Thursday, April 20, 2006


Defective Pacemakers, Heart Valves, and Defibrillators Pose New Risks

Defective Heart Valves, Pacemakers, and Defibrillators Propose New Risks to Weak Heart Patients

Millions of men and women have heart devices implanted to save them from heart attack not increase their risks of heart attack

New York City, New York (PRWEB) April 20, 2006 -- In the last few years, the technology of heart devices has advanced but many recalled devices are being surgically removed after the discovery of fatal defects.

Patients with heart defects or disorders of the aortic or mitral valve may need a mechanical heart valve. Mechanical heart valves simulate real heart valves to maintain the proper flow of blood into and out of the heart. These patients must take anticoagulation medicine, like Warfarin (coumadin) to prevent deadly blood clots.

Years after their removal from the market, St. Jude’s Silzone and Bjork Shiley’s Convexo-Concave heart valves are still causing serious problems in patients. To support patients with St. Jude or Bjork Shiley heart valves or other recalled heart devices, accepts consumer complaints at:
Bjork Shiley Heart Valves
Silzone Mechanical Heart Valves

The St. Jude Silzone Heart Valve was implanted into patients from 1997 to 2000 and was recalled due to leaking and device failure linked to serious fatal risks. One study showed that Silzone heart valves increased a patient’s risk of thrombosis/blood clot, embolism, and stroke.

Bjork Shiley distributed their Convexo-Concave (BSCC) heart valves from 1979 to 1986 but over 86,000 defective valves are still implanted in patients worldwide. These valves have remained in thousands of patients due to fatal risks associated with the surgical removal process. These valves have been linked to hundreds of deaths when the defective valve fractured and weaken the device.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Pharmacy Packs Pill Perfectly, Bans Bulk Bottles

PrairieStone Pharmacy Introduces the Nation's First and Only Retail Drug Packaging Solution that Pre-Sorts Meds into Easy-to-Use Packets
PrairieStone Pharmacy's DailyMed(TM) is the first and only retail drug packaging solution that pre-sorts multiple prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins into easy-to-use single-dose packets. By eliminating the traditional pill bottle, DailyMed makes it easier for patients to take the right medications at the right time and better manage their health conditions. (Photo: PrairieStone Pharmacy)
MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 18, 2006-- DailyMed(TM) Makes It Easier Than Ever for Patients and Caregivers to Ensure the Right Drug is Taken at the Right Time
In response to growing concerns and alarming statistics related to Americans' failure to follow prescription drug regimens, PrairieStone Pharmacy, the nation's most innovative retail pharmacy chain, today introduced DailyMed, the first and only retail drug packaging solution that pre-sorts multiple prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins into easy-to-use single-dose packets.
Prescription drugs continue to be the most cost-effective therapy available to improve quality of life and treat a significant number of both common and advanced ailments. But as Americans take more prescription drugs every day, it is becoming more difficult for many to take the right medications at the right time--especially with an aging population. In fact, failing to take prescription drugs as prescribed has become so rampant and well documented that it can be linked to 125,000 deaths in the U.S. last year alone, 10 percent of all hospital admissions, 23 percent of all nursing home admissions, $100 billion in direct health care costs, and $1.5 billion in lost patient earnings.
"There's a real health care crisis taking place all across America, and it's called non-compliance," said Marvin Richardson, R.Ph., president and CEO of PrairieStone Pharmacy. "DailyMed is the only retail drug packaging solution in the nation that addresses this crisis with an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and effective solution that pre-sorts a patient's medications into single dose packets. With DailyMed, we can finally say goodbye to all those pill bottles and those confusing pill sorters."
According to Richardson, the average American between the ages of 65 and 69 takes an estimated 14 different prescription medications each year. That number increases to 18 different prescriptions for Americans between the ages of 80 and 84. And according to the National Council on Patient Information and Education, the average number of annual prescriptions per elderly person is estimated to reach 38.5 by 2010.
"The problem isn't just non-compliance in and of itself," said Richardson. "The problem is what that non-compliance leads to--hospital admissions, nursing home admissions, increased health care costs, and even death. The problem is that no one is addressing medication mismanagement. The problem is a failure on the part of retail pharmacy as a whole to provide better patient outcomes. By simply changing how we package medications, PrairieStone Pharmacy is mitigating many of these problems and providing a long-awaited and life-changing solution."
The goal of DailyMed is to improve the lives of patients who use the dispensing system and the lives of their caregivers. It does this not only by making it easier for patients to take their medications and thereby better manage their health conditions, but also by allowing PrairieStone pharmacists to review their entire drug profile and identify drug interactions, lower cost alternatives, or duplicate therapies.
Nathan Synder has experienced the benefits of DailyMed first-hand. His grandparents were taking 17 prescriptions between them, including over-the-counter medications and vitamins. But Nathan noticed their health declining and soon realized they weren't taking all of their medications.
"It was very clear to me that I had to get involved. My grandparents had eight and nine different pill bottles to open every day--some pills had to be taken together, some had to be taken with food, some had to be taken one hour after another," said Nathan. "I couldn't even figure out what pills they needed to take when, so it's no wonder they couldn't. With DailyMed, all their medications were pre-sorted for them, so we didn't have to play guessing games anymore. It was such a relief for me to know that my grandparents were taking their medications correctly."
DailyMed is approved by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy and is available in most states by calling 1-800-973-1955. Patients in Minnesota can visit any PrairieStone Pharmacy located within Lunds Markets and Byerly's to sign up for DailyMed.
About PrairieStone Pharmacy
Founded in 2003, PrairieStone Pharmacy is one of the nation's fastest growing retail pharmacy chains. Offering a unique model that relies on state-of-the-art technology and automation, the company prides itself on placing its pharmacists closer to its customers as a way to offer exceptional customer service and care. With the launch of its patent-pending DailyMed solution, PrairieStone hopes to further extend its mission of improving retail pharmaceutical care. For more information on PrairieStone Pharmacy, visit
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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Crime Not Virtual On The Web

Just An Online Minute... Web Crime Continues To Climb

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 by Wendy Davis
Even after all this time, the so-called "Nigerian letter" scam last year managed to bilk the marks who fell for it to the tune of $5,000, on average, according to a new report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
Of course, it shouldn't be surprising that people continue to fall for fraud schemes. After all, spammers wouldn't continue unless they were turning profits, despite all the well-publicized warnings that e-mails from Nigeria promising money to those who pay an "advance fee" are not legitimate.
Overall, complaints about online crime were up last year. The Internet Crime Complaint Center received more than 231,000 complaints last year--up 12 percent from 2004. The center referred almost half--around 97,000--to law enforcement authorities; almost all of the referrals concerned fraud.
The report also found that the cost of fraud appears to be rising. Last year, the total reached over $183 million--almost triple 2004's $68 million in losses.
The most commonly reported fraud stemmed from Web auctions, which accounted for 63 percent of complaints. Non-delivered merchandise and/or payment represented 16 percent of complaints, while credit card and debit card fraud accounted for 7 percent.
The Internet Crime Complaint Center also reported that most perpetrators--75 percent--and victims--64 percent--were men. Additionally, men lost far more money than women ($1.86 dollars lost by men for every $1 dollar lost by women).
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Make More Money By Not Charging

How To Make More Money By Not Charging For Video Ads
by Ari Rosenberg, Thursday, April 13, 2006
WARNER WOLF COINED THE PHRASE "Let's go to the videotape" in the late '70s. He was a sportscaster on ABC television in New York, and that phrase would send us into a state of frenzy. For many in the region, Warner was the gatekeeper to sports video highlights each night. What made him unique--the impetus behind his catchphrase--was that he showed highlights from teams outside the New York market. I still recall that sinking feeling those times we abruptly broke from dinner only to tune in and see weatherman Frank Fields, which meant we had missed our serving of video highlights.
Today, Warner Wolf works in radio, sports is on twenty-four hours a day, and video is available anywhere you like it, including online. But is online where we really want our video served, or is this a case of the advertising tail wagging the content dog? I have been told on occasion not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so let's see how we can put the horse back in front of this cart.
Just a reminder: the consumer is the horse. Consumers set the pace through their consumption. The lack of supply widely reported in this segment of online advertising is one sign that the horse is not eating what it is being fed. I spoke to a sales director at a major portal who validated this lack of appetite. The portal had a big content cross-promotion on its site late last year that involved streaming video, and yet the revenue tied to the pre-roll advertising (video ads that run prior to the video content) was minimal. "There just were so few streams relative to the promotion of the content, we hardly made any money," he told me.
This lack of consumption, however, has not stopped companies from pushing the cart right past the horse. This includes Klipmart, who profits from the creation and placement of video advertising online, without any responsibility for the development of the content the consumer grazes. Klipmart announced last week its executives are having conversations with media buyers regarding a simulated upfront for online video ad inventory. "Broadband video has become a must-have companion to TV advertising" said a Klipmart sales executive, "so it makes sense that it should be planned in the same way and at the same time as the traditional TV and cable upfront."
So Klipmart, here are a few questions for you: Will you be showing two- to four-minute clips of the video content you represent to give buyers a sense of the programming quality? Will you have the actors and directors on hand to further define the content's voice and what kind of person is apt to listen? Will you be presenting projected rating points by demo for each program, or will you just be talking about how many more "televisions were purchased last quarter versus the quarter before," and saying that inventory is really tight?
Sorry to pick on the very bright folks at Klipmart, but instead of a premature promotion of a simulated upfront, maybe they can lead the online video advertising market discussion down a path with less resistance from the horse they are riding.
This market subset has their eye on the right issues, such as content quality controls and better technical user experiences, for example. However, the irony is that companies involved in the production, purchase and sale of online video advertising produce and place the very barrier that prevents the horse from keeping pace.
Pre-roll ads are not the only kind of video advertising sold, but they are the most popular. However, unlike television, where viewers are conditioned to let a commercial have its day in court before we hit the clicker, the experience on the Web centers on greater control and even greater speed. Users who choose to engage with video content are easily frustrated by the 10 to 15 (or in some cases, 30) seconds of a pre-roll ad message. Try holding your mouse steady right now for 10 to 15 seconds and tell me how much you needed to fend off the urge to move or click.
David Verklin of Carat weighed in on this issue when he commented, "Commercials on the Web in broadband have to be 10 seconds, not 30 seconds like television." CBSMarketwatch has dedicated an entire ad campaign to convincing advertisers (and buyers) to run no more than 10-second pre-roll spots, all in an effort to improve the drop-off ratio they know occurs with readers who do not stick around to consume the content when met with a lengthy pre-roll ad. Both ideas are on the right track, but are not the solution that best serves the horse.
To ensure more video content gets consumed, publishers need to make the content easier to swallow by not selling pre-roll ads at all. Instead, sell two-and-a-half second "sponsored introductions" (just the advertiser's logo). When the video content the consumer requested is over, run post-roll ad spots where advertisers can share their creative wisdom, with the hope it earns the attention of the viewer instead of kidnapping it.
Inventory should stay the same, but you have given consumers fewer excuses to bail on content they are not used to digesting yet. Drop-off rates (which are never publicly discussed) should diminish, which means volume should grow. As for pricing the post-rolls and sponsored introductions, I encourage publishers not to charge for them at all. That is the biggest mistake publishers are making today. By assigning a high CPM value to one of their limited supply products, they are lowering the perceived value of the inventory they have the most of to sell (this issue does not, however, apply to video-only Web sites like or
Instead, online publishers should use this high-demand, low-supply product as a zero-priced, added-value hook to induce purchases of larger allotments of their impression-based ad inventory at higher CPM's (slightly similar to how network television stations force advertiser to spend money on other dayparts in order to buy prime time).
Sometimes the best way to sell a premium product is not to charge for it at all. As for the carts, if they all keep applying the right pressure, but stay behind the horse, they will get to where they want to go faster than they think.
Ari Rosenberg is a media sales consultant. Prior to starting his company, he was the vice president of sales at He can be reached at
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Undercover Marketing Tactics

Advertisers Draw Fire for Using Undercover Marketing Tactics

As advertising has become advertising ad nauseam, and we are forever being pitched to, marketed to, and appealed to by someone trying to sell us something more advertisers are looking at new ways to deliver their message to you. This has resulted in a mix of marketing tactics that are drawing fire. Some are new versions of old techniques and some are very new. Consider that many advertisers are already paying your friends or in some cases even hiring actors to strategically engage you in their product- with or without your knowledge.

(PRWEB) December 4, 2005 -- As advertising has become advertising ad nauseam, and we are forever being pitched to, marketed to, and appealed to by someone trying to sell us something more advertisers are looking at new ways to deliver their message to you. This has resulted in a mix of marketing tactics that are drawing fire. Some are new versions of old techniques and some are very new. Consider that many advertisers are already paying your friends or in some cases even hiring actors to strategically engage you in their product- with or without your knowledge.

If the current trends hold true it’s almost certain that you’ll be the target of “undercover” or “referral marketing” as more companies use undercover marketing and more of your friends will start trying to make a few extra bucks referring people to the products that offer them commissions for making those referrals.

Undercover Marketing

Whether you like it or not, undercover marketing is here to stay. Whether you know it or not, it may already be a part of your life.

Consider this. The last time a friendly tourist asked you to take their picture with an impressive new camera or an attractive woman at the bar said you could buy her a drink; they both may have been “working”. These are examples of what is being called Undercover Marketing. In these examples the company paid people to pose as tourists or bar patrons respectively. The “tourists” job was to show as many people as possible all the features of a new camera that Sony coming out with. The models were paid to look good of course, but you won’t see them holding anything but a Sky Vodka. Not when their “working” anyway.

One of the larger companies in this industry is Big Phat Promotions. They’ve drawn both protest and attention for their unique marketing practices that they now employ in 30 cities across the United States and Canada. The company defends their tactics as "spontaneous" and "virile" approaches to product promotion. Critics however, argue that paying actors to target consumers in these settings is unethical.

Even over seas the New South Wales government has enacted legislation preventing tobacco companies from using similar undercover marketing practices.

Adam Salacuse, CEO and President of Alt Terrain, LLC, a Boston-based agency specializing in alternative promotion services, stresses undercover campaigns should only be used in conjunction with larger, more traditional advertising campaigns. "It is always best to be honest with people and if used properly, alternative marketing can be a unique and relevant experience that the consumer will always remember."

Gary McCarron, Asst. Communications Professor at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, says the public is already immune to most mainstream advertising and new research indicates that advertising that doesn't seem like advertising, is the new way to reach our jaded minds.

McCarron warns that if advertising becomes so sneaky that it is unrecognizable from the everyday experiences of defenseless consumers, it will damage corporate credibility and the resulting state of distrust could have an extremely negative effect on social interaction.

Referral or Network Marketing
Do the words MLM, Network Marketing or multi-level-marketing ring a bell? These words all describe companies that pay you commissions for referring people to their products.

MLM or Network Marketing is back. The MLM Direct Selling Associate now reports that nearly 75% of all Americans have now used or been presented with a product from a Network Marketing company. The most well known, International, Network Marketing Companies are Amway (now Quixtar), Mary Kay and Life Force International.

The allure of Network Marketing or MLM to consumers is the massive amounts of money that some in the industry claim to make. These companies pay you a commission on all the products you sell. They also pay you commissions on the products that anyone you refer to the company, sells. If the people you refer refer others, you earn commissions on the purchases of those people too.

Sound like a pyramid? There’s a difference. Really. Network Marketing has exploded in the last 20 years since Amway fought their landmark case making and distinguishing the MLM or multi-level commission structure as legal and separate from a illegal pyramid structures.

MLM or Network Marketing companies offer you and your friends of course, commissions for referring people to their products. These companies now sell every kind of product you can imagine.

Marketing expert Chris Tinney is the founder of Best MLM Business ( and MLM Forums ( and eBusiness Bonanza ( says many in his industry used undercover marketing in the past but have found parts of it turned the public off, “Too many people have memories of going somewhere with a friend only to be surprised to find themselves front and center at an opportunity meeting for some kind of home based business.”

He says Network Marketing still teaches people to go into social settings to pitch their products, however, they’ve learned it works much better if you’re up front about whom you are and what you’re doing. Tinney claims that if a marketer has to lie they’ve already made a mistake in choosing the social setting. He says this is the most important step. Once in that setting he says to be upfront about the product you represent.

Tinney claims that by being in places where people are predisposed to want your products and being “upfront” about it, that they'll approach the marketer and initiate the interaction. He claims this is much different than what the public perceives as undercover marketing.

As competition to reach consumers increase undercover and referral based marketing is sure to become more and more a part of our lives. The challenge will be for marketers to use these tactics in such a way that the don’t alienate the very consumers they’re hoping to win over.

To learn more about MLM and Network Marketing visit

Chris Tinney hosts a private forum at and has a newsletter of Spiritual Marketing at


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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Nationwide Launch of Unified eMail Partner Program

Unified eMail Nationwide Launch of Partner Program

By establishing a strategic partnership with Unified eMail, integrators now have options they can present to their customers that don’t require expensive/complex hardware or software to implement.

Gaithersburg, MD. (PRWEB) April 11, 2006 -- Unified eMail announced today the launching of its Partner Program. System integration companies need to provide a low cost and effective solution to their customers that can reduce/eliminate eMail spam, block viruses and protect their customers during system outages.

By establishing a strategic partnership with Unified eMail, integrators now have options they can present to their customers that don’t require expensive/complex hardware or software to implement.

For more information about Unified eMail’s Partner Program, please visit or by calling 1-888-663-0064.

Unified eMail is an eMail security company that has been protecting customers against eMail threats since 1999. Our “eMail Protection Service” (ePS) provides gateway threat protection using advanced spam filtering techniques, anti-phishing, anti-virus and DHA/DOS safeguards before threats can reach our customer’s network.


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Companies Empty Pockets For Blog, Podcast, RSS Advertising

New PQ Media Research: Blog, Podcast, RSS Advertising Grow Fastest Among Alternative Media, Surging 198% in 2005, and Forecast to Grow 145% in 2006 Study Finds Podcast Advertising Will Be Larger Than Blog Market by 2010

Combined U.S. spending on blog, podcast and RSS advertising bolted 198.4% to $20.4 million in 2005, and is expected to grow another 144.9% to $49.8 million in 2006, according to exclusive research released today by PQ Media, a custom media research firm.

Stamford, Conn., April 11, 2006 – Combined spending on blog, podcast and RSS advertising bolted 198.4% to $20.4 million in 2005, and is expected to grow another 144.9% to $49.8 million in 2006, according to exclusive research released today by PQ Media, a custom media research firm. But podcast advertising, nonexistent until 2004, is expected to be a larger market than blog advertising by 2010, according to Blog, Podcast and RSS Advertising Outlook, the first of five installments in PQ Media’s Alternative Media Research series. This groundbreaking series, the culmination of more than six months of primary research, is the first source to define, size and structure the burgeoning alternative media sector.

Blog advertising accounted for 81.4%, or $16.6 million, of total 2005 spending on blog, podcast and RSS advertising, collectively known as user-generated online media. But the blog segment will comprise only 39.7%, or $300.4 million, of overall expenditures in 2010. Podcast advertising, meanwhile, reached $3.1 million in 2005, and is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 154.4% to $327.0 million in 2010, when it will be a larger market than blog advertising. RSS advertising, non-existent until mid-2005, generated $650,000 in 2005.

“Blog, podcast and RSS advertising are being driven by some of the same factors boosting the growth of the overall alternative media sector: continued audience fragmentation, the perceived ineffectiveness of traditional advertising, and the elusive but coveted 18-to-34-year-old demographic,” said Patrick Quinn, president of PQ Media. “Blog, podcast and RSS advertising have demonstrated an ability to reach younger demographics as well as influentials, and the media tend to be highly engaging. These are attractive trends to brand marketers that are focused on return on investment.”

The relatively small size of these markets is an indication of the newness of the media, the lack of standard metrics and various technology issues, Quinn added. “As advertising networks become more effective, user engagement escalates, and the industry works through its technology and measurement challenges, we expect user-generated media to grow at triple-digit rates over the next five years,” said Quinn.

Technology, auto and media brands are the most active in user-generated media advertising, accounting for more than half of total advertising spending in 2005, with the food & beverage and apparel categories rounding out the top five. The technology, auto and media categories will continue to generate more than half of all advertising in 2010.

Total spending on user-generated online media is forecast to grow at a compound annual rate of 106.1% from 2005 to 2010, reaching $757.0 million in 2010, according to Blog, Podcast and RSS Advertising Outlook. By comparison, the overall alternative media industry including, among others, markets such as branded entertainment, digital out-of-home advertising, mobile marketing and video-on-demand marketing, is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 14.8% in the five-year period to $253.7 billion in 2010.

PQ Media’s Alternative Media Research Series will also include reports covering the overall alternative advertising and marketing industry, including all 22 alternative
 media segments, and the first report to size and forecast the global market for branded entertainment, among others. These publications are available solely through PQ Media’s website at An executive summary of Blog, Podcast and RSS Advertising Outlook is available online at

PQ Media is the world’s leading provider of alternative advertising and marketing research. The firm also delivers exclusive data and information on traditional media, including advertising, marketing services, consumer and business media, and media usage. Founded in 2002, PQ Media has two major practice areas through which we provide custom and syndicated research to brand marketers, media buyers, media companies and financial institutions. PQ Media is located at Two Stamford Landing, Suite 100, Stamford, CT 06902. Phone is 203-921-0368; Fax, 203- 921-0367; E-mail, email protected from spam bots.

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Monday, April 10, 2006


New Trends Often Miss The Point, At First

Teenage Search Angst
by Sara Holoubek, Monday, April 10, 2006
IN THE LATE 90S, I was working on a campaign to make Compaq hip. The firm attempted to buy itself coolness by sponsoring Sting's world tour and setting up a flashy set of interactive functionality on (If you're curious, I'm sure that WaybackMachine has some version or another.)
Just about every month, a higher-up would bring the collective team into a conference room and say, "So what have you come up with for broadband? We need to pitch a broadband initiative." Excited by the promise of what big pipes could allow, we would develop some very cool ideas, and then eventually, every time, conclude that, uh, no one really had broadband access yet.
This is the same teenage angst we are feeling in the search engine marketing industry today, where the technology that's available is far ahead of consumer adoption. We are stuck in the awkward period between proposing a revolutionary idea and doing what is right for the brand.
Rebel without a cause. Tired of addressing clicks and spiders, media coverage has shifted focus to mobile and video search, despite the slow consumer adoption rate. One SEM employee told me, "Everyone writes about it, but no clients are paying for it." And who blames them? It is somewhat unfair to expect a brand to underwrite a particular agency's R&D.
For the record, I believe that search will expand far beyond the interface we know today. I am so anxious to see wireless and video become reality that I just can't stand it. That being said, it is tiring to hear about fabulous new teams and technologies without any real client case studies. I would be much happier if firms said, "We have just launched an R&D team to explore, with some of our forward-thinking clients, how new search applications will evolve over time."
Unfortunately, the press releases inevitably focus on who is the first, the biggest, the flashiest, the jazziest in mobile and video search.
Just be yourself. Friend and techie colleague Keith Marran made it clear that being first was not always best when he told me, "Good applications are never about the technology, they are about filling a need in peoples' lives." This sentiment was echoed by usability guru Mark Hurst at last week's NYC Tech Meetup. Hurst reminded the technologically advanced audience to wield the craft wisely, to build useful products, as opposed to whiz-bang flashy thingies. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. "Technology is supposed to make our lives easier," he said.
One rule of thumb is to examine your own tech behavior. For example, one SEM sales rep said, "I look at my own mobile habits, and advertising does not fit in well." Knowing that you are in the upper 1 percent of the online population, if you or your kids are not early adopters, you can bet that 99 percent of the online world is not there yet.
It just takes time. Technology is fast, and we love that. Yet speed can kill when you are responsible for a brand's marketing dollars. We need to find a balance as the technology, the agencies and the brands come together and commit dollars to building the future.
Bryan Carlton Byrd, of New Breed Wireless, has an admirably soft sell. He told me calmly a few years back, "If you are not part of the wireless New Breed today, that's OK. Someday you will be, and that may take time." He was right.
Sara Holoubek is a free agent serving the interactive advertising industry and its investors. She can be reached at
Search Insider for Monday, April 10, 2006:
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[Editor's comments: It's often scary how newsletters come in and address things that I just happen to be working with, looking for, or thinking about...! In this case, it's wireless, or specificly, WAP. Just yesterday I was doing some research, because I realized that if a client's project could be adapted to WAP, it would be a pretty killer user of their content. In looking for information, I found quite a bit, but it seems that in the US at least, WAP's been whupped. It just has not caught on from what I can see, but I admit I only own a fake cel phone so I can use it in emergencies. Yes, it's fake. The emergency would be if I'm in public and everyone has a phone. I can pull my fake one out and not look like a real unwired freak...!. Yup, and there are more of us than you think. You know those cel phone vocal blasters everyone hates? Most of them are like me (but not me). They over compansate, not just by having a fake phone, but also letting everyone know how important they really are that they have one just like everyone else.

Anyway, I just realized that wap could really catch on big-time if it were widely adopted and here's why: Since you can't have bloated pages, you have to distill down to the important information and simple menu choces. There are times that if I had a choice to regular browsing and WAP browsing that I would love to have the little simple menus and concise screens of information that I think WAP must have (No phone, remember...?).

So, I went to and then fired up a WAP browser on my PC and captured what the page looks like. Talk about making things more simple....! True, this format may be a little too simple for general use, but you can see what is attractive about this, It loads quick and there is little room for any ads to be displaced, although I would not expect to be free of them forever. (hris ]


High Deliverability Mailer Solution Released

L-Soft Releases High Deliverability Mailer - Solution Built on StrongMail Technology Enhances Company’s LISTSERV® Product Line

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) April 10, 2006 -- L-Soft, the company behind LISTSERV®, the original email list management software that launched the industry in 1986, announced today the availability of HDMail, a powerful mail server software product designed to combine the time-tested power and performance of LISTSERV with the speed and deliverability advantages of StrongMail’s mail server technology.

“Many businesses outsource their email delivery because of the complexity and critical importance of deliverability. Although outsourcing is indisputably more expensive, it delegates the hassle of deliverability optimization to professionals. With HDMail’s live updates, you can download best practice rules from L-Soft to your in-house appliance and get the best of both worlds,” said Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO. “We are committed to working with StrongMail to make HDMail the best mail server on the market, bar none.”

L-Soft provides HDMail software licenses and appliances, which include hardware and software components in a turnkey solution. The new HDMail product is optimized to work with L-Soft’s LISTSERV family of products and is being sold in conjunction with that product line.

“L-Soft’s decision to offer StrongMail MTA is indicative of where the market is going” said Sam Cece, CEO of StrongMail Systems. “A new breed of technology and services is required for email delivery, and businesses will be forced to decide whether to build or buy. The winners will be the ones that invest in their core business, and leave their email infrastructure needs to StrongMail.”

Key features of HDMail include:

Outstanding Performance: HDMail can deliver more than 1 million outbound and 2 million inbound messages per hour per server.

Smart Bounce Management: HDMail's bounce filter definitions allow you to get unsurpassed details about bounces and their causes, helping you keep your lists clean.

Differentiated Sending: HDMail allows you to maximize your deliveries to individual ISPs by adjusting speed and routing options according to ISP preferences.

Authentication Standards Support: HDMail supports all leading authentication standards, including Sender ID, SPF and DomainKeys/DKIM.

Real-Time Reporting: HDMail tracks all aspects of your email delivery and offers real-time reporting capabilities, including performance and failure reports per recipient, mailing or domain.

Web Management Interface: HDMail offers an easy-to-use Web interface for management in addition to command line management options.

For additional information about HDMail, visit:

About L-Soft
L-Soft, which was incorporated in 1994, offers email list and opt-in email marketing software and hosting services for managing email newsletters, discussion groups and marketing campaigns. L-Soft's products send about 30 million messages a day to more than 110 million list subscriptions. L-Soft celebrates the 20th anniversary of LISTSERV® in 2006. For more information visit or contact L-Soft via email at: email protected from spam bots or call +1-800-399-5449 or +1 (301) 731-0440.

Susan Brown Faghani
pressinfo @

About StrongMail Systems, Inc.
StrongMail Systems enables companies to realize the value of digital messaging, with high-performance servers that simplify and enhance outbound email systems. StrongMail servers integrate a complete set of delivery, tracking and management capabilities into a single platform to "business-enable" email and other digital messages, allowing companies to build new revenue streams, improve customer loyalty and reduce costs. StrongMail servers integrate with existing business applications to unlock the potential of digital messaging for enterprises, service providers and ISV's. StrongMail is located in Redwood City, CA and is funded by Evercore Partners, Globespan Capital Partners and Sequoia Capital, the venture capitalists behind Google, Yahoo!, Cisco and Apple. To learn more about StrongMail Systems, visit

Schwartz Communications for StrongMail Systems, Inc.
Dara Sklar or Christine Wright
strongmail @

# # #

Press Contact: Susan Brown Faghani
Company Name: L-Soft
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 1-800-399-5449

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Custom Made Promotional Things Drive Strategic Corporate Branding

Strategic Branding at Corporate Events - Custom Made Promotional Items

Truly effective promotion can often be attributed to a more subtle approach over risky, big-budget marketing campaigns. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the status-driven world of business conventions and similar industry gatherings.

Corporate occasions are rightly considered as prime opportunities for any business to gain recognition within the marketplace, however many companies still fail to maximise their full potential due to unstructured and often careless preparation.

The importance of strategic branding methods can not be overstated and it is an attention to detail that repeatedly prevails in determining the success of a firm's market image.

Corporate events on any scale are seen as key to the long term durability of a brand and ultimately the success of the business as a whole. By remaining visible and current in the eyes of other firms, a company is far better able to negotiate its position.

Strategies vary over time, but the application of small promotional items and corporate gifts has shown itself to be a consistent, cost-effective means of improving brand image. The potential for these items is endless with the potency of simple giveaways like enamel pin badges, key-rings, coasters and even photo frames bearing the company logo still hugely underrated.

The memento remains as a constant reminder long after the event has ended and can be an aide memoir for business opportunities. For companies who want the event visitor to have their contact details easily to hand, a desk message in the form of a PROMO-FLEX soft pvc coaster is ideal. Unlike other coasters, these can be manufactured to literally any shape and size requested. Additionally, they are flexible and can aid stress relief; non-slip, to prevent accidental spillage on those all important papers and long lasting – when they get dirty, just pop them in the dishwasher and they come up like new.

Other corporate gifts such as customised jewellery offer further opportunity to display the prestige of a business especially if care is taken in choosing the right packaging in which to present them. Such gifts can act as an everyday reminder to clients and provide more steadfast brand visibility compared with expensive and often fleeting alternatives.

Security, particularly at large events, can be a problem. Delegates and staff wearing bespoke printed or woven lanyards with pass details attached or personalised name badges are easily identified and the security risk is reduced. We can produce all of your badging needs – lanyards, passes and personalised name badges.

Pinbadge is Europe's premier supplier of custom made promotional items including badges, lapel pins, key chains and corporate jewellery.

For more information regarding the potential of promotional gifts and branding opportunities visit or, for PROMO-FLEX soft pvc items, visit

Contact: Paul Barrow
Company Name: Pinbadge Ltd
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 44 0 1902 326460

Friday, April 07, 2006


Direct Marketing Consultant Gets $800.00 an hour

Information Products Then and Now: A Look at the Evolution of an Industry

The Death of the Information Products Business Part Two.

Lake Worth, FL (PRWEB) April 7, 2006 -- As stated previously in The Death of the Information Products Business, there is a new wind blowing on the horizon and Dan S. Kennedy*, as always, gives his prediction so poignantly in “The Death of the Information Marketing Business’ part one.

The consensus of part one being, technology has made it clear that theft and piracy is here to stay*. Part two continues to address this problem, with solutions and logic.

The daring few caught and sued out of existence, will only be minuscule to the ever-growing global challenge.

One combat strategy being products are no longer, the front-end focus, but included in promotion, integrated event sales, give-a ways and so on.

For many, this will be a hard pill to swallow, and they will ignore this fact, this threat, until it is too late.

A question to ask, are entrepreneurs getting lazy?

With education and information products becoming more difficult to sell, quote "we must find ways to deliver 'value' without requiring 'work’ and implementation. This means the 'value' is either ethereal, such as the overall experience of being at an event, the satisfying nature of being part of something, fraternity, general mental stimulation, a supportive environment, and, importantly, entertainment and/or actual services where implementation and results are provided, such as newsletters, mailing campaigns, web sites, etc." end quote by Dan S. Kennedy

Information entrepreneurs must now evolve from being enraged to correcting their strategies.

Dan S. Kennedy began to implement or practice what he preaches some time ago as he witnessed this 'new wind blowing.'

Part two in the Death Series is another attempt for a Heads Up, a life-saver as it were saving many good people and their free enterprising 'ways of life.'

The full report
*According to the Recording Industry Association of America ‘Each year, the industry loses about $4.2 billion to piracy worldwide.' notes ‘software piracy is all but impossible to stop’ and information of any medium is about the same.

*Dan S. Kennedy is one of the highest paid, most in-demand direct marketing consultants in America today. In the last few years, he has worked hands-on with clients in 68 different businesses, industries and sales fields, at fees starting at $800.00 an hour.

His methods transfer easily from one to the other. Entrepreneur Magazine says he has "at least 101 moneymaking ideas for any business owner" -- but 'idea' is really a misnomer; Dan is relentless about providing only proven, practical, usable action strategies.

As a consultant, Dan applies his "marketing wizardry" and moves with remarkable ease from one field to the next -- proving that his methods are universally applicable, although often brought to a particular field for the first time at his urging.

# # #

Press Contact: David Powell
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 561 586 9213

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Some Minneapolis Library Areas Still Lack Sponsor Names, Ebay Considered

New Minneapolis Central Library Features Specialized Areas, Comprehensive Resources for Business Patrons
MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 6, 2006-- Highlights include Best Buy Technology Center, Minnesota's only U.S. Patent and Trademark Depository Library, Jobs & Careers Center and Small Business Center   
On Saturday, May 20 at its grand opening event, the Minneapolis Central Library, the center of the Minneapolis Public Library's integrated, 15-library system, will unveil new specialized areas designed to offer business patrons unparalleled access to resources for virtually any of their business-related needs.
Highlights of the new areas include the Best Buy Technology Center, Minnesota's only U.S. Patent and Trademark Depository Library, the Jobs & Careers Center and the Small Business Center.
The Best Buy Technology Center
The center, located on the first floor, offers complete wireless computer access, in addition to 16 computers for training, and a variety of educational activities including courses in applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Outlook. In addition, computer-related workshops will be presented on topics such as resume writing, conducting an online job search, how to use business and government online databases, among other topics.
The Patent & Trademark Depository Library
Minnesota's only U.S. Patent Depository Library, the Patent & Trademark Depository Library houses complete patent records from 1790 to the present, including Minnesota patents for Rollerblades, Scotchgard fabric and apparel protection, Post it Notes and more.
The Jobs & Careers Center
A resource for encouraging self-exploration for job searches and career choices, the Jobs & Careers Center offers a large collection of books on topics such as resume writing, interviewing techniques and job trends and qualifications.
The Small Business Center
The Small Business Center is a resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs, including materials on developing business plans, filing a business with the Secretary of State, obtaining financing, developing marketing strategies, investigating permit and licensing requirements, learning accounting practices and developing job descriptions and personnel policies.
Other resources available on the second floor include: national and international business directories with company, product and brand information, and industry statistics; investment materials, including historical quotations and current analyses; and resources on American industry, safety and manufacturing standards.
About the Minneapolis Central Library
The Central Library is part of the Minneapolis Public Library system, which was created in 1885 according to the belief that the community would be stronger and more prosperous if knowledge was shared rather than held as a private commodity. Today, the Minneapolis Public Library is an interconnected system of 15 libraries that strives to connect all people with the transforming power of knowledge. In collaboration with the city's other branch libraries, the new Central Library reflects why Minneapolis has prospered into one of the nation's most literate cities.
Note to media:
For digital images of the new Central Library, visit and click on Minneapolis Central Library.
Minneapolis Central Library, Minneapolis
Media Contact:
Karen Louise Boothe, 612-630-6239


Target Wants to Drop Shorts

Target Brands Attempts to Drop 'Ultimate Boxer's' Shorts

Target is attempting to knock out the trademark of a Maryland boxer shorts manufacturer.

BALTIMORE, MD (PRWEB) April 6, 2006 --When a small start-up company selling boxer shorts is contacted by a major department store with 1,400 stores in 47 states, the possibilities can be very exciting.

That's not the case for Ultimate Boxer, a small company located in Baltimore that manufactures and sells it patented men's boxer shorts under the federally-trademarked brand, Ultimate Boxer®.

Target Brands, a division of Target Corporation, has filed a petition to cancel (#92044899) against Ultimate Boxer. According to the petition, Target Brands states that it has used the term “Ultimate” in connection with clothing goods including “Ultimate Polo,” “Ultimate Tee,” and “Ultimate Khaki” in advertising distributed on or about February 2005.

"I submitted the trademark ‘Ultimate Boxer’ with the United States Trademark and Patent Office in 2002 and received the rights to the trademark the following year," said Max Hernandez, owner of Ultimate Boxer. "I was completely shocked to receive a document in the mail stating that Target Brands was trying to get rid of my trademark."

Attempting to cancel a trademark registration is “a way for the big guy to push the little guy with previous use out,” said Mike Oliver, a member of the Maryland Intellectual Property Law firm of Bowie and Jensen LLC. “It’s a ‘super aggressive’ way to try to overwhelm a smaller company with court fees and paperwork in hopes they will abandon the trademark or run out of money.”

Mr. Hernandez stated he will continue to defend his rights against Target.

About Ultimate Boxer:
Ultimate Boxer is a boxer shorts manufacturer located in Baltimore. The company sells its innovative “gap-proof” patented boxer shorts under the brands Ultimate Boxer and How Ya Hangin?

Max Hernandez, owner
Ultimate Boxer

# # #

Press Contact: Max Hernandez
Company Name: Ultimate Boxer
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 410-832-5889

 [ Editor's comments: Those can compete, do. Those that can't, sue. (hris ]


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Online Legal Service Provider Caves To NP Complaint About Keyword Marketing

LegalMatch and Pine Tree Legal Assistance Amicably Agree to Settlement

LegalMatch, a national provider of online legal services, and Pine Tree Legal Assistance, a nonprofit company that provides legal services for Maine's poor, have reached an amicable settlement in a legal dispute that LegalMatch calls, “More of a misunderstanding than a lawsuit.”

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 5, 2006 -- LegalMatch, a national provider of online legal services, and Pine Tree Legal Assistance, a nonprofit company that provides legal services for Maine's poor, have reached an amicable settlement in a legal dispute that LegalMatch calls, “More of a misunderstanding than a lawsuit.”

According to the original suit, (US District Court, District of Maine, Case # 06-CV-45-P-H), advertisements from California-based LegalMatch appeared when a computer user typed "Pine Tree Legal Assistance" into Web search engines including Yahoo!, MSN, and Google. The suit, filed on February 28, 2006 in U.S. District Court on behalf of Pine Tree Legal Assistance, has now been settled with no monies changing hands.

According to Don Keane, Vice President of Marketing for LegalMatch, “We [LegalMatch are working with the nation’s major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN, to make sure non-profits are not part of our multi-million dollar search engine marketing program. We have the greatest respect for non-profit agencies that service people’s legal needs,” says Keane. LegalMatch is a free online legal matching service based in San Francisco, California, and Pine Tree Legal Assistance is a non-profit provider of free legal services to people in need and serving the State of Maine.

About LegalMatch
Established in 1999, with a formal site-launch in 2000, LegalMatch is a leading national provider of online legal services. Corporate offices are located in San Francisco and Los Angeles. For more information regarding the company, please contact Don Keane, Vice-President of Marketing at (415) 946-0855.

About Pine Tree Legal Assistance Service
Pine Tree Legal Assistance is a nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) status established in 1966 by private attorneys in Maine to meet the need for legal assistance by low-income residents. Over the past 35 years, Pine Tree has become a recognized part of the justice system in Maine, providing help to over 350,000 Maine people since its doors first opened.

# # #

Press Contact: Donald Keane
Company Name: LEGALMATCH
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 415-946-0855


Last-Minute Tips for Last-Minute Tax Filers

Eight Last-Minute Tips for Last-Minute Tax Filers 
Appleton, WI  54912-8002     April 5 2006 
With April quickly flying by, the April 17 (due to the 15th falling on a weekend in 2006) tax-filing deadline is weighing heavily on the minds of last-minute tax filers who are racing to beat the clock. Some estimates indicate that nearly half of all taxpayers flirt with the deadline. If you have not yet filed your taxes, here are some critical tips to assist you.
- Find needed tax forms at the IRS website, local libraries, and post offices.
- Keep the IRS phone number handy for questions: 800.829.1040.
- Enter names, signatures, and social security numbers in all the right places. Do a quick, but thorough review to be sure they are where they need to be on all the forms. Be sure all social security numbers and names match what the Social Security Administration has on file. This is one of the top errors on tax returns.
- Check your numbers. These means math, but it also means double-checking for transposed numbers and correct transferring of all numbers. It is another top filing error.
- Attach all required forms and schedules.
 o Attach W-2s, W-2Gs, 1099-Rs, and 9465s at the front of Form 1040 or 1040A; attach all others behind.
- Don't forget the check if you owe! Insert it, but do not attach it. On the check, include the following information:
 o Payable to the United States Treasury.
 o The tax year the check is for.
 o The type of form you are filing.
 o Taxpayer social security numbers.
 o A daytime phone number.
- Be sure you get the complete package to the post office in time for the April 17 postmark and have them stamp it in your presence. Do not put it into a public mailbox and assume it is in by April 17; often the post office does not empty mailboxes until the following day (meaning a late postmark).
- "If you plan to contact a tax preparer, don't wait," adds Valerie Kennedy of Why Pay More? Income Tax Service in Merrillville, Indiana. "Calling as early as possible could ensure an appointment before the 17th. Just remember that even if your forms are prepared and e-filed earlier, your payment still doesn't have to be postmarked until April 17, 2006."
Don't be afraid to admit if you are over your head and need professional help. According to Kevin Huston, enrolled agent and NATP instructor from Asheville, NC, approximately one-half of all American taxpayers use a paid tax preparer to help them complete their tax returns. An unusual situation such as the sale of property or investments, receiving an inheritance, or starting or stopping a business or rental activity, can result in complications as well as opportunities on your tax return.
"Professional tax preparers help people with these situations all the time", adds Huston, "so what might be new and time consuming to you could take just a few minutes for an experienced professional to complete. A professional preparer's fees are often paid for by the tax savings they generate or the headaches they prevent."
If it becomes obvious that you cannot make the April 17 deadline to complete your tax return, individuals should apply for an automatic six-month extension before April 17 by filing Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. You can do so using tax software, paper copy sent via mail, or by filing through a tax professional. Tele-file is no longer available for this service. To fill out Form 4868, you will need to verify information contained on your 2004 tax return. Once you have filed the extension, keep proof of filing with your records. Filing an extension simply extends the time to fill out the paperwork. Don't think that this buys time to pay, however. 2005 tax amounts owed still need to be paid by April 17. If you do not pay at least 90 percent of what you owe, you will owe interest plus a penalty.
April 18 is a new day. Breathe easier, relax, and make a resolution not to cut things so short the next time the tax-filing deadline rolls around.
Tax preparers are experts who keep up-to-date year-round on tax law changes. They can save you time and offer insight on how to use the tax breaks available to you. To find a professional tax preparer, look to NATP. NATP maintains a listing of professionals in your area at
To receive a FREE brochure on how to find a tax preparer, visit the NATP Press Room at and download a copy of NATP's "Finding the Right Tax Preparer" brochure.
Members of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) assist over eight million taxpayers with tax preparation and planning. NATP is a nonprofit professional association founded in 1979 and provides professional education, tax research, and products to its members. The national headquarters, located in Appleton, WI, employs 43 professionals and 25 instructors.
NATP exists to serve professionals who work in all areas of tax practice and has more than 17,500 members nationwide. Members include individual tax preparers, enrolled agents, certified public accountants, accountants, attorneys, and financial planners. The average NATP member has been in the tax business for over 20 years and holds a tax/financial designation or a college degree. Learn more at
Would you like a photo to accompany this article? Visit NATP's press room:
# # end # # 
Char De Coster (
Copywriter / Communications Editor
National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP)
720 Association Drive, PO Box 8002
Appleton, WI   54912-8002
Phone : 800.558.3402 ext. 1172
Fax : 920.968.7472 

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Saddam Hussein Sued For Copyright Infringement

Kim Jong-il sues Saddam Hussein for copyright infringement
Press Release by: PriorMart AG 
(openPR) - PriorMart - 2006-04-01 - Kim Jong-il, "the dear leader" of impoverished North Korea, seems to have discovered a new option for improving the national income. While North Korea must defend itself against charges of producing counterfeit notes, the dictator strikes back.
On the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), the international court of the World Trade Organization in Geneva/Switzerland, the dictators attorney, French star lawyer Jacques Vergés, placed charges for the infringements of copyrights in accordance with TRIPS, the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights from 1994, in more than 200 cases. Kim Jong-il consideres several national campaigns, that Hussein run between 1997 and 2001 for the improvement of optimism of the 26 million Iraqi, as its intellectual property. Further he claims, Husseins strategy of gaining international attention by presenting himself as the No. 1 enemy of the U.S. was a product of the PR-advisors of his father, Kim Il Sung. Also the planned development of weapons of mass-destruction has been prepared already in the 80's in a strategic paper of his father, his lawyer declared. He considers it as a proof that North Korea was far ahead in the development by the year 2001.
Kim Jong-il appoints numerous former Iraqi government officials, who confirm that Hussein plagiarized from his dictator colleague. He demands a 250 billion US dollar penalty and expects the State of Iraq to be liable as the successor of the fortune and the debts of Saddam Hussein. Proceedings were instituted on March 31st 2006. Hussein has not commented.
PriorMart AG with offices in Potsdam and Brandenburg a.d.H., both Germany, is a technology company and a supplier of services simplifying proof in copyright protection. The company was founded in May 2005 and is privately held.
Press contact: Peter Schilling


Secrets to Getting A Thinner Wallet

Secrets to Getting Targeted Traffic To Your Website

John Reese – a veteran marketer who had generated more than 1.57 Billion Web Site Visitors to his sites since he started marketing online, now shares all secrets with actual results.

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) November 9, 2005 -- After six months of implementing what the new Marketing Course “Traffic Secrets” has taught, owners entrepreneurs from 52 countries now gathered to show the world real Proofs.

They now shared detailed information about how the course changed their business forever – many include screenshots of their web site traffic logs and even merchant account statements to give you Proof of what they accomplished. Altogether, there were over 100 fully documented success stories.

For more success stories and information, Go to :

“Traffic Secrets” covers these following:

How to build and geometrically grow the number of highly targeted leads and prospects coming to your website that translate into cash and profits...

How to leverage your lead generation to gain more consistency in the number of prospects you get, and create more stability and growth in your business...

How to build so much momentum in the flow of visitors coming to your business that taking your website down is the only way to stop it...

How to easily discover which sources of leads are really making you money (and quickly trash the ones that are sucking your time and profits)...

How to get as much as 4-5 times more leads for the same advertising dollars, and squeeze every ounce of profit out of every visitor you generate...

How to tap many "hidden," super-abundant sources of good quality leads (as many as several hundreds of thousands) for absolutely 100% zero cost...

How to dump, once and for all, all the dumb, costly and ineffective methods that only create one-time spurts of junk traffic that will never buy from you...

How to create and follow a complete "attack plan," especially if you're currently relying on only 1-2 sources for generating your leads — because they can change and dry up overnight (they often do)...

How to get your hands on proven, time-tested lead generation strategies that really WORK — and not "sounds good" regurgitated "theory" that everyone and their dog has seen, read or heard before...

For more success stories and information, Go to :


Press Contact: James Yee
Company Name:
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 65-6388-3469

[Editor's comments You have to ask yourself two things when you see a site like the one being promoted in this press release:

1) If this person knows so much and makes so much money, why are they selling what they know to you? If this stuff really works, then they don't need to sell it and must be trying to help out the little guy also make a lot of money. They want to help us, right?

2) If what they say works and they want to help us, why are they charging almost $1,000 for it? I think it's so we will take the offer "more seriously", I mean, if they are charging that much it must be worth it, right?

My advice is not to fall of this or any other "long form" type of offer unless you really do your homework and check them out, ask for references, and make sure you understand what you are getting.

By the way, the above link is just an re-direction affiliate link. If you are really interested in what is offered, go directly to the site here: But I would not bother! (hris ]

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Building Retail Traffic with Direct Mail


Building Retail Traffic with Direct Mail
Multichannel Merchant - Stamford,CT,USA
... Catalogs are usually more cost-effective than postcards or other smaller direct mail pieces because the cost of a postcard mailing is almost as expensive as ...

Multichannel Merchant - Stamford,CT,USA
... they were dropped. If necessary, insert the must-mail list into the postmerge file to guarantee that they get out. Keep up with ...

Why Postal Trucks Park in Traffic
Washington Post - United States
... much as we all would prefer mail to be delivered before the evening commute, it is a difficult endeavor in this era of increasing amounts of bulk mail, such as ... 

Postal workers will fight closure despite agreement
Canada NewsWire (press release) - Canada
... Canada Post that protects the individual rights of postal workers in Quebec City while maintaining the union's campaign to keep the mail processing plant open. ...

Postal Service Shelves Study of Centralia Processing Center ... - Salem,IL,USA
The US Postal Service has placed a study of the possible consolidation of the Centralia mail processing center into the St. Louis ...

Baucus questions shift in mail processing
Helena Independent Record - Helena,MT,USA
US Sen. Max Baucus renewed his criticism of a US Postal Service study, which could shift mail processing to Great Falls and possibly delay in-town mail. ...  

Area houses legacy of women's rights
Belleville News-Democrat - Belleville,IL,USA
... The government twice accused Lewis of illegally using bulk mailing rates for a magazine that was more advertising than articles. ...

It Came in the Mail
Washington Post - United States
... the door for their freshman year. That's a lot of direct mail and flashy Web site designing. Others say Sevier's numbers are low ...

As Politicos Race to Match Voter Data to E-mail Data, Reactions ...
ClickZ News - New York,NY,USA
... Because these data also are used for phone and direct mail communications, explained Aaron Pickrell, chief operating officer at DCS Online Communications, most ...

Innovations in Online Direct Response Fundraising Drive Results
PNN - Richmond,VA,USA
... running "viral campaigns" in which people forward messages to their friends; and collecting email addresses offline at events and on direct mail reply devices. ...

Italian Post Sees Better Mail Volume, Quality
DM News - New York,NY,USA
... "Our volumes have increased as well as the overall service quality of our mail.". Sarmi also noted a rise in direct mail in the country. ...

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