Sunday, March 01, 2009


Government To Allow eInvoicing

eBilling Specialist Striata Welcomes Decision to Accept Email Bills

The Dutch government recently announced that it is removing restraints on eInvoicing, allowing companies to accept invoices sent via email and thus cut back on their administrative burden and saving up to EUR 600 million on a yearly basis.

London, United Kingdom, February 18, 2009 -- Striata welcomes the announcement that email invoices are now accepted in the Netherlands.

As a global leader in email billing, Striata has campaigned for the recognition of email billing as a cost effective replacement of the outdated paper processes. As the world moves to a digital economy, business should see the benefits of reduced costs, improved cash flow and carbon neutral processes like eBilling.

The recent announcement that companies in the Netherlands have been given the go-ahead to send email invoices will enable them to cut back on their administrative burden, which could ultimately lead to a cost saving of up to EUR 600 million annually - according to Finance State Secretary Jan Kees de Jager.

According to Bruno Koch of Billentis, an organisation can save 1-2% of their turnover by replacing paper invoices and optimising the related processes. Electronic and automated invoice processes can result in savings of 60-80% compared to traditional paper based processing. Thus the payback time on investments in eBilling and eInvoicing projects can be as short as six months.

Striata's advice to would-be eBillers is to ensure that they have an end-to-end solution that can take multiple input formats, generate multiple output formats, provide different encryption and authentication processes and can ensure the highest possible deliverability of emails.

In 2008, roughly 1 million European businesses and 23 million consumers exchanged one billion electronic invoices. Every day in 2009, 1,200 businesses and 11,000 consumers are expected to become new eBilling and eInvoicing users.

"Everyone is aware that email has become a mainstream communication tool, and each year shows increasing adoption by both business and consumers using email for everyday interaction," explains Mike Wright, CEO of Striata. "The presentation and delivery of invoices via email has many benefits to both businesses and their clients."

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