Services - V12's databases contain records for 228
million consumers, 116 million household and 22 million businesses all
updated monthly.

- Email Marketing - Complete email marketing services, including campaign development, creative design, list selection, program management, and real-time response reporting.

- Direct Mail - Develops and fulfills the optimal direct mail strategy,
delivering the highest quality of respondents with real-time reporting.

- Affinity Marketing - Matches brands with over 92 million members of
affinity groups and non-profit organizations providing member database
usage, branded and endorsed mail, logo and likeness use, and lift in

"Below-the-line marketing tactics such as email, direct mail, and affinity marketing represent a new era of real-time data driven marketing," said Jalali Hartman, senior analyst of strategy for Marketing Experiments Journal. "Using the internet, marketers can optimize campaigns instantly and easily. Data taken from these less expensive and more measurable marketing campaigns can often be extrapolated, and lessons learned through email and direct mail can be applied to print, television and radio advertising. Marketers need to be able to administer and analyze all of their below-the-line marketing campaigns as if they were one cohesive campaign, and use results from one channel to improve the results of the other channels."

To see how V12 can contribute to your customer acquisition efforts, please visit

About V12 Group

V12 Group is the complete provider of below-the-line marketing services, using proprietary databases and a multi-channel delivery model to provide measurable results for our customer's acquisition campaigns. V12 was formed in October, 2005 through the merger of three marketing services firms -- Datagence, Media Solution Services and Spectra Products. As the world's largest provider of instatement media with approximately a seventy percent (70 %) market share, V12 delivers over three billion inserts annually. McDonalds, Unilever, Universal Music, AT&T and 47 of the top 50 credit card issuers in the US are among V12's more than 400 clients. V12 is privately held and headquartered in New York. For more information, please visit:

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Three Marketing Services Firms Join Forces to Form V12 Group:
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Mesothelioma Search Engine to Consolidate Medical and Legal Information

New lung cancer search engine provides information on medical and legal web sites for those researching this asbestos-caused killer cancer

Minneapolis, MN, February 25, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- On the one-year anniversary of the launch of their Vioxx Search Engine, Nielsen Technical Services today announced the launch of their Mesothelioma Search Engine.

Niche search engines or vertical search engines have increased in popularity, but the time and expense of creating and maintaining a search engine for a highly vertical segment of an available search audience is generally not a good investment financially. When asked about the financial viability of such a site, owner Chris Nielsen said, “We have some interested parties that would like to be associated with us and are exploring those options, but will not compromise our values for the sake of making a buck. The massive amount of money the asbestos and mesothelioma lawyers are spending have resulted in a feeding frenzy which has spawned thousands of sites and millions of pages of fluff, trash, and recycled content. I admit our site is expected to carry ads at some point, but that is not the reason for creating the site.”

Nielsen was then asked the reason for creating such a site. “I just could not find a central source to go for information where sites were not bidding or competitively optimizing for position and search engine ranking. Search engines are fighting to maintain relevancy but they are having problems. Many ‘scraper sites’ are only looking to get visitors that will click on ads to reach real content. If you try a search for ‘mesothelioma’ it should be clear what the problem is.”

As with their Vioxx medical and legal search engine, Mesothelioma Search Engine will carry no paid search engine results or paid inclusion of sites. The site has a form for visitors to suggest sites. The list of sites included in the index is posted on the site and available for download, a feature not offered by other search engines.

The company is indexing selected sites for those looking for more information such as patients, researchers, families, doctors, pharmacists, students, and those in the legal profession. This site is offered as a public service for those looking for information related to medical and legal information on mesothelioma lung cancer, or asbestos lung cancer for which there is no cure and is caused by exposure to asbestos fibers or asbestos dust.

About Nielsen Technical Services
The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been providing computer and software services since 1988. The Internet has transformed the company from a hardware services company into Internet consulting and specializes in search engine optimization.

Chris Nielsen
Mesothelioma Search Engine

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