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ad:tech Set To Eat Chicago, July 24 - 25, 2006

ad:tech Continues to Build on Year's Momentum at Sheraton Chicago, July 24 – 25, 2006

Event focuses on “The Intersection of Technology and Creativity.” ad:tech expositions, LLC (, the leading organizer of conferences and exhibitions for the interactive marketing community worldwide, builds on ad:tech San Francisco’s record-breaking success with its second 2006 show at Sheraton Chicago, July 24-25. ad:tech Chicago explores the groundswell of activity around the intersection of technical innovation and creative process – showing how the lines between these worlds are blurring and exploring what it means for modern marketers. In addition to its keynote speakers, hands-on workshops and state-of-the-art technology presentations, ad:tech's interactive panel sessions represent the show's core value.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2006 -- ad:tech expositions, LLC (, the leading organizer of conferences and exhibitions for the interactive marketing community worldwide, builds on ad:tech San Francisco’s record-breaking success with its second 2006 show at Sheraton Chicago, July 24-25. ad:tech Chicago explores the groundswell of activity around the intersection of technical innovation and creative process -- showing how the lines between these worlds are blurring and exploring what it means for modern marketers. In addition to its keynote speakers, hands-on workshops and state-of-the-art technology presentations, ad:tech's interactive panel sessions represent the show's core value.

“A survey of 400 members of the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association shows rich media and search are expected to grow 40% and interactive media budgets are expected to increase by 15-25%. This vibrant growth was evident at ad:tech San Francisco, where record-setting attendance showed the renewed energy and interest in this industry,” said Don Knox, VP, ad:tech expositions. “ad:tech lies at the center of it and strives to expand and improve offerings to build the knowledge base, grow the vision and widen the circles of influence for attending marketers. We anticipate that Chicago’s success will reflect this exciting upward trend.”

The idea of direct, rich contact permeates the show with the theme “The Intersection of Technology and Creativity.” Hotseat: Small Talk with Big People returns, to delve beneath the surface of scripted interaction and drive impactful, LIVE! connections. The Hotseat merges a game show feel with a focus group format, bringing industry veterans and audience members together for quick questions and answers ranging from industry anecdotes and career tips, to the free-flow feel of truth-or-dare.

Industry luminaries present keynotes each day. Fay Ferguson, co-CEO of Burrell, leads “Multicultural Clicks In” to help marketers deploy rich-media driven creative strategies and targeted media strategies to deliver interaction rates that exceed today’s norms. In “The Creativity Continuum,” Lauralee Alben, president of Alben Design, LLC, guides attendees through ways to design strategic flows of ideas and innovations and how to apply the new creative to profound and meaningful work. Finally, Hunter Hastings, CEO of EMM Group, presents “How Marketing Will Save Itself,” outlining the tools and engagement components behind a new intellectual paradigm designed to help ad:tech’s audience reach their customers.

In addition to proven presentations and industry leaders, ad:tech Chicago launches two new programs: “Getting Creative: How To Think Creatively,” led by Robert X. Cringely, founder of TaguchiNow, Inc.; and “Midwestern Magic – Creative Showcase,” where leading Midwestern creative directors present a cross-section of recent work for multiple clients from agencies such as Click Here/The Richards Group, Designkitchen, Arc Worldwide, and Avenue A | Razorfish.

“ad:tech thrives by continuing to deliver thought-leaders who share their digital marketing experiences to keep our audience ahead of the curve,” said Susan Bratton, CEO of Cendara, Inc. and ad:tech Executive Chair. “In addition to our exhibit hall and conferences, ad:tech Connect!, our online networking community, continues to foster relationships among attendees, presenters and exhibitors alike, creating global connections that fuel change, innovation and good business.”

Throughout the show, key issues are broken up along four different, interest-specific session tracks, to help attendees best take advantage of ad:tech’s broad offerings, and to maximize the fusion of technology and creativity (visit for the agenda): Creative Conversations; Professional Development; Media Matters and Performance Plus. Along with details on each panel and presentation, attendees can learn about moderators, panelists and the other influencers who bring the energy and real-life examples that make ad:tech so valuable. Standout workshops include: All You Need is Love -- Using Emotional Buy-In to Create Long-Term Customers; New Product/Service Growth Strategies for Marketers; 8 Ways to Fuel Your Org’s Results Revolution with Microsoft Excel; Guerilla Tactics for Effective Web Sites; and The Creativity Continuum - Designing Your Own Flow.

For public information, please visit

Editors: To register to attend or for more information, please contact: Martha Shaughnessy, 415-402-0230. Media can also register directly at:

Platinum Sponsors include: Advertising Age, Datran, Forbes, imedia connection, Ultramercial, Webmaster radio
Gold include: Revenue Magazine Silver Include: Avenue A/razorfish, Digitas, DoubleClick, Direct, Leapfrog Bronze Sponsors include: Casale, Google, Prime Q, RevenueScience, Web Awards Sponsors include: 1 to 1 Media, AAF, adotas, Adrants, Atomic, BtoB, Business OL, Cima, Clicksor, Conference Guru, Digital Moses Confidential, eMarketer, KLP, Marketing Sherpa, Midwest, Morningstar, OOOPA, PRWeb, Simplefeed, SmartBrief, Streaming Media Magazine, The Useful

About ad:tech: ad:tech expositions, LLC is the leading organizer of conferences and exhibitions for the interactive marketing community worldwide. ad:tech produces the world’s largest interactive marketing events held in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Sydney and Paris. ad:tech is produced by dmg world media; based out of the company’s headquarters in Larkspur, California. For listings of exhibitors, speakers, events and upcoming conference offerings, visit

About dmg world media: An international exhibition and publishing company, dmg world media produces over 300 market-leading trade exhibitions, consumer shows and fairs each year and publishes 45 related magazines, newspapers, directories and market reports. dmg world media employs 800 people and maintains a worldwide presence through 38 offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, the United Arab Emirates, China, Australia and New Zealand. dmg world media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT), one of the largest and most successful media companies in the United Kingdom. Additional information on dmg world media can be found at

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Get Truly Private Virtual Postal Addresses

New Operator Can Provide Truly Private Virtual Postal Addresses

Finally you can have your own legitimate and secure Virtual Postal Address with out worrying about your security or privacy. Private Postal Services have developed a system that is both private and secure, guarantied.

Wellington, New Zealand (PRWEB) June 27, 2006 -- For many years travelers or small businesses have trusted their mail with Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies to maintain their privacy. Numerous providers have sprung up over the past few years claiming that they can protect their user’s privacy and provide quality services. Unfortunately, they can not always guarantee this.

Private Postal Services have just released their public version of their Postal Mail System. Their new system will allow anyone from around the world to have their own virtual address, which will ensure total security and privacy. Private Postal Services operate under S M Tech Ltd, which is 100% solely based in New Zealand.

New Zealand is not just unique for it’s beautiful scenery and adventure holidays. Being isolated from the major issues of the world, New Zealand has advantages of a low dominating Government and with some of the most well established, strict privacy laws in the developed world. S M Tech is situated in one of the most prime locations to provide genuine privacy services.

S M Tech has a very strong commitment for the privacy and security of their clients. Many firms who have established their presence on the internet can only claim they provide total privacy. Whilst these websites provide these services, most are doing so illegally. Many operate illegally by breeching their local laws. thus potentially risking their customers privacy in the meantime, and totally undoing what they are trying to promote.

S M Tech is one of the few organisations which provides total privacy to their customers mail and at the same time providing a total legitimate service. S M Tech are legally backed by the New Zealand Government, allowing them to freely provide their services without any intervention.

S M Tech have developed a very unique system that uses little information about their clients and can be securely accessed anywhere in the world. This enables their clients to truly have a private postal experience. Anyone can setup an account and have their mail sent to their own private address. To Maintain privacy, members can choose what information they wish to give out, to further ensure their individual privacy.

The system is truly unique. Not only does the user have total control but they do not need to worry about misdirecting their mail, as they choose their own destination through the system. The system will then forward the mail for them without the possibility of misspelled addresses, nor over charge for the service.

Private Postal Services truly provide genuine services that are secure and guaranteed. The services are quite unique for the people of the private sector.

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Friday, June 23, 2006


Good And Bad Reasons To Buy And Sell Domain Names

Reasons To Buy And Sell Domain Names And How To Get Started, a domain portfolio and services company has published an exhaustive "Why buy domains" list of reasons to invest in domain names. They also offer thousands of keyword related domains for sale and free consulting services to help get domain entrepreneurs started in business.

(PRWEB) June 22, 2006 -- Rob Sequin, owner of published this list after many years of buying and selling domains. "The domain sales market has exploded this year so we wanted to capture and share the many reasons that investors and entrepreneurs are actively buying and selling domains in this unique marketplace.

Why Buy Domains:

Advertising Revenue: If you will be providing content on your site, you would be considered a publisher. Publishers make money by selling name brand products and services that are related to the site's content. Commission Junction offers thousands of advertisers that want to offer products and services on your site.

Brand: Develop your new domain name to feature your brand name products or services. All domain names are unique but there are only so many good ones relevant to your interests.

Competition: Buy related domain names so your competition can't use them for their benefit and/or against you. What if they bought the domain names that you are thinking about buying? You may NEVER have the opportunity to own them ever again. And now the domains that you once liked are now being used to against you. Don't look back someday and regret not buying the domain names you want.

Content: Use your new domain name for a blog, hobby site, specialty ecommerce site, community information, photo sharing, friends and family networking and more.

Cost Effective: Your cost is primarily the purchase price of the domain name. Annual renewal fees are less than $10 per year.

Credibility: Show your visitors that you are serious about your content. Build sites or park pages on good domain names and be proud of the domain names you own. If you are opening an online business, start with a good domain name. Show your visitors/customers that you are serious about your online venture and, in a few years, the domain will probably appreciate in value even if your business does not take off.

Direct Navigation: This occurs when an end user types YourDomainName.extension into their browser directly without even searching to find your site. Many of our keyword-specific domains are enjoy Direct Navigation.

Email: Use your new domain name to host email addresses. Create and use email addresses like email protected from spam botsension or email protected from spam botsension. You will never have to change your email address again because your email provider/ISP changed.

Ecommerce: Build a storefront and sell your home made salsa or arts and crafts. Point your domain name to your eBay® seller's page and then give it out to potential customers. A domain name is much easier to put on a business card or advertisement in a newspaper or magazine than a crazy eBay® seller's list or storefront.

Express Yourself: What do you have to say? Build a political blog site, review the latest electronic gadgets or offer gardening tips. Tell the people what's good and bad in the world.

..and that's just to the letter E. Visit

If you would like to get started investing in domains, visit to read more and review their domain portfolio sorted into twenty one categories and thirty domain keyword portfolios for sale. also offers a domain buyer broker service should you find a domain you like from a different owner.


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Monday, June 19, 2006


Address Postal Mail With An E-mail Address

 Snail Mail's Revenge: New Postal System Allows Physical Mail to Be Addressed to an E-mail Address

Los Angeles, CA June 2, 2006 -- Details of a new postal mail system have been disclosed today, revealing a service in which so-called "snail mail" -- regular postal mail -- can be sent without any physical mailing address. Under the new system, instead of using a traditional physical mailing address (name, street, city, state, zip), a sender simply applies an e-mail address (e-mail protected from spam bots) to an envelope, affixes the correct postage, and deposits the envelope with a postal carrier. Thereafter, the postal carrier hands of the envelope to a third-party service provider, which provider in turn finishes processing the envelope.

Multiple delivery scenarios are possible. In one embodiment, the intended recipient is contacted by e-mail and asked for a delivery preference. In another embodiment, the envelope is simply delivered to the registered owner of the domain name used in the e-mail address; the domain name owner then forwards the envelope to its final destination, if necessary.

Postage required for use of the new service is expected to cost three times the regular first-class mailing rate for an envelope, or two times the regular rate for a postcard.

The new service, dubbed "ShelMail," has not yet been approved by the United States Postal Service, although the creators are seeking approval for launch of the system in the United States before pursuing launch in other countries.

The new postal mail service was created by Inventerprise LLC, an award-winning product development company based in Los Angeles, California, in collaboration with Innovisioneering, a product development firm based in Memphis, Tennessee.

A company representative expressed some hopes for the future of the service today, saying, "We expect ShelMail to simplify people's lives by eliminating the need for maintaining a physical address book. Just keep up with someone's e-mail address, and you are good to go."

If approved by the United States Postal Service, a pilot program for ShelMail could be launched as early as 2008.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Email Marketing Solution for Effective Customer Communications

Aprosite Inc. Announces the Launch of Email Fusion, the Email Marketing Solution for Effective Customer Communications

Feature-rich, Email Fusion allows companies and organizations an affordable email communications tool that can build sales and stronger relationships with your customers and prospects.

Hauppauge, NY (PRWEB) June 14, 2006 -- Aprosite Inc., a leader in Ecommerce marketing, as demonstrated by its own successes in a host of Ecommerce businesses, announces the introduction of Email Fusion. Packed with features, Email Fusion is a powerful communications tool that allows even entry-level users the ability to compose and send customized emails from any computer, at anytime and from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Email marketing has become an essential tool for businesses of any size today to keep, grow and target customers and prospects alike. The ability to utilize the same tools that larger organizations employ to sell smarter and keep in touch with customers is now available to companies of any size and budget. Email Fusion includes hundreds of pre-written newsletters adding relevant content to email communications, which target the recipients’ interests. Users will find that creating, sending and tracking their email communications has never been easier.

The ability to segment target lists, schedule messages, personalize emails, and utilize ready-made templates are just a few of the powerful features users can enjoy with Email Fusion. The web-based application means there is no software to install, and with easy navigation, users can start a marketing communications campaign in a short amount of time.

Managing campaigns is just as simple with the ability to view delivery, bounces, and open statistics from the control console. It even offers the ability to export data to use with favorite applications. Contacts have the complete ability to opt-out, giving Email Fusion CAN-SPAM compliance. “With a host of features found in more expensive packages and a free 30-day trial period, users will find Email Fusion to be a must-have partner in the quest to keep, build, and attract customers,” said Patrick Norton, President of Professional Equipment, Inc.

To learn more and subscribe to a free 30-day trial, with no credit card needed, interested organizations can go to With no obligation, the free trial period introduces users to the many feature-rich capabilities and benefits that targeted email communications can provide. “Companies today are looking to improve ongoing relationships between themselves and their customers, subscribers, and members while also seeking out new business”, said Michele Gray, Chief Operating Officer at Professional Equipment. “While numerous solutions exist, we feel confident that Email Fusion will prove to be a marketer’s key to improved communications,” she added.

About Aprosite Inc.:
Aprosite Inc. is a leading B2B web design and business solutions provider. Aprosite Inc. services include Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Development and Campaign Management, and Ecommerce. Aprosite's goal is to bring to life our clients' business needs and ideas by means of outstanding quality design and user-friendly, highly functional programming solutions. For more information please visit

About Professional Equipment:
Professional Equipment is a leading source of specialized tools, codebooks, standards, videos, software, and training materials for construction professionals, architects, engineers, electricians, inspectors, and building facility managers. Sales channels include various widely distributed catalogs and well-ranked web sites. The development of sales tools for E-marketing has been at the forefront of continued growth for internal operations, which has translated into offerings for small businesses. For more information visit,, and

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Friday, June 09, 2006


Ad Technology Jams Usable Text Into Compact Creatives

snap2eyes To Offer CPC-Optimized Textpandable Ad Template For Free; Fully Customizable Ad Template Redefines Text Ad

The versatile, cost-free, and easy to use Textpandable™ ad template empowers any business or non-profit organization to create text-filled Internet ads that feature aesthetic simplicity, eye-catching animation, and functional sophistication. Users simply enter their ad copy (including up to 5,000 words of expandable text) and specify their design and color preferences from among scores of options displayed in the intuitively organized user interface containing both the customizable ad properties and the user-friendly, integrated help that explains each option. Because Textpandable ads can hold much more information than conventional text-based ads, they also lead to smarter click decisions by the Internet user, and thereby decrease frustration and wasted time for the Internet user as well as squandered CPC expenses for the advertiser.

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 9, 2006 – Online advertising company snap2eyes LLC ( announces the launch of its Textpandable™ ad template, an information and feature-rich, customizable, rich media ad template (see:

The versatile, cost-free, and easy to use ad template empowers any business or non-profit organization to create text-filled Internet ads that feature aesthetic simplicity, eye-catching animation, and functional sophistication. To create an online ad based on the Textpandable ad template, advertisers require no knowledge of any rich media authoring tools, HTML coding, or other programming languages, and need not create any graphics or other visual resources. Users simply enter their ad copy and specify their design and color preferences from among the many options displayed in the intuitively organized user interface containing both the customizable ad properties and the user-friendly, integrated help that explains each option.

The Textpandable ad template is available in several standard IAB ad unit sizes and shapes, including 250x250 IMU squares, 160x600 IMU skyscrapers, and 300x600 IMU half page ads. Advertisers can also choose a non-standard size by selecting “Custom IMU.” For any size chosen, advertisers can select the color of up to 45 different graphical components of the Textpandable ad template, including the color of various lines, buttons, backgrounds, and sections. Users can also tailor nearly 60 non-color settings, such as font style, background patterns, text alignment, and total expanding text areas. The Textpandable thus offers advertisers a virtually endless array of creative possibilities with which to differentiate their brand or message, while still maintaining a clean and elegant overall ad look. More advanced users also have the ability to enter HTML and thereby further increase their creative choices.

Ads based on the Textpandable ad template are inherently interactive because they offer a mini-browsing experience within each ad. Internet users viewing the ad can actively decide when and what additional information will be displayed in the ad space, rather than passively waiting for the information to be presented by the ad itself.

Despite its graceful and spacious appearance, the Textpandable ad template can contain up to about 5,000 words of expandable ad copy. This unique and powerful feature makes it possible to embed -- in a single online ad -- a wide variety of information-packed content by or about the advertiser, including full company press releases; sample editorial content; press coverage about the advertiser, its offerings, or any related topics; political campaign platforms; relevant industry reports or articles; in-depth product or service information; or any other detailed text. The ability to incorporate lengthier bodies of expandable text is especially useful for news and information sites, ezines, blogs, and other content sites that want to tempt Internet users with a longer and more enticing sample of their editorial content.

Because the Textpandable can hold much more information than conventional text-based ads, the ad template leads to smarter click decisions by Internet users and thereby better optimizes the CPC (cost per click) pricing model for advertisers. Such a CPC-optimized ad decreases frustration and wasted time for the Internet user and lowers CPC campaign expenses for the advertiser. By contrast, ads that offer insufficient information often waste the time of the Internet user who must click on the ad to get redirected to a campaign page or web site, only to discover that the ad promotes nothing of interest to the Internet user, while needlessly increasing the advertiser’s CPC costs.

Within the space limitations of the ad unit selected, the advertiser can decide how much ad copy will appear initially (without any text expansion by the Internet user). Some advertisers may prefer to display as much as possible to ensure that certain information is communicated even if the Internet user chooses not to expand any portion of the ad. Other advertisers may prefer to keep most of the ad text initially hidden, in order to create an even cleaner, minimalist look, or to prompt curious Internet users to interact with the Textpandable for the additional information embedded within the ad. By revealing ad text only when the Internet user selects it, online advertisers can also more effectively incorporate humor and surprises that unfold in stages.

The lightweight size of the Textpandable (under 40KB) makes the ad template IAB compliant and widely deployable. Thus, the multi-purpose Textpandable can be placed anywhere, from the most basic website in need of some visual variation, to the largest ad network or portal, where brand competition and differentiation present a constant challenge.

The Textpandable is powered by the snap2eyes Rich Media Ad Factory™ (or RMAF™) Platform – a proprietary technology that creates affordable rich media ads out of customizable templates. The RMAF Platform enables advertisers to choose from a range of sophisticated online ad templates and then tailor the eye-catching animation by combining it with their ad campaign content. Once an ad template such as the Textpandable has been tailored and finalized, the user receives it in the Macromedia® Flash® File Format (SWF), along with a deployment guide.

“Because we plan to offer many more online ad templates that are customized with the RMAF, we wanted to offer the Textpandable free of charge, so that new users would always have a risk-free way to familiarize themselves with the technology,” noted Gil Lahav, Co-Founder and CEO of snap2eyes.

The Textpandable ad template is showcased on, where a simulated Textpandable ad and the corresponding user interface are displayed. The site requires no registration and immediately enables anyone to experiment with each customization option to see how it affects the sample Textpandable displayed nearby. Registered RMAF users will soon be able to create, customize, and receive deployable Textpandables for free, when the RMAF Platform is launched later this month.

About snap2eyes LLC:

Founded in June 2005, snap2eyes LLC is headquartered in New York City and develops proprietary, rich media technologies that lower costs for online advertisers and increase revenues for web publishers. The company offers affordable internet marketing solutions that optimize the process and results of online advertising.

The technology and business methods underlying the RMAF Platform are patent pending. snap2eyes, Rich Media Ad Factory, RMAF, and Textpandable are trademarks of snap2eyes LLC. All other companies or products listed herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Program Helps Low-Income Working Build Financial Security

Community Savings Center Celebrates Grand Opening; Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Collaborates to Create Innovative Program Aimed at Helping Low-Income Working Individuals Build Financial Security

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2006--It's a first of its kind in Illinois and one of only a few in the country. The Community Savings Center on Chicago's west side celebrated a grand opening May 30 with a keynote address by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans contributed $2.6 million and collaborated with Bethel New Life Inc. and Park National Bank to create the Community Savings Center located at 310 N. Pulaski Road, Chicago. The Center, which opened in January 2006, brings together financial education, accessible and affordable financial products and a network of resources under one roof in order to help low-income working individuals achieve financial security.

"Thrivent Financial is thrilled our idea for this type of collaborative program has come to fruition," said Brad Hewitt, senior vice president of fraternal operations for Thrivent Financial. "Through the Community Savings Center, we are helping people learn how to manage their money, save and build good credit. Thrivent Financial is making a $2.6 million investment in this neighborhood's future because when people get ahead financially, the entire community benefits."

Specifically, Thrivent Financial contributed $1 million for an individual development account (IDA) program called $mart $avers. The program is co-run by Thrivent Financial and Bethel New Life Inc., a Lutheran non-profit agency that started the program in 2000 to help economically disadvantaged families save toward accumulating appreciable assets. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has matched Thrivent Financial's grant with a $1 million grant of its own. An additional $1.6 million will be contributed by Thrivent Financial for operational costs over the next five years.

"Clearly, we would not have been able to do this without our other allies - Park National Bank which opened a branch at the Community Savings Center and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans which is providing $2.6 million to fund the Center's educational programs and services," said Steven McCullough, CEO of Bethel New Life Inc.

$mart $avers, one program offered at the Community Savings Center, combines financial education with a 2:1 savings incentive. Participants are required to enroll in a financial education class to improve their money management skills. After completing the course, every dollar they save is matched. Savings can only be used to purchase a first home, start or expand a small business or finance a post-secondary education. Participation is generally limited to those with household incomes no greater than 200 percent of the poverty line, which equates to income below $40,000 a year for a family of four. Program participants who reach their maximum savings potential will save $2,000 and receive a $4,000 match over the course of a 36-month savings period. If fully utilized, the $2 million in total grants should enable the purchase of 200 new homes, post-secondary education for 120 participants and investments in 60 small businesses.

In its first four months of operation, more than 100 people enrolled in the $mart $avers program have finished the required financial education classes and saved more than $7,600 resulting in $22,800 after the 2:1 match.

About Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is a Fortune 500 financial services membership organization helping nearly 3 million members achieve their financial goals and give back to their communities. Thrivent Financial and its affiliates offer a broad range of financial products and services including life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, disability income insurance, bank products and more. As a not-for-profit organization, Thrivent Financial sponsors national outreach programs and activities that support congregations, schools, charitable organizations and individuals in need. For more information, visit

Securities are offered through Thrivent Investment Management Inc., 625 Fourth Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN, 55415-1665, 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Member NASD. Member SIPC.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Minneapolis
Stacy Eckes-Borys, 920-628-2445
Cell: 920-851-1510
Paul Kelash, 612-340-4272
Cell: 612-309-7416


Marketers Can Have Influence Over Mail Delivery

World Marketing, Inc. Pushes Envelope with Proprietary New Service: Marketers Can Have Increased Influence Over Mail Delivery With InsideTrack™

Direct marketers looking to maximize the impact of their marketing message now have the ability to not only track direct mail but also influence the timely delivery of their pieces.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) June 6, 2006 -- Direct marketers looking to maximize the impact of their marketing message now have the ability to not only track direct mail but also influence the timely delivery of their pieces.

World Marketing Inc., a premier provider of integrated direct marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 companies nationwide, unveils InsideTrack, a proprietary new service providing direct marketers the ability to strategically place, manage and expedite mail.

InsideTrack uses United States Postal Service (USPS) PLANET® codes to identify and track mail—from the moment it enters the delivery stream until the time it reaches the mail carrier. While many companies offer PLANET® code tracking, World Marketing is the only company offering its proprietary InsideTrack service to actually influence mail delivery.

Because of World Marketing’s in-depth understanding of USPS mail processing, including it’s established network of over 27,000 USPS Destination Delivery Units (DDU’s) and contacts nationwide, it can leverage relationships inside the USPS to quickly address problems, expedite processes and keep mail moving at the desired rate—all to insure on-time delivery, maximize response rates and deliver optimal mail schedules.

“Advances in technology allow marketers an incredible ability to know exactly where outbound and inbound mail is at any given time—valuable information that influences marketing and operational decisions. What may surprise many direct marketers is that this same technology coupled with World Marketing’s service team and established relationships with the USPS provide marketers the ability to go the extra step—actually influencing mail delivery,” says Donna Tracy, executive vice president, Strategic and Marketing Services at World Marketing, Inc. “This is especially important for marketers where inexact delivery during tight timeframes can derail an entire marketing effort.”

InsideTrack is the perfect solution for retailers, financial service companies, travel and hospitality companies and other marketers looking to deliver high-impact outbound marketing messages within a tight in home delivery timeframe. One-day sales or other limited-time events require exact timing in order to reap the full benefit of return on investment. With InsideTrack, World Marketing can track and log mail delivery and deliver optimal mail schedules that generate store traffic and increase sales.

InsideTrack also provides marketers with valuable tools for incoming mail as well. Marketers know exactly where an order is so they can respond to calls accordingly, track when a payment was sent, so they can stop late payment notices, and provide advance notice when orders hit, so marketers can plan when to staff up for fulfillment or do whatever it takes to manage orders and keep customers happy.

About World Marketing, Inc.
World Marketing is the first and only direct marketing company whose Confirm® Service processes are certified by the USPS and awarded “Best in Class for Mail Effectiveness” by the National Postal Forum. World Marketing, Inc. (WMI) is a privately held, full-service direct marketing company that offers its customers best-in-class solutions through eight locations nationwide.

World Marketing has a wide menu of direct marketing services including direct response creative, database, print, lettershop, and fulfillment services. World Marketing works with some of the nation’s leading marketers. For additional information, visit

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Press Contact: Liane Adduci-Urevig
Company Name: World Marketing, Inc.
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 312.994.2451

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Digital Marketing Platform Intended To Stun

mobileStorm Announces Launch of the Stun! 3.0 Digital Marketing Platform

New version adds 5th communication vehicle, direct mail, along with other significant enhancements

SAN JOSE, CA (PRWEB) June 1, 2006 -- mobileStorm Inc., a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, today at INBOX unveiled the next evolution its core platform, Stun!. Stun! 3.0 further refines mobileStorm's messaging services and provides clients with an even greater range of communication vehicles to reach key customers, prospects and subscribers.

Major new features include the following:
Enhanced Client Control Panel

• Revamped user interface to expedite core functions of Stun!, from creating lists to sending out campaigns.

• Restrict access based on role or by list to protect multiple brands under the same account.

• Full browser support for all Mac web browsers.

• Additional messaging types and premium services can be upgraded directly from the Control Panel.

New Message Type – Direct Mail
Stun! Direct Mail offers clients a large variety of marketing materials to create, print and send, including:

• Postcards
• Letters (regular and trifold)
• Self Mailers
• Booklets (Inserted, Tabbed and Compact forms)
• Invitations (including response cards)
• Announcements (including reply card/envelopes)
• Color Prints (including full bleed)
• Business Cards

Expanded Reporting and Analysis

• View addresses that received messages and resend only to those that didn't open the first time.

• Send different campaign to those that clicked on a particular link to provide value adds to subscribers.

• Domain reporting breakdowns, including top 20 domain reports and other ISP-related analysis.

• Abuse feedback reporting for a number of major ISPs including Netzero, Juno, and

• Refine sending patterns by viewing 2 campaign results side by side with Campaign Comparisons.

New Premium Services

The following new premium services are also available within Stun! 3.0 for additional fees:

• Improved RSVP Manager to better organize and control invites for events.

• Clickstream and conversion tracking to determine how successful campaigns are in generating revenue and where subscribers quit the ecommerce process

• Extended Delivery Service Bureau offering to improve deliverability and monitor possible blocks before they occur

“Stun! 3.0 is our way of changing the digital marketing game,” said Jared Reitzin, chief executive officer of mobileStorm. “There is no other turnkey platform on the market that enables 5 distinct forms of communications, letting companies think outside the inbox. Stun! 3.0 gives them an unprecedented control over every major form of messaging and at a substantially lower cost than going to individual providers.”

Stun! 3.0 is available now to both existing and new customers. Pricing is based on total messages sent per month with a variety of options, and custom plans are available as well.

For more information or to sign up for the service go to

About mobileStorm
mobileStorm Inc.™, based in Los Angeles, provides enterprise-class messaging solutions and marketing automation tools for businesses. The company's multi-message communication services help its clients drive profits by reaching, retaining, and responding to customers in the ways they wish to be contacted. Its flagship product, Stun! delivers millions of messages a month and has amassed a roster of highly visible clients such as Qantas Airways, MGM Grand, Universal/Interscope Records, Carl’s Jr., Squaw Valley Ski Resort, and Crobar Nightclubs.

Steve Chipman
COO, mobileStorm


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