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BCC Software Announces Strategic Initiative with Direct Logistics, Inc.
Instead of dropping a presorted and palletized mailing into the postal system at only the BMEU facility and achieving only the regular letter rate with no entry discount, a mailer may instead have the mailing verified at the BMEU and returned to their facility, where it is picked up by a TDM-coordinated private carrier for direct delivery to specified BMC/SCF facilities.

Mail in Vero makes a long trip to cross town for regional mail processing
The nation's 600 million pieces of daily mail are trucked to 235 regional mail processing facilities scattered across the United States. Indian River County's letters go to a 200,000- square-foot building near the Orlando International Airport.

Direct Marketing News from Iowa
Total Marketing One -, an industry leader in contact center, mortgage lead generation and marketing list services has propelled itself to the next echelon by adding a multi-sourced consumer and business database division to its already notable arsenal of direct marketing units.

Best Software Announces Direct Mail on Demand Program for Business Partners
With the Best Software Direct Mail on Demand program, partners can execute their direct mail marketing campaigns in a single online visit, saving significant time and costs by eliminating the need to manage designers, print shops, list brokers, and mail houses.

Parascript(R) AddressSelect(TM) 2.0 Validates Addresses, Enables Companies to Qualify for USPS Discounts
Parascript, LLC today announced AddressSelect 2.0, a high-performance address validation solution that enables companies to reduce incorrect address entries, comply with USPS guidelines and gain postage discounts. The software, which complements current Multi-Line Optical Character Readers (MLOCR), validates addresses and assigns correct 11-digit zip codes to increase mail processing accuracy.

Direct Mail Advertising Strategies - Bulk Mail, Lists, and Postcards
A key ingredient for successful business growth is direct mail advertising. The success of your direct mail advertising will be highly dependent upon the “perceived” quality of your business, the design, the type of paper, the message you’re conveying, and your special offer, using this advertising strategy.

Videojet's G4100 Digital Imaging System Uses HP Technology For Fast, High-Resolution Printing
The G4100 is priced up to 75 percent less than comparable technology, making it both a cost-effective solution and a wise capital investment for small to mid-sized commercial printers and direct mail houses.

Direct Mailer Brown+Partners, Inc. Adds Eight Employees to its Team
Brown+Partners, Inc., a print management company headquartered in Blue Bell, Pa., posted an average annual growth rate of 59% for its first five years. B+P also provides e-commerce solutions and promotional marketing services.

In the e-Commerce category, the USPS marketing group's online service offering, Click-N-Ship, was recognized. Millions of customers have gone to the Post Office that never closes at to meet a vast range of their shipping needs - from calculating postage rates, to obtaining shipping labels, to arranging for carrier pick up of their parcels.

Direct-Mail Marketing Classic Re-published By Bottom Line® Books Secrets of Successful Direct Mail Richard V. Benson
Secrets of Successful Direct Mail is about everything Dick Benson learned in 40 years in the business. How valuable is this information?

Deputy PMG Nolan to Retire in May
Nolan entered the Postal Service as a management intern in 1970 rising to lead the world's largest Post Office as New York City Postmaster and General Manager of the New York Division in 1985.

Consumers "Way off The Mark" With Direct Mail Receipt
Consumers believe they receive nearly twice as much Direct Mail as they actually do, according to research by the Direct Mail Information Service. The DMIS study shows that the average UK consumer believes they receive 6.2 items of Direct Mail a week.

Consultant Directory Offers Free Online Magazine Subscriptions
The site is focused on providing incredible depth in many trade verticals, including Computers, Finance, Agriculture, BioTech, Healthcare, Multimedia, Sales & Marketing, Telecom & Wireless and many more. It includes the most popular 'controlled-circulation' publications in the world including eWeek, InfoWorld, CFO, and Advanced Packaging.

Research and Markets: Learn How to Effectively Advertise in the Pet Market
175 Pet Mailing Lists sources with complete data-card information, listing rates, list size, audience interest and characteristics, and mailing list owner contact information. Everything you need to target the exact pet owner group you want by direct mail, and get your mailing campaign off to a flying start!

ADVO and MediaNews Form Second Advertising Alliance in Los Angeles
MediaNews, one of the nation's largest newspaper companies, and ADVO, the nation's largest direct mail company, launched a similar, mid-week alliance in Los Angeles in August 2003.

Pitney Bowes to Acquire Imagitas
Imagitas, headquartered in Waltham, MA, forms strategic partnerships with organizations such as Departments of Motor Vehicles and the U.S. Postal Service, that are looking to improve customer communication and provide customers with alternative options for completing required processes remotely

US POSTAL SERVICE - The Service's Strategy for Realigning Its Mail Processing Infrastructure Lacks Clarity, Criteria, and Accountability
Several major changes have affected mail processing and distribution operations including marketplace changes, such as declines in First-Class Mail and increased competition; increased automation and mail processing by mailers; and shifts in population demographics. Effects of these changes include excess capacity in the mail processing and distribution infrastructure and variations in productivity among plants.

Pitney Bowes Offers High Performance and Convenience in New Products for Small Business Segment
Both products offer a wide array of mailing services that enable the small business owner to focus on their business, without needing to visit the post office.

New Addition of Direct Mail Gives Clients More Choices at, an iCue Corp. company, will be adding Direct Mail to their list of broadcasting services which includes fax, email and voice broadcasting.

Postal Service Helps Businesses "Stick" To Their Message
Business owners, advertising agencies and marketing professionals now can add power and impact to their direct mail piece by adding a Repositionable Note (RPN) to an envelope, catalog, newspaper or postcard. RPNs help position mail as an innovative medium that can be the cornerstone of a marketing mix.

Online Survey Reveals 10 Important Trends in Direct Marketing Spending; Direct Marketing Has Come a Long Way Since the 1970s
Direct mail delivers. Over half (54 percent) have increased their use of direct mail in the past two years. This flies in the face of naysayers who predicted that the Internet would replace print communications.

Direct-Mail DVD Subscribers Top 12% of US Internet Households, Offer Insight into Emerging "Digitally Inclined" Consumers
The Diffusion Group finds that the 4+ million direct-mail DVD households constitute a fertile target market for digital media device & service vendors.

Understaffed and undermined? Mail clerks picket Eureka post office
The clerks -- many of whom did not want to be named -- said they do not have enough people working at the Eureka post offices to keep up with the volume of mail they handle. The prestamped cards were addressed to North Coast Congressman Mike Thompson and demanded that something be done to solve the problem.

infoUSA and MailersClub Offer Online Integrated Prospecting and Direct Mail Solution to Create ''Mailers in Minutes''
This turnkey application integrates infoUSA's database of 14 million businesses with MailersClub's online direct mail order process, creating a true "one-stop" direct mail marketing web application. Customers will be able to search infoUSA's entire database using various selects before choosing which mailing list(s) to purchase for their direct mail campaign.

Redi-Mail Direct Marketing Adds Profile Information to its List Solution Business
Redi-Mail Direct Marketing, an operating unit of Redi-Direct Marketing, Inc. and one of the few franchises licensed by the American Medical Association (AMA), today announced its new capability to offer enhanced targeting and profile information, an essential element for successful marketing programs.

Restaurateurs Score With Email: Permission-Based Messages Beat Ads and Direct Mail
mUrgent's research clearly demonstrates the advantages of email marketing over traditional advertising and direct mail. On average, direct mail brings in a one to two percent response rate.

Pitney Bowes Displays Industry Leadership at 2005 MAILCOM
Pitney Bowes Inc., the world's leading provider of integrated mail and document management solutions, will showcase a comprehensive array of solutions for mailers of all sizes at MAILCOM, the world's largest convention for mail communications management.

Pitney Bowes Selects USADATA as Preferred Sales Lead Provider for 2005 Value of Mail Campaign
Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI - News) announced today that it has selected USADATA, Inc. as its preferred provider of mailing lists and online solutions for its Value of Mail campaign for 2005.

DST Output's VeraPro(SM) Solution Provides Significant Production Cost Savings for Blue Shield of California
DST Output, the nation's leading third-party First-Class mailer, has consolidated some of Blue Shield of California's in-house printing capabilities and migrated them onto its VeraPro(SM) healthcare solution.

Noosh Enhances Boston Globe's Marketing and Direct Mail Services
With Noosh, The Boston Globe has a robust internet-based print management solution that allows them to control costs, enhance team communication and shorten time to market for marketing, print and direct mail projects.

Return on Investment for E-mail Marketing Tops All Other Channels Except for Telemarketing
Despite all of the obstacles in e-mail marketing -- the assault e-mail marketing endures from spam (and phishing, its particularly nasty offshoot); the drag on delivery rates imposed by the filters individuals and companies deploy to protect them from spam; and the sheer e-mail overload in most people's inboxes -- e-mail continues to be a valuable marketing tool.

ADVO Reports Second Quarter Results
Demonstrating ADVO's effectiveness as a print medium, the company's 'Have You Seen Me?(R)' missing child card, distributed with each ShopWise(R) package, is the most recognized mail in America.

Congress required that the Postal Service provide reduced postage rates as well as free mail for purposes which Congress considers to be in the public interest. These favored types of mail included reduced-rate bulk standard mail advertising sent by qualified non-profit organizations, and in-county mailings of local newspapers.

The Postal Service today released a new Customer Support Ruling designed to provide qualified nonprofit mailers with examples of how the clarification to Standard Mail Eligibility that takes effect June 1, 2005, will apply to the types of mail they typically deposit.

Lingerie, Chain Saws And The Onslaught In Your Mailbox
Junk mail is more than just an annoyance -- it's one more thing that's destroying our forests. Try this simple experiment: Set aside all the junk mail you get for the next week.

Harte-Hanks Reports First Quarter EPS Growth of 38% on Revenue Growth of 13.6%
Harte-Hanks, Inc., San Antonio, TX, is a worldwide, direct and targeted marketing company that provides direct marketing services and shopper advertising opportunities to a wide range of local, regional, national and international consumer and business-to-business marketers.

U.S. Postal Service Seeks Customized Postage Vendors
USPS will require vendors to produce a product that meets current postal regulations and conclusively prove that all images produced and services provided abide by all federal laws, including copyright laws.

Dr. Marlene Coleman's Tips for Minimizing Holiday Stress
The holiday season is intensely emotional. Along with shorter, darker days, personal losses can make us feel sad or lonely and contribute to holiday stress. By sharing our time, feelings, and responsibilities with those we love and reflecting on the meaning of the season, we can minimize that stress and experience the holidays as truly joyous.

OIT eliminates 23 jobs, closes printer
More than 20 employees will be laid off or hired by other campus services when DPG, which handles bulk mail and printing services for the University, ceases its operations.

Pitney Bowes Acquires Selected Assets of Fala Sorting Services, Inc.
FSS provides domestic and international presorting and commingling mailing services for mail produced in the greater New York area.

AD:TECH San Francisco 2005 Exhibitor Profiles
Below are profiles from AD:TECH San Francisco exhibitors; breaking news releases, Business Wire's trade show, conference and event news resource. Business Wire is the official news wire service for AD:TECH San Francisco.

RR Donnelley Opens Industry's Largest Private Mail Preparation and Distribution Facility
Founded more than 140 years ago, the company provides solutions in commercial printing, forms and labels, direct mail, financial printing, print fulfillment, business communication outsourcing, logistics, online services, digital photography, color services, and content and database management.

Postal Service Success Comes From Developing People
With annual revenues of more than $69 billion, it is the world's leading provider of mailing and delivery services, offering some of the most affordable postage rates in the world.

Stamp prices might rise again
Chris Fleiner, president of JLH Mailing & Fulfillment in Sparks, a marketing company specializing in direct mail processing, said an increase might force customers to do less mass mailing and “mail smarter” by targeting more specific demographics.

Direct-mail firm using Schindlers' donor list
Thousands of people who helped Terri Schiavo's parents finance their protracted legal battle could soon start receiving solicitations from groups who purchase their contact information from a conservative direct-mailing firm.

Post Office problems irk workers; but officials say recent changes have improved service, ended bulk mail delays
Delays for businesses and for customers who might use their bulk mail coupons and similar promotional deliveries were rampant only a few weeks ago.

Spammers Feeding off P2P Networks
As many already know, spammers need a constant and fresh supply of email addresses to further their business model. Stale or inaccurate email addresses will not draw in revenue.

OfficeMax Marketing Campaigns Tap SPSS Predictive Analytics
In order to gain a single view of each customer, OfficeMax collects and analyzes behavioral data. After the analysis is complete, each customer receives a score based on purchase history.

Redi-Mail Direct Marketing Announces Purchase of Specialty Printing System from Kirk-Rudy
Kirk-Rudy is a world leader in the manufacture of high volume addressing, inserting, attaching and related paper handling equipment for the direct mail, printing, newspaper and card industries. The company offers its customers an extensive product line along with the ability to engineer customized paper handling solutions.

Direct-mail appeal leaves bitter taste
A city resident who sent voters a letter saying that 83rd Assembly District candidate Robert Clermont didn't understand the city's Hispanic population admitted Friday that it had been done through a direct-mail campaign so that Clermont and supporters could not respond before a special election earlier this month.

Words to the Wise - Has your marketing copy lost its punch?
From print and broadcast ads to direct mail, e-mail and even billboards, it's the language you use that motivates response and produces results. Try these tips for fine-tuning your marketing copy.

Integrated Direct Marketing: The Ten Minute Solution
By integrating the entire direct marketing process in this way, the system provides a single tool for marketers to translate complex market intelligence into the efficient execution of segmented direct marketing campaigns.

Posted: Only mail allowed in, on mail boxes
According to statutes posted on the U.S. Postal Service Web site,, mail "receptacles" are to be "used only for matter bearing postage ... no part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage, including items or matter placed upon, supported by, attached to, hung from or inserted into a mail receptacle. Any material not bearing postage and found as described above is subject to the same postage as would be paid if it were carried by mail."

Paper Primer
How well your graphic vision and design translate to a final printed piece has everything to do with the type of paper it's printed on. And as paper is one of the largest items in your budget, the paper you choose is going to have a dramatic effect on your bottom line as well.

Email Newsletter Readers Not Converting? Marketing Company Reveals Five Simple Steps to Increase Sales with E-Newsletters
Email newsletters excel at gaining repeat and new business at a lower cost than other forms of marketing and advertising. So how does a company use its e-newsletter to increase quality leads for sales teams and give a boost to viral, word of mouth, and referral marketing programs?

Corporate EVENT Magazine Co-sponsors New Market Study ''Staging & Gauging: Do Events Pay Off?''
A study being released this week by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and the Computer Event Marketing Association (CEMA) shows nearly 70 percent of CMOs view events as an important part of the marketing mix.

The Most Effective Direct Mail Campaigns
The study reveals the effect a direct mail campaign can have for a retail business on new customers. For example, one out of every four adults surveyed with a household income of $30,000 to $50,000 responded they would try someplace new based on direct mail received within the past 90 days.

Multi-Media Ad Campaign to Promote Access to Free, Low-Cost Prescription Drugs
The campaignwhich includes TV, radio, print ads, billboards, posters, bus signs and direct mail began airing on electronic media outlets January 12. Print ads will begin running January 13, bus signs January 24, billboard postings begin January 24 and direct mail will start January 27.

2005 Wisdom Report featuring 105 real-life stories on search, email, direct mail, PR, and advertising
Marketing lessons detailed include real-life stories and tips on email marketing, search marketing, b-to-b marketing, Web site design for higher conversions, direct mail, advertising, and hiring marketers.

The Gender Factor in Direct-Mail Marketing
In the United States, women are the economic powerhouses -- and the transactions they make aren't for traditional female products either. In the UK, the trend is not far behind. So why does the UK direct mail industry appear so male-orientated?

5,000 invitations in the mail, somewhere
Lost in the mail somewhere between Jacksonville and St. Augustine are 5,000 invitations. They invite residents around Northeast Florida to the Jan. 22 Super Tailgate Party, a major fundraiser for the Betty Griffin House. At this point they are not pointing fingers, they just want the invitations delivered. Hughes said Betty Griffin House used a bulk mail rate. It's cheap, 12 cents compared to 37 cents," she said. Bulk mail has been used by the agency for at least the eight years she has been in charge.

Honda Federal Credit Union Selects Redbeard for eStatement Campaign; Creative Design Firm Developing Campaign for New eStatement Product
To promote the eStatement option, the credit union conducted a direct mail campaign, designed by Redbeard, offering free Online Bill Pay service as an incentive for members who register for eStatements. A response rate of five to ten percent is expected for the campaign.

Nonprofit group gets boost from Postal Service
Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI) is counting its good fortune in the millions these days -- a $22 million contract from the U.S. Postal Service, meaning a $5 million increase in sales this year and production of 6 million plastic bulk mail totes.

Staples, MoneyGram, & USPS Obtain Top ROI With Carmen’s Direct Mail
Carmen’s Cupones is a segmented co-op direct mail program addressed to highly acculturated Hispanic females, the decision maker in the Hispanic household, and reaches millions of Hispanic homes each mailing for as little as 3-1/2 cents per household.

USPS Mailing Standards approves a "breakthrough direct mail solution"
An amazing paradigm shift has occurred in the telemarketing industry and has now been approved by the USPS! Telemarketing companys are to be allowed to use Direct Mail that is designed to allow customers to call the telemarketing company. The issues of customer calls being received during dinner, Friends re-runs, and putting the children to bed had not been resolved at press time.

Comcast cable giant sees Digital Voice as its line to the phone market
The company will start selling its Comcast Digital Voice challenge to local phone companies in 20 markets, including Philadelphia, this year. Some Philadelphia-area customers have already been pitched the service by direct mail.

New Corporate EVENT Magazine to Reach B2B Growth Segment in Event Marketing
EXHIBITOR PUBLICATIONS announces the launch of Corporate EVENT(R)-the first magazine devoted exclusively to case studies on the business-to-business segment of the event marketing industry. Corporate EVENT will launch March, 2005 to coincide with EXHIBITOR SHOW -- The National Conference and Exhibition for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketers (March 13-17, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas).

Acxiom Acquires SmartDM To Enhance Integrated Solutions to Mid-Sized Enterprises
SmartDM offers direct marketing information services, including direct mail, e-mail, Customer Relationship Management and data management to provide clients an information management platform to transform data into business knowledge for effective marketing strategies

Peoria Kia Becomes No. 1 Kia Dealership in the World, Increases Be-Back Ratio by 75% with CallCommand's CallStream
Crawford has also seen a significant increase in traffic from his traditional media - direct mail, print and broadcast ads. Using CallStream he has increased this traffic by a further 25%. The dealership fires out a call telling the customer to look for the mailer, or makes some reference to the ad on TV or in the newspaper.

Holiday Sales Show Internet Taking Its Place in List Industry
With Internet sales emerging as the big winner of the 2004 holiday mailing season, list professionals and their clients are looking to the Web as an important part of their '05 acquisition strategy while keeping an eye on privacy issues.

Scotts LawnService Improves Direct Mail Marketing Response
Vertis, the premier provider of targeted advertising, media and marketing services, today announced the success of its direct marketing campaign for Scotts LawnService, a leading provider of professional lawn care service

Capital One sued over marketing practices
It also claims other Capital One marketing tools, such as direct mail solicitations, Capital One sued over marketing practicesbreak Minnesota's laws prohibiting false advertising, consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices. The lawsuit seeks an end to the marketing practices, and a return of any profits the firm has garnered as a result of misleading advertisements.

Internet Marketing - High Tech Direct Mail
In direct mail, as on the Internet, it's certainly possible, and in fact probable, that some marketing campaigns will fail. But, once you've sent out direct mail pieces, that postage is lost forever. On the Internet however, you can quickly assess and halt losing campaigns until you make adjustments.

DoubleClick Upgrades ChannelView Adding Ability to Track Sales Across Channels
ChannelView has quickly become the industry-standard analytics tool for multi-channel marketers enabling them to accurately assess the cross-channel impact of their catalog and other direct mail campaigns by matching a promotion to the customer and the channel.

DataLab USA Takes Home NCDM Database Excellence Award
The direct mail program, a highly targeted database marketing customer acquisition campaign, reversed a trend of declining response rates and decreasing margins for Associates Finance in a small, fiercely competitive market of loan prospects in Puerto Rico

La Petite Academy Makes the Grade with geoVue's Solutions
geoVue, a leading provider of decision-support solutions for the retail, real estate, restaurant and service industries, rolls out strategic market planning, location analysis and target marketing solutions to La Petite Academy.

Valassis to Reach Historic Milestone of $1 Billion in Revenue in 2004
Valassis' products and services portfolio includes: newspaper advertising & inserts, preprints, sampling, direct mail, 1 to 1 marketing programs, coupon clearing and consulting and analytic services.

DoubleClick Upgrades ChannelView Adding Ability to Track Sales Across New Channels
ChannelView has quickly become the industry-standard analytics tool for multi-channel marketers enabling them to accurately assess the cross-channel impact of their catalog and other direct mail campaigns by matching a promotion to the customer and the channel.

Increase Your Marketing Response
Some designers and copywriters specialize in direct mail and collateral materials, while others create ads for magazines. Marketing failure is often the result of poor copy or design execution. At other times, the advertising or materials may look great, but they just don't work because tried and true rules have been ignored. It takes experience to create marketing that produces results.

Email Helps Southern California Restaurants Compete: Permission Based Messages Beat Ads and Direct Mail
mUrgent research clearly demonstrates the advantages of e-marketing over traditional advertising and direct mail. Only an average 1.8 percent response rate comes from TV and radio ads, telemarketing, web banners, door-to-door, display ads, targeted and bulk direct mail.

Direct Mail Success Is More Than Just a Fable
Not too long ago, in lands not too far away, a small telecom service provider sent a B-to-B direct mail campaign that put a new twist on the old narrative format. The moral of this tale is that a little direct mail innovation can go a long way.

Marketing Professional Launches New Copy Writing Business
Custom Copywriting provides website, ad, brochure, direct mail and other copy services to increase the sales and marketing effectiveness of its clients. In addition, marketing consulting and seminar speaking services on marketing and copywriting are also offered.

Direct Marketing News from Iowa - TMOne aids companies with direct marketing campaigns
TMOne aids companies ( with direct marketing campaigns using contact center technology and targeted direct mail, telemarketing and e-mail lists. With roots in outbound acquisition, customer relationship management and lead generation practices

Behind Time Interactive's Curtain
To Time Inc, Desmond sees the online publishing world as another source of subscriptions. We're not abandoning direct mail, certainly. At most titles, the Web is not a huge source yet, although we have had some breakthroughs. At Fortune the online paid content program has been very successful. The Web site is on par with direct mail as a source.

Cooking Light Gets Fat on Ad, Reader Growth
The magazine's growth in its first 10 years was ensured by deep coverage of recipes. The Internet's arrival led to a partial pullout from direct mail efforts. Internet-sourced subscriptions brought in younger customers and eliminated bad debt.

Coen Projects 5-7% Global Ad Growth in '05
When combined with nontraditional advertising such as direct mail, Yellow Pages, Internet and out-of-home, the combined national total is up nearly 9 percent to $165 billion. Finds Direct Mail Edge
Wal-Mart mailed fliers in several large markets last week that do not have a Wal-Mart store, including New York, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco and Boston. The fliers promoted specials available only online or by calling an 800 number. "" appears prominently on every page of the four-page mailer but nowhere is a Wal-Mart store mentioned.

EMPACT Software Suite Gives SMBs Affordable, Automated E-Marketing
mUrgent Corporation introduces EMPACT: Email and Wireless Marketing Manager. They aggressively market product to small and medium sized businesses as an affordable solution for in-house e-marketing. Santa Ana, CA. mUrgent, the only e-marketing company to combine affordable automated email and wireless marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses, has launched its EMPACT digital communications software suite.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 20 billion pieces of mail will be delivered. Of the 670 million pieces of mail collected, processed and delivered each day, 100 million represent cards, letters that are postmarked. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, postmarks increase by 50%

The U.S. Postal Service provides customers with quick, easy, convenient ways for sending holiday gifts this season. Postal officials expect that many travelers will make their journeys less complicated by mailing gifts ahead - saving space in their vehicles, and time in airport security lines. Using Priority Mail Flat-Rate Boxes, customers will be able to mail domestic packages - regardless of the parcels' weight or destination - for just $7.70 each.

MoneyGram Obtains Top ROI - With Carmen’s Hispanic Co-Op Direct Mail Program
Carmen’s Cupones is a segmented co-op direct mail program addressed to highly acculturated Hispanic females, the decision maker in the Hispanic household, and reaches 2.5 million Hispanic homes each mailing in 7 states and in the top 12 US Hispanic markets for as little as 3-1/2 cents per home Announces 220% Increase in 3rd Quarter Earnings
Dickson attributes their success to the effectiveness of their direct mail marketing. He explained, “Our response rates average 3% and that’s double what the typical direct mail campaign can produce. Consumers are going to go where they get the best value for their money.

SMEs Most Likely to Adopt Internet Marketing Are Newer Businesses, 'Tech- Forward' Organizations or Direct Mail Marketers
Direct Mail Marketers. The data suggest that the use of direct mail by small-business marketers may be a signal that a business owner is more oriented toward measuring media performance. As such, this group may be more inclined to devote resources to digital media that can show a demonstrable and dependable positive rate of return.'s Online Direct Mail Services Now Include New ''Design Studio'' Tools for Holiday Cards and Mailers, Inc., the leading internet printing and mailing service for high quality, personalized direct mail, today announced the release of a new "smarter" on-line store. Products include full color letters, postcards, flyers, booklets, invitations, announcements, holiday cards, business cards, and color prints.

The Greatest Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign in the World! Fund $3-$10 Million Within 30 Days!
There is no other direct mail piece that can deliver this high response of incoming calls! There is also no other source of Marketing that can deliver these results, not Television, Radio, Telemarketing or even door to door. This is the best Marketing money can buy

How To Drive A Stampede Of Laser Targeted Traffic Using Postcards
I used good old fashioned direct mail, and more specifically I sent out postcards to lists of buyers, people who have previously bought a product similar to what I was offering.

HSN Improvements to Acquire Alsto Catalog and Web Business From Dick Blick Holdings
A direct mail subsidiary of TV and Web retailer HSN, HSN Improvements, LLC hosts a distinct collection of highly-respected consumer catalogs and Internet sites

Making the List Management Business Work for You
Tech publisher IDG recently announced plans to market its massive databases of 3 million mail addresses and 1 million email addresses in partnership with direct mail manager American List Counsel

PointClear(TM) Study Shows Companies are Shifting Their Marketing Mix in 2005 to Improve Lead Generation and Qualification
86% of companies participated in direct marketing programs that included outbound calling, email marketing, and online marketing. The majority are also using direct mail, and about half reported that they would increase the use of direct mail in 2005


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