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CD-ROM, DVD Duplication Ideal for Personally Presented or Mailed Digital Presentations

CD-ROM, DVD Duplication Ideal for Personally Presented or Mailed Digital Presentations

RBR Productions, a leading VHS, CD-ROM, and DVD duplication and replication provider, suggests using CDs or DVDs when producing personally presented or mailed presentations.

(PRWEB) November 30, 2005 -- Digital presentations are quickly becoming the norm for sales and marketing presentations; the new pamphlet or leave behind piece. RBR Productions, a leading digital media developer specializing in VHS, CD, and DVD duplication and replication, suggests using CD-ROMs or DVDs whenever producing a mailed presentation, or presentations that are left with customers.

“Compact discs are now the standard for cost-effective distribution of audio, video, and data because of their unique characteristics, including their high data capacity, excellent reliability, durability, worldwide standardization, portability, and low cost production,” said Rick Johnson, Vice President and General Manager of RBR Productions. “We perform CD and DVD duplication in a variety of disc formats. In addition to traditional CD-ROMs, DVD-Videos, and DVD-ROMs, we also offer CD and DVD duplication and replication on Business Card CDs and Shaped CDs, which we have found to be powerful marketing tools simply because of their uniqueness and portability.”

RBR Productions works with the client to produce top quality video, audio, and interactive multimedia for digital presentations and provides CD and DVD duplication and replication services ideal for distribution of:
•     Sales and marketing presentations
•     Instructional programs
•     Convention applications
•     Tapes for sale to the consumer market
•     Presentations that will leave a lasting effect

All of RBR Productions’ replication facilities not only meet industry standards, but surpass them. They have established strategic partnerships with several facilities to provide the flexible, quality options to best suit each client’s individual needs and produce all CD and DVD duplication and replication service orders on time and within budget, no matter how small or large the run.

Digital presentation is the next step for sales and marketing presentations. To have RBR Productions create a digital presentation on a business card or shaped CD or a traditional CD-ROM or DVD as a leave-behind or mailed marketing presentation, visit or call 847-362-4060.

About RBR Productions
RBR Productions, which began as Rainbow Bridge Recording in 1977, is a leading producer of digital multimedia and CD and DVD duplication and replication. Their qualified personnel includes producers, directors, camera operators, scriptwriters, graphic designers, and web developers. All of RBR's staff is skilled in today's cutting edge software that will produce a top quality package.

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Press Contact: Rick Johnson
Company Name: RBR Productions
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 888-278-0558


Small Business Marketing Guru Very Successful and Busy but Still Has Time To Help Others For Free

Small Business Marketing Guru Boasts 'Give Me 1/2 An Hour And I Can Show Any Small Business How To Triple Their Profits... I'll Even Pay For The Phone Call'

Small business marketing coach J D Moore makes a bold claim and offers free consulting to back it up.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 30, 2005 -- Small business marketing guru J. D. Moore recently claimed that in a free 1/2 hour call he can give any small business 3-4 strategies that could triple their profits. Moore is offering free 1/2 hour consulting calls to a very limited number small business owners who sign up on his web site He'll even pay for the call within the United States.

"I have limited time and I am looking to speak with business owners that will take my coaching to heart and go our there and make piles of money," says Moore, "There's no catch wahtsoever, this is how the best small business owners and I find each other and decide if we want to work together to build their business."

And while the claim may smack of overconfidence, Moore is known for very fast, very big results. A client recently implemented one of Moore's suggested marketing systems and realized a 13X growth in revenue in around a month. He captured a #1 and #3 spot in search engine listings in a matter of weeks. One of his media campaigns gained weeks of televsion news coverage, interviews, and radio appearances.

Even though many small businesses can benefit from coaching, it hasn't bene utilized as much as it should. It's estimated that around 90% of small businesses don't even have marketing plans. Even though small businesses provide over 50% of the US workforce, their failure rates are still astounding.

Small business owners in paricular have too little money and too little time to waste on ineffective marketing. They can't market like larger businesses. Coaching is far more affordable than hiring a marketing agency, or wasting money on marketing that doesn't work.

"I have yet to find a business I couldn't help in some way. I regularly find ways to add six-figure revenue streams to my clients businesses while maximizing their current marketing efforts." says Moore.

J. D. Moore, founder of Marketing Comet coaching, has been a small business entrepreneur for over 10 years. He has served as a consultant to some of the largest corporations in the US, and helped startups get on their feet. he's regularly called upon by other marketing consultants for his expertise in electronic marketing and public relations.

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Press Contact: John Moore
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 617-359-3137

[Editor's comments: I'm surprised that someone this successful has to use this kind of marketing technique. I would think he would be busy enough with paying clients that he would not have to "give away" any of his time.... (hris ]


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Increased Donor Files Help ASPCA Build on Hurricane Relief Efforts


Increased Donor Files Help ASPCA Build on Hurricane Relief Efforts
DM News - New York,NY,USA
... said. Especially significant were the 58,000 online donors that were added to ASPCA's existing e-mail house file of about 90,000. ...

Getting BI and data quality together - Needham,MA,USA
... "The mail house wasn't interested in cutting down on the mail we sent out, so we took it upon ourselves," said Bill Welch, marketing systems manager. ...

Won the Canadian Lottery? Don't cash that check just yet
Alamogordo Daily News - Alamogordo,NM,USA
... US postal regulations forbid Americans from entering foreign lotteries. If such a letter or check is received, Mayton recommends calling First National. ...  

More get letters from possible housing scammer
Cape Codder - Orleans,MA,USA
... to Brewster police. He suggested to police that the letter could be in violation of federal postal regulations.". Higgins has talked ... 

South Venice post office delayed, again
Venice Gondolier - Venice,FL,USA
... Service. "Larger facilities planned for construction are being reviewed to accommodate projected developments in mail processing. ...

Size factors into 2 Poinciana post office sites
Orlando Sentinel - Orlando,FL,USA
... A new generation of mail-processing devices will take less space in post offices. "It will likely contain some of these machines," he said. ...  

Privacy Policy
CEPro - Framingham,MA,USA
... parties. If you choose to receive these promotional offers, then your information may be used for direct mail or e-mail marketing. ...

Camps & Schools
Burke Connection - McLean,VA,USA
... Springfield-based American Direct Mail Marketing sponsors the $10,000 2005-06 "In Hope Freedom Rings" scholarship for college-bound Fairfax County students. ...  

Business briefs
Canon Courier - Evergreen,CO,USA
... we regret that we will not be able to accept Mixer Passes at this event. Office News. The Chamber is missing two of its Bulk Mail Permit stamps. ... 

TN Postal Circle aims high
News Today - India
Tamilnadu Postal Circle has generated revenue of Rs 93 crore under premium products including Speed Post, Business Post, Bulk Mail Services and this year the ...

Troy Chamber updates Web site
Edwardsville Intelligencer - Edwardsville,IL,USA
... Some of the many additional services provide by the Troy chamber include: referrals, bulk mail, gift certificates, ribbon cuttings, press releases and training ... 

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Did-it Search Marketing Integration of Strategy, Analytics and Technology

Did-it Search Marketing Inaugurates New Search Methodology and Goes Full-Service

Rockville Center, NY (PRWEB) November 8, 2005 -— Top-rated Search firm [Did-it Search Marketing] has inaugurated its new Search methodology, S.A.T. Search—the integration of Strategy, Analytics and Technology in one search marketing firm. At the same time, it has transitioned to become a full-service search marketing agency.

Explains Did-it CEO Bill Wise, “In search, like in most highly complex fields, you need the best plan of attack, the best understanding of your situation, the best tools—and one place to handle it all. That’s true in medicine, that’s true in physics, and it’s equally true in SEM (Search Engine Marketing). That attitude is the basis of S.A.T. Search, and the reason we decided to transition to full service. It’s about bringing best-of breed SEM strategy, analytics, and technology together under one roof.”

The S.A.T. Search methodology, adds Wise, is particularly vital in fields with complex SEM needs, such as finance. Online trading firm E*TRADE FINANCIAL recently signed on with Did-it in October 2005.

“E*TRADE's marketing model is based on a test-and-learn approach, which provides the Company with innovative ways to reach its target, value-driven customer,” says Nicholas Utton, chief marketing officer of E*TRADE FINANCIAL. “E*TRADE FINANCIAL is continuously seeking new forms of marketing technology to reach our target audience with communications that remain smart, interruptive and powerful.”

Adds [SEMPO] Chairperson and Did-it Executive Chairman Kevin Lee, “We are honored E*TRADE FINANCIAL has selected Did-it and look forward to driving outstanding results. Our ability to consistently integrate the most creative Strategy, sophisticated Analytics, and cutting edge Technology under one roof is unique to our industry. Being selected by a market leader like E*TRADE FINANCIAL is a validation of our approach.”

The transition to full-service has created some positioning conflicts, leading Did-it to largely phase out the backend SEM solutions it has provided, until now, for other full-service firms. Did-it is discontinuing most of its backend relationship with Digitas, for example, a move which the two firms agreed to mutually.

Even with the sharp lessening of the relationship, Did-it will continue to work with Digitas on select strategic accounts, such as Cingular Wireless. At the same time, some Digitas/ Did-it clients have moved to Did-it full service. Dun & Bradstreet, for example, became a Did-it full-service client earlier in the year.

“Digitas is a highly valued client,” Wise says. “Loyalty to our clients, regardless of agency status, is our top priority—and will always continue to be.”

About Did-It Search Marketing [Did-it Search Marketing], a recognized leader in the Search since 1996, drives sales/profit growth, market share and return on marketing investment for over 200 clients including E*TRADE FINANCIAL, Dun & Bradstreet and Cingular Wireless. In 2004, Jupiter Research ranked Did-it the Number One Search Engine Marketing firm for technology and market suitability. Phone: (800)-932-7761 (516)-255-0500

About Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, is an acknowledged search engine marketing expert. Kevin’s weekly column for JupiterMedia's ClickZ is read by thousands as are his contributions to Catalog Age Magazine and DMNews. Kevin is a founding board member and the current Chairman of SEMPO, and also serves on the Search Council for the Association for Interactive Marketing (now part of the DMA) and the IAB Search Committee.

Press Inquiries:
Abe Mezrich
Communications Manager
Did-it Search Marketing


Press Contact: Kevin Lee
Phone: 212-631-0157

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