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Intelective Communications, Inc. Merges with West Point Capital

West Point Capital Merges with Intelective Communications, Inc.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 23, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- West Point Capital, Inc (Pink Sheets:WPNC) is announcing today a merger with Intelective Communications, an established online advertising agency that owns an ad network of web sites.

"We have been providing very sophisticated online marketing consulting services, with emphasis on search engine positioning in excess of seven years and have a network of 50 revenue producing web sites that are focused on the automotive vertical," said Lee Traupel, CEO of Intelective Communications, Inc. "The online advertising market is growing rapidly at a rate of approximately 28% per annum, generating over $4.2 Billion in revenue in Q-4 of 2006 and global search revenue is projected to increase from $4.5 billion in 2005 to $13B by the year 2010 - we want to leverage this tremendous growth through acquisitions and investment in the build out of our advertising network to drive incremental revenue."

"Clearly the online advertising market is extremely dynamic and larger media companies are aggressively acquiring smaller firms in order to shorten time to market and grab market share - we've seen three large deals in the online advertising space in the last few weeks: Google's acquisition of Double Click for $3.1 Google Buys DoubleClick for $3.1 Billion - New York Times, Yahoo's acquisition of Right Media for $680 million and Microsoft's buy out of aQauntive for $6 billion. We have no assurances that we would ever command this type of a premium in the marketplace, but we do want to aggressively position ourselves for future growth."

About Intelective Communications, Inc.

Intelective Communications, Inc. ( is a leading provider of online advertising services including: domain selection and development, pay per click campaign management, search engine optimization, online media buying and planning, web site design and search engine targeted text and multimedia content development. The company has an ad network of 50 web sites that are targeted for the automotive vertical but is also building out a network of sites to address the Travel, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Medical and general purpose Consumer vertical markets.

Founded in 1999, Intelective Communications, Inc. is headquartered in the Sacramento, California area and is managed by an experienced team of executives. The company has partnered with market leaders in pay per click campaign management, technology providers and has strategic relationships with a number of outsourcing firms in the US and Asia. For further information:,, 800.804.5007

Statements contained in this news release, other than those identifying historical facts, constitute 'forward-looking statements' within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Safe Harbor provisions as contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements relating to the Company's future expectations, including but not limited to revenues and earnings, technology efficacy, strategies and plans, are subject to safe harbors protection. Actual company results and performance may be materially different from any future results, performance, strategies, plans, or achievements that may be expressed or implied by any such forward-looking statements. The Company disclaims any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements.

SOURCE: Intelective Communications, Inc.

CONTACT:          Intelective Communications, Inc.
Lee Traupel, 800-804-5007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Global Mailing List Search Tool

NextMark Goes Global with Mailing List Search Tool

NextMark, a leading provider of tools and resources to buy mailing lists, sell mailing lists, and learn about mailing lists, today announced it has enhanced its mailing list search tool to classify mailing lists by more than 50 countries and 10 languages. These new features are intended to facilitate better direct marketing throughout the world.

Hanover, NH (PRWEB) May 29, 2007 -- NextMark, a leading provider of tools and resources to buy mailing lists, sell mailing lists, and learn about mailing lists, today announced it has enhanced its mailing list search tool to classify mailing lists by more than 50 countries and 10 languages. These new features are intended to facilitate better direct marketing throughout the world.

"Direct marketing is going global and so is NextMark," said Joseph Pych, founder and president of NextMark. "With global markets and global competition, it's more important than ever to deliver relevant marketing communications. This enhancement enables you to be more precise in selecting prospects for your direct marketing campaigns and to communicate with them in their preferred language."

NextMark was previously limited to classifying mailing lists by United States, Canada, and Other International. More than 14,000 of 60,000 mailing lists in NextMark's database were coded as Other International. This limitation made it difficult to reach people in specific countries outside the United States and Canada.

With its new software upgrade, NextMark now enables classification of mailing lists by virtually every country in the world. The list of supported countries now includes Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela.

NextMark also previously had no way to classify mailing lists by spoken language. This made it difficult to find prospect lists for campaigns in a specific language. NextMark now enables mailing list classification by more than 10 languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The new internationalization features were released as part of version 6.4, which included 56 other features that facilitate the processes of buying and selling mailing lists. In the coming months, NextMark will work with its list management clients to properly classify their managed lists by countries and languages. Once completed, NextMark's mailing lists search engine will be enhanced to utilize this new information.

Publishing mailing list information in NextMark's database is free through its MarketMax SE service. NextMark also provides a free mailing list search tool on its website and offers free trials on its advanced list research system.

About NextMark, Inc.
NextMark provides tools and resources that help organizations to buy mailing lists, sell mailing lists, and learn about mailing lists. NextMark currently indexes and tracks more than 60,000 mailing lists from 700+ sources. Its solutions have been proven through more than 2,500,000 mailing list searches and 50,000 direct marketing campaigns for thousands of catalog merchants, retailers, fundraisers, politicians, banks, telcos, entertainers, broadcasters, publishers, and other organizations that reach their market directly. NextMark is a privately held corporation based in Hanover, New Hampshire USA and on the web at


Press Contact: Joseph Pych
Company Name: NextMark, Inc.
Phone: (603)643-1307

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Postal Service Goes Digital to Promote Stamps

U.S. Postal Service Goes Digital to Promote New Star War Stamps

Starting today, the Postal Service will provide broadcast-quality video downloads of the production of the new Star Wars Commemorative Stamps series, as well as footage of several Star Wars movies, courtesy of Lucasfilm. The video downloads are available from the NewsRoom section of the U.S. Postal Service web site. (

Fort Launderdale, FL (PRWEB) May 23, 2007 -- USNG On Demand ( has delivered an online solution for the U.S. Postal Service that streamlines and expands its media outreach.

Starting today, the Postal Service will provide broadcast-quality video downloads of the production of the new Star Wars Commemorative Stamps series, as well as footage of several Star Wars movies, courtesy of Lucasfilm. The video downloads are available from the NewsRoom section of the U.S. Postal Service web site. ( Video, images and graphics of the Star Wars stamps and other Postal Service news events are available at no charge for use by broadcast, online and print media.

"We are extremely excited to be working with the U.S. Postal Service and the Star Wars Commemorative Stamps release," said USNG On Demand President Jack Hambrick.

"We developed a Branded Broadcast Room for the Postal Service. It allows their communications team to service online and broadcast media 24/7, freeing up valuable time and resources. Plus, journalists can go right to the source for video and information. Sourcing of video is especially important in today's newsrooms."

B-roll footage of the Star Wars Stamps is now available, ahead of the official unveiling at a press conference on Friday May 25, 2007 in Los Angeles. Video from the event will be added to the existing video content.

USNG On Demand is a designed to assist communications professionals in taking the first step into the world of digital broadcast quality video distribution. USNG On Demand allows journalists to access broadcast quality video and web streaming ready video 24/7 in the formats they use most.

USNG On Demand is also the first digital media solution that allows communications professionals to reach the 700 Pathfire enabled newsrooms across the U.S. and Canada, right from their web site.

"Pathfire is essential to any plan to reach television producers and journalists with video. USNG On Demand is the first to provide organizations the ability to reach these broadcasters right from their web site. Competitors in this field such as The NewsMarket and Medialink have no path to Pathfire for online downloads, and this severely weakens their ability to reach American broadcasters," said Hambrick.

The Star Wars Commemorative Stamps go on sale at Post Offices nationwide Friday, May 25, and can be purchased online at The official first-day-of-issue gala is being held during the opening of Star Wars Celebration IV at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA on May 25, at 7:30 p.m.

About the U.S. Postal Service
An independent federal agency, the U.S. Postal Service is the only delivery service that visits 146 million homes and businesses, six days a week. It has 37,000 retail locations and relies on the sale of postage, products, and services to cover its operating expenses. The Postal Service has annual revenues of $73 billion and delivers nearly half the world's mail.

About USNG On Demand
USNG On Demand is leading the way in broadcast quality video distribution and media management. Broadcast reporters, producers and assignment editors have come to depend of USNG as a credible source of news and information. The company was founded by veteran television reporter Jack Hambrick and has offices in Fort Lauderdale and Boston.

Mignon Young
USNG On Demand
media @
954 525-1080

Website URL:


Press Contact: Mignon Young
Company Name: USNG On Demand
Phone: 954 525-1080

Monday, May 21, 2007


Subscription Acquisition Mailings for Eating Well Magazine

CGSM Awarded Subscription Acquisition Mailings for Eating Well Magazine

Strategic Marketing Firm Helps Publisher of Award-Winning National Consumer Magazine Reach Subscribers and Advertisers

WILTON, CT (PRWEB) May 21, 2007 -- Canterbury Graphics Strategic Marketing (CGSM;, a direct-marketing agency, has been selected by Eating Well magazine to assist in the publication's ongoing effort to increase circulation and galvanize advertisers to the brand whose mission is to deliver ideas, knowledge and inspiration for lifelong healthy eating. CGSM has been awarded the creation and production of Eating Well magazine's new business mailings.

"CGSM's experience in magazine publishing and increasing new subscribers were deciding factors by Eating Well magazine in choosing to work with our team," said Mark Kolier, CGSM president. "We are pleased to have been chosen by Eating Well magazine to help accomplish its mission for both readers and advertisers."

The Eating Well campaign is a strong direct marketing effort that includes refreshed creative and copy for a classic editorial 6 X 9 package and a monarch (voucher style) package. CGSM expects the campaign to begin in June 2007 and continue throughout next year.

About CGSM
CGSM is a privately-held direct-marketing agency specializing in the marketing strategy, design and production of direct mail-packages and inserts. Its print production skills combined with a focus on data analysis and modeling make it possible for CGSM to offer a unique approach to customer acquisition and retention that takes into account all the complex details of a direct-mail marketing campaign without ever losing sight of the overall business objectives. For more information, please visit or call 203-563-9233.

For a press kit or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Jill Cirigliano
Communication Strategy Group for CGSM


Press Contact: Jill Cirigliano
Company Name: CGSM
Phone: 631-239-6335

Monday, May 14, 2007


Saint Paul, Minnesota Gets Enhanced Communications Security Tool

American Security Partners with City of Saint Paul, NorthWrite to Sponsor CityWorkSite Platform to Enhance Community Safety

May 14, 2007 - SAINT PAUL, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--American Security, the largest independently owned security company in the Midwest, today helped unveil a new, state-of-the-art communications platform for the City of Saint Paul that will significantly enhance community safety. The rollout of the new system took place this morning at a press conference attended by Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Saint Paul Chief of Police John Harrington. The announcement included a demonstration of how the new platform - the Saint Paul CityWorkSite - will enhance community safety and extend the efforts of the police department through enhanced communications and more effective sharing of information.

"As the largest provider of private security personnel in Saint Paul, we're vitally interested in making the communities we serve safer," said Steven Klein, chief operating officer of American Security, LLC. "NorthWrite's CityWorkSite platform is a great tool that enhances the ability of private security personnel and Saint Paul businesses to help protect the community and to assist local law enforcement. Good communications is the bedrock of community safety and this platform makes it possible to share critical public safety information within moments. That's good news for residents, for business and for visitors and bad news for those who want to take advantage of St. Paul's open and welcoming spirit."

To make it possible for the City of Saint Paul to acquire and implement NorthWrite's CityWorkSite, American Security has sponsored the site to defray the initial start-up costs to the City and the police department.

"A sense of security on our sidewalks and in our homes is essential to our City's quality of life and we very much appreciate American Security's willingness to take the initiative to make this idea a reality," said Coleman. "Part of my strategic plan for our City is to foster community partnerships that encourage and support healthy and safe neighborhoods; we believe the CityWorkSite program is a great example of this sort of initiative. It's a system that's proven effective in a number of communities around the country, including right across the river in Minneapolis."

NorthWrite's CityWorkSite is a web-based platform where all information is digital and able to be shared instantly. CityWorkSite eliminates the current logistical headaches of waiting for weekly or even monthly meetings to share images and information and the issues of loss of quality and convenience created by distribution e-mail lists and faxes. One-to-many communications can be delivered in near-real-time in a format and content appropriate to the user and device and a wide range of digital formats - video, pictures, documents, applications - can be shared by individuals or groups on a standing or ad hoc basis.

The CityWorkSite platform takes advantage of the fact that, particularly in urban areas, it is common to find a 15:1 ratio of private security to sworn police officers. These private security professionals are well-trained and well-equipped, but they often operate in an information vacuum because there are no effective links between a community's public safety network and the larger security community. And, in areas where multiple private security networks overlay one another, CityWorkSite provides a common platform to connect those systems on a peer-to-peer basis.

NorthWrite's expertise in building effective shared communications platforms was first developed by helping the key stakeholders in a building (security guards, property managers, facility managers, janitorial staff, and others) work together to get things done. CityWorkSite extends that expertise by connecting buildings and other organizations with police, emergency services, hospitals, city attorneys, and many more.

About American Security, LLC

America Security, LLC is the largest independently owned security company in the Midwest with services in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Tennessee and has provided security, investigative, and consulting services since 1959.

The Company's Uniformed Security Division provides safety and security to a broad range of programs and services including, high rise commercial office space, corporate campuses, educational institutions, healthcare, government services and industrial critical infrastructure. Its Special Services Division has proven expertise in rapid, effective response to a wide range of situations including labor disputes, corporate functions, construction sites and other challenging situations. Its Investigative Services Division can provide a full range of general investigative services including surveillance, corporate protection, fingerprinting, risk assessments and internal theft investigations.

The Company maintains a web site at

American Security, LLC
Tim Kingsley, 651-523-6871

Monday, May 07, 2007


New Business Classifieds Online Marketplace for Businesses

TheBusinessClassifieds Launches its Online Marketplace for Businesses to Connect

Today launched its free site, which connects business buyers with business sellers.

New Jersey (PRWEB) May 7, 2007 -- Today The Business Classifieds, the newest addition to the online marketplace at, unveils their dynamic online portal for connecting business buyers with business sellers.

Unique to is its multiple access points to all the listings that individual sellers or professional brokers offer. Instead of going through ad by ad on a printed newspaper, users can save time by only looking at ads that interest them through advanced search functions. "Another exciting feature that the website offers is The MATRIX which is an exclusive display portal for all the listings that are on the site which are of prime value," says Anna Siroy, founder of

Some of the benefits to users are:

For Buyers
Instead of going through ad by ad on a printed newspaper, users can save time by only looking at ads that interest them through advanced search engines. In addition, if a user wants to look for a business broker, there is a directory of brokers by state. Registration is free.

For Individual Sellers
Sellers benefit by having their listing appear on the site for 60 days. To increase visibility, users can opt to have a "featured ad." This will allow their ad to appear on the main page.

For Business Brokers
Business Brokers will receive a free Broker webpage that includes their company info and current listings. They have the ability to post unlimited listings.

A great addition to the site is the "Resource Room" where there will be an abundance of articles pertaining to the buying / selling of businesses.

The Business Classifieds offers the ability for business buyers and sellers to fuse together in a very clean and trouble-free environment, allowing businesses to manage transactions.

For more information about "The Business Classifieds" please visit their website at or contact its chief principal Anna Siroy at 848-248-8467

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Press Contact: Anna Siroy
Company Name: The Business Classifieds
Phone: 8482488467

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Google Analytics To Track Email Marketing

Listrak Email Marketing Announces Integration with Google Analytics

Listrak combines powerful email marketing tracking capabilities with web analytics for increased accuracy and relevancy.

Lititz, PA (PRWEB) May 2, 2007 -- Listrak announced today that it has integrated Google Analytics with its award winning email marketing solution. The result is a powerful marketing tool that tracks open, read, and click-through rates of the email campaigns and then tracks the interaction the subscribers have with their websites after they clicked-through the call to action link on the email message. This gives Listrak users a better understanding of their subscribers' online habits, which allows them to increase the relevancy of future campaigns while accurately predicting subscriber response. Combining both email tracking features and web analytics data gives marketers a complete understanding of their subscribers.

Google Analytics gives marketers quick and easy access to information that allows them to build accurate subscriber profiles while tracking overall goal conversion. With Google Analytics, marketers can tie goal conversion back to a specific email address or to a link through a specific email campaign, gather information on the average amount of pageviews per visit tied to a specific email address or to a specific email campaign, capture overall conversions from a specific email send, and summarize number of total visits across all email campaigns.

Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak, says, "The combination of Listrak email marketing and Google Analytics results in a robust reporting tool that marketers can use to create timely, relevant email campaigns targeted to individual subscribers."

Google Analytics offers many marketing benefits to companies using it in accordance with their email marketing strategies. For example, companies will be able to see which subscribers added items to their online shopping carts but abandoned the carts before completing the purchase. Since the analytics are tied to their Listrak email marketing solution, marketers can easily send emails to those subscribers to complete the sale. Also, marketers can use Google Analytics for trending analysis, landing page optimization, and entrance and exit point reporting. Because it is integrated with Listrak email marketing, users can apply the knowledge instantly so they communicate better with their customers.

For more information, please read Listrak's white paper "Using Google Analytics to Increase Reporting Capabilities of Email Marketing Campaigns and Boost Relevancy and Response".

About Listrak
Listrak is a leading provider of hosted email marketing software that allows permission-based marketers to manage, send, track and grow their email marketing investment. Listrak services clients such as Daimler Chrysler, Motorola, L'Oreal and the Islands of the Bahamas from its Lititz, PA headquarters. Listrak was named the 2006 Small Business Technological Excellence Award winner by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, the 2006 Emerging Business of the Year by the Central Penn Business Journal, a Top Fifty Fastest Growing Company in 2006 and 2005 by the Central Penn Business Journal, and the 2005 Growth Company of the Year by the Technology Council of Central PA. To learn more, visit

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Press Contact: Megan Ouellet
Company Name: Listrak
Phone: 717-627-4528

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